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🌱REJOY is made with clean plant-based ingredients for superior hydration and recovery.
💥Distributed to top natural grocery & convenience grocery stores in 4 States + online nationwide.
📱Launching powder drink mixes to focus on online. Growing category => CAGR 20% & +50% margins.
💰Plan: $50 mn revenue in 5 yrs with potential venture/exit at 7x-10x multiples (not guaranteed).
💪🏻World-class leadership team from Anheuser-Busch InBev & Danone. Endorsed by global top athletes
🎾 Launched own sports league: NPL National Padel League = community-building & new revenue stream!

Our Team

We are a team of athletes that have personally experienced the lack of a product like REJOY in the market. Most sports drinks are high-calorie, full of sugar and artificial ingredientes, and don't really help with recovery, while powder, capsules, tinctures and other recovery products do not appeal to a mass-market.


Born in Miami, Florida, REJOY comes from our need, as athletes, to get clean and healthy hydration for the everyday.  We need to stay hydrated, energized, and recovered with all-natural and simple ingredients.  It's part of our clean and healthy nutrition discipline we follow day in and day out.  

We need simple and natural ingredients to get our body's essentials for recovery. We can find those key ingredients naturally occurring in plants. This is what we have in REJOY.  Only 7 to 9 plant-based ingredients. No added sugar. No artificial flavoring. Electrolytes from coconut water and refreshing fruit juices, natural energy from yerba mate, ginseng, and maca. Our Recovery line is infused with 20 mg of CBD plus other cannabinoids to support relaxation and recovery.

 We're serving the growing population of millions of consumers that seek better for-me, non-artificial plant-based and sustainable functional drink options, instead of the incumbent sports drinks, full of nasty ingredients, excess sugar and plastic packaging. Powered by the scalability of our distribution network and our product philosophy, REJOY is poised to disrupt the highly concentrated and dated industry of sports drinks.

The pandemic has accelerated consumer behavior to go online in search for natural, functional good for you products.

At the same time, the pandemic has created tremendous disruptions in supply with higher input costs mainly in transport and logistics, consumers are moving to online friendly products that deliver the same natural and healthy benefits in a convenient way.

For this we decided to accelerate into those trends, launching REJOY powder drink mixes on Amazon in a few weeks.

The hydration powder mix on line category is $300M value/year; and 70% is concentrated in 1 brand. Powder drink mixes are rapidly growing with a CAGR of 20%, offer +25% gross margins right from the start with +50% margins with volume ramp up .

REJOY is right on the mark with current trends. Consumer behavior is in the midst of radical change accelerated by the pandemic. Consumers are overwhelmingly choosing the new generation of products that are:

  • 🌱 Plant-Powered and Good For You
  • ⚡️ Functional Benefits
  • 🥥 Clean Ingredients
  • 🍩 No Sugar, low in calories.
  • ♻️ Sustainable Packaging, away from plastic

We all need to start hydrating with plant-based natural ingredients, not artificial stuff you can’t even pronounce .. Leading incumbent sports drinks carry 20+ ingredients and most of them are fake stuff with fake names that are hard to pronounce. Check out our Show "Can’t Spell it Don’t Drink it" and see for yourself.

Compared side by side versus the top 5 sellers on Amazon, REJOY offers unique differentiation as a better for you, high functional hydration. Check it out!

Now is the time to invest in REJOY. After our product market test in miami, with a footprint of 100+ outlets and more than a $100k in sales, we signed distribution agreements with some of the largest distributors of natural and organic food & beverage, such as KeHE, Pod Foods and ACE Natural, growing our footprint to +500 stores in 4 states including national retailers like QuikTrip and influential Natural Grocery chains like Erewhon. With the ambition to reach +1000 doors, our current distribution network has the potential to reach + 100,000 doors and we will get there sip by sip!

Convenience stores are great for trial, where consumers can taste a cold REJOY by the can and then come back for more at the stores or for full cases to our webshop.

Adding our Powder sticks to convenience stores will increase awareness and trial allowing consumers to repeat via online.

Ronnie Schildknecht, co-founder, elite triathlete and 11 times IronMan Champion, has been using plant-based infusions to train and recover throughout his career. We're lucky to have him as part of our founding team.

We are a team of founders with 75 years of combined experienced at global CPG plus   30+years of top athletic performance at global Triathlon. We experienced the need of simple clean hydration and recovery first hand and we know how important it is for everybody, not only athletes, to have great only natural options instead of the incumbent bad-for-you sports beverages. 

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

We plan to gain scale and disrupt the sports beverage industry and achieve $50 mn revenues in 5 years. While this would only mean 0.45% of the category, it would be enough to be considered for a partnership with a big player or exit.  Recent acquisitions have been in the range of 7 to 10x multiples of revenue. 

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