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Renaissance Man Co

Our discovery ages whiskey in weeks not years and creates superior flavor

Last Funded May 2022


raised from 99 investors
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🥈Silver Medal in the Denver International Spirits Competition 2022
📃 Founder's authored & own the Pending Patent
🌲 Requires 42% less trees than traditional barrels.
🦅 USA Manufacturing & Farming
🏆 An unbelievably smooth and great tasting whiskey
💚 Were creating a green & Sustainable business
👍 Every sale will pay for the planting of Oak trees
🔥 Our process is still just oak, fire, and whiskey

Our Team

We wanted to start our own distillery. The idea of waiting for 3 years of barrel aging wasn't ideal. After developing our process, we discovered it not only reduced aging time, it also reduced the amount of wood needed by 42% and saves the distiller $2 in cost per bottle. This process will reduce tree logging and save time and money.

Fund the Next Evolution In Whiskey

At Renaissance Man we have discovered a method that better utilizes the wood needed for aging whiskey. 

The age of boring cringe worthy whiskey is over. It is time for an independent handcraft whiskey brand to usher in a new era of responsibility. 

With an ethically sourced, American made, environmentally friendly whiskey -- that tells its story by the flavors of caramel, vanilla, oak and subtle smoke.

Our process opens the door for more sustainable practices in the spirits industry. With less cost than traditional methods, and better flavor. 

We spend $2 less in COGS per bottle than traditional barrel aging. 

Our founders attention to detail and great care create the most flavorful and smooth whiskey possible. 

The speed at which our whiskey ages allows us to be nimble and available to experiment with new flavors and approaches. Creating unique whiskies with explosive flavors the traditional distillery cant afford to try. 

The way we burn the wood yields a more efficient utilization of the wood cells, while creating a denser carbon hold for filtering toxins.

Allowing us to use less wood per gallon produced, by 42% to be exact. 

That's 42% less trees that need to be cut down per year.

We want to go further than that. We will be planting an oak tree for every 10 bottles that are sold.  Our goal is to give back more than we take from our planet. 

On average one mature oak tree can supply enough wood to produce about 700-900 bottles of whiskey. With our process one mature oak tree supplies enough wood to produce around 1200 bottles of whiskey.

By planting a tree for ever 10 bottles sold, we can supply the world with more trees than we use. 

Incorporating wood with whiskey has been a 200 year evolution of mistakes and luck.

In the beginning the American colonist were accustom to drinking their whiskey straight from the still. 

Whiskey was first poured into oak barrels because the shape made sense for transportation. The inside of the barrels were burned to remove flavors from previous barrel contents like vinegar, salt, or fish. 

It wasn't until months into transport that they noticed a change in the whisky's flavor and color. 

We believe The Maturation Stave is the next evolutionary step to aging whiskey with wood.

When we first set out to find a quicker way to age our whiskey, the intention was simply to save time. 

While we did, what came with it was a superior flavor and finish. The make-up of our Maturation Stave removes more toxins and unruly flavors, while imparting lovely sweet notes of caramel, vanilla, and a little bit of smoke. 

The removal of toxins traditionally found in every other whiskey, allows one to appreciate flavors typically too subtle to notice. 

and NO BITE!


We love our discovery and what it will allow our distillery to do, but we don't want to keep it all to ourselves. 

As distillers all across the globe begin to adopt our discovery, the quality in affordable whiskey will increase substantially and our forest use as a planet will decrease. 

As an investors you will also reap the benefits of a company supplying the only process that can do it. 

As a veteran, Aaron believes that with success comes responsibility. Responsibility to bringing back American manufacturing, and a responsibility to our Veterans. 

The men & women of our military have a difficult time transitioning back into everyday life, and our government sadly does not do enough. With support and investment from Renaissance Man, we can help to rebuild our veterans.

At Renaissance Man we will only source our supplies and materials from American companies. We believe our dollar is the ultimate vote in how the world conducts itself. By only working with American made, we can be proud and sure that our product is ethically produced.

The available market for our discovery is massive. Our mission is to place a stave in every bottle. To change the industry standard, and save our planet.  All while enjoying a nice glass of whiskey.

The whiskey industry is stuck in an archaic method of storing whiskey in barrels for a decade at a time. Wasting space and trees that yields a subpar product. This industry isn't looking to improve this method because consumers keep buying. As we have seen over the last two years this method has weak points. 

The spirits industry as a whole is crippled by a shortage due to long aging cycles. Even now they aren't looking to innovation. The best response has been to water their product down. Quality and innovation in this industry has been lost.

We will get this industry to see the light and convert to the next evolution of whiskey aging. 

First, we'll just have to show them how it's done. 

We choose the Wefunder platform to obtain a diverse investor pool. We want to bring as many as we can up with us. To spread our success and fortune to all those that believe in us now. 

Renaissance Man will be a global enterprise, and if were able to build wealth for everyday Americans along the way. We will be proud to represent the Renaissance Man brand. 

$50,000 gets our feet moving forward, but a full raise up to $300,000 will give us wings. Wings to begin full national distribution and production by 2023.