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REJOY is a unique plant-based sports drink infused with CBD to ease body & mind

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Selected by 7-Eleven as one of the only two CBD beverages for their 2020 Emerging Brands show.
Launched January 2020, already present in +75 stores in Miami with $75k in revenues YTD November
A world-class team with extensive industry experience: Anheuser-Busch InBev - Danone - Heineken
Huge addressable market opportunity with >$20B in the US and ~$50B globally
Help create a new category of fast-acting cannabis-based products in a growing market

Our Team

We are a team of athletes that have personally experienced the lack of a product like REJOY in the market. Most sports beverages are high-calorie, full of sugar and/or artificial ingredientes, and don't really help with recovery, while powder, capsules, tinctures and other recovery products do not appeal to a mass-market.

This is how it all started

A personal experience of one of our founders ignited the idea of our brand.

Watch here a brief intro where we put it all together

Our dream is to bring the cleanest, most natural and powerful recovery drink to our fellow athletes. 

What we have achieved so far

  • We launched REJOY in January 2020, reaching 10,000 consumers, having sold YTD November'20 a total of 2269 cases (+$75.000).
  • We are currently present in +75 stores in Miami, 15 in New York, and also online through our website.
  • We have an average reorder rate of 90% among current customers.   
  • Showing very good traction so far, with excellent feedback from our customers.

Partnering with top athletes to help us build credibility and community

Our Vision

With our trial phase finished in Miami, and having received excellent feedback from customers and consumers, our dream is to now scale the business to other states and cities, achieving national distribution.  For this, we will focus our efforts and investments in four key strategic pillars:

1) Building relationships and creating partnerships with key food & beverage players that have regional or national distribution, such as convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, and wholesalers.  We are targeting 1000 stores by end of 2021, with a focus on Florida, Texas and California, where triathlon has a strong presence.

2) Investing on our brand and its value proposition, with a special focus on building qualitative digital assets for social media, paid ads and creating strong partnerships with brand ambassadors that can help us get our message out to the sports community in a genuine and effective way.  

3) R&D: innovation is at the core of everything we do.  We strongly believe that in order to stay relevant and continually exceed our customers' needs, we need to constantly evolve our product and expand our portfolio.  

4) People: hiring and developing an A-team of collaborators with expertise in fast-paced consumer goods, a strong work ethic and passion for sports and a healthy living will play a key role in our success going forward.