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Rainshine Global

The content studio + blockchain marketplace for global creators

Last Funded July 2022


raised from 59 investors


ūüďą Proven team with startup-to-IPO track record
ūüíį$20M revenue run rate with 100% YoY growth
ūüé• 30+ content IPs streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Spotify & YouTube
ūü§© Talent includes an Emmy winner, several Oscar, Emmy, BAFTA nominees
ūü§Ě Co-production partnerships with several leading Hollywood studios
ūüĒó Built transformational fintech and blockchain platform for creators
ūüŹĘ Board includes prior Execs at Disney, Vodafone, DreamWorks & EMI Music

Our Team

Why Rainshine?


With ubiquitous digital connectivity, the world has opened up for content creators. In recent years, many creators have taken their first step on platforms like YouTube or operated only within their respective local markets. But now the real market opportunity is far bigger! With the global success of the makers of Squid Game from Korea or the makers of Fauda from Israel when their content was distributed globally through Netflix, the world has opened up to content creators.

Despite this increased access to global markets, the majority of creators continue to struggle with financing and distributing their work, as not every piece of content can be on a leading streaming platform. And with the continued consolidation of media growth and profits in the hands of a few, the vast majority of creators are unable to even profit from their work.

Content creators deserve better! They need an even playing field with access to financing‚ÄĒincluding from their fans‚ÄĒand the best options for monetizing their content.

Fans and audiences are also short-changed. Unlike investing through Robinhood and other platforms in tech stocks and crypto, fans and audiences have no way to invest in the next Harry Potter or Friends or Pok√©mon‚ÄĒcontent products that created billions of dollars in value.


Rainshine is launching RainBlox©, a proprietary blockchain platform that effectively connects producers and creators to investors, distributors, and audiences.

RainBlox© is a robust industry-first global blockchain marketplace for financing and monetizing content, through which fans and audiences can directly interact with creators as fans and investors too. This marketplace also enables content creators to access multiple options for financing and monetizing their work.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain and using the best content management and fintech technologies, RainBlox© enables creators to shape their own destiny!


Multiple Forms of Content
Rainshine has produced hundreds of short videos and films and over 30 long-form content products, including feature films, tv/digital Shows, documentaries, podcasts, animation, and video games.

Diversified Range of Distribution Options
With 10 underlying studios, Rainshine produces content in multiple languages across different genres and from locations like the US, UK, and India. Our content is distributed across multiple SVOD (Subscription Video-On-Demand) & AVOD (Advertising-based Video-On-Demand) platforms globally.

RainBlox©, the new blockchain + fintech offering
With its build-out of RainBlox©, a proprietary blockchain product, Rainshine is offering creators more than just working for studios. Just like Shopify offers retailers the option to set up their digital stores (instead of being subsumed by global e-commerce majors), RainBlox© offers creators access to smart contracts, digital rights management, payments, financing and access to crowdfunding options, distribution to large buyers, and direct distribution to fans through a PVOD (Premium Video-On-Demand) platform.

Creators go Direct-to-Fans
RainBlox© serves as an effective platform for creators to directly access their fans and create content worth millions.


Global Presence
Established in India as a leading YouTube MCN (Multi-Channel Network), Rainshine has demonstrated incredible agility in expanding its offerings by partnering with world-class and award-winning talent and studios.

$20 million Revenue Run Rate, Growing at 100% Annually
Despite starting only three years ago and being impacted by COVID-19 for half of those years, Rainshine has grown rapidly to achieve a $20 million revenue run rate. It’s also well-positioned to grow 50-100% for the next several years, aiming to become profitable over the next 18-24 months.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Blockchain Platform to Spur Further Growth
RainBlox©, Rainshine’s proprietary technology, is already in beta-test mode and the company is approaching creators to launch new content on the platform. In 2022, RainBlox© will open up new avenues for further growth.

Scalable Team

Rainshine has won several awards and attracted incredible creative talent with several Oscar, Emmy, BAFTA and other nominations among them. Furthermore, Rainshine is led by an exceptional management team with a proven start-up to IPO track record.


Rainshine has diversified access to its target market:

‚óŹ B2C: Our YouTube and other social media content is primarily supported by brand advertising. In addition, our feature films are also released direct-to-consumer, either through the theatrical route or through a PVOD model, as planned in the future. RainBlox¬© will accelerate the direct-to-consumer thrust and create new growth opportunities by creating its PVOD platform and linking it up to others.

‚óŹ B2B2C: We also reach our audiences through established SVOD platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, YouTube, Spotify, and others.

Rainshine is poised for high growth over the next few years as current in-production content is released to global audiences. We have also received significant international press coverage in top journals, including Variety, GQ, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Boston Globe, Kidscreen, The Times of India, Economic Times and Animation World Network (AWN.COM)

Business Model

At the heart of Rainshine’s business model is content IPs (Intellectual Properties). Our primary objective is to build valuable and enduring content communities around the characters within the IPs, their stories, and the world around them.

Monetization and value creation on a content IP happens currently in the following manner:

  • Sell to SVOD: Selling it outright to a large platform, yet building a large and long-term franchise as content producers.

  • AVOD: Placing short-form content on AVOD platforms like YouTube and Instagram to create native content properties residing on micro-sites built for individual brands.

RainBlox© will also monetize future content communities for IPs in the following manner:

  • PVOD through the RainBlox¬© platform and global partnerships with other PVOD platforms
  • Transaction-based fees on content financing and distribution
  • Merchandize and e-commerce partnerships
  • Video games adjacent to IPs
  • NFTs and security tokens


Rainshine is operating in a high-growth industry, undergoing tremendous technology and business model innovation.

  • The global media & entertainment (M&E) market is at $2 trillion, growing faster than global GDP.

  • Digital M&E is outpacing traditional M&E, 11% vs 0.1%.

  • International M&E growth is faster than the US at 5.70% vs 4.10%, an area of high focus for Rainshine.

  • India is the fastest-growing digital market, expected to grow at 30% annually over the next three years.

  • The next disruption is coming through creator-driven content and distribution. Silicon Valley funds have invested over $5 billion in various technologies to enable the creator-led content to be developed and monetized far more effectively.

  • NFTs and other tokens are becoming a potent way to monetize content assets. The market cap of NFTs is approximately $5 billion.

  • Content Studios are becoming acquisition targets. Content IPs, as an asset class, are becoming more attractive to larger global investors. See: Amazon‚Äôs acquisition of MGM, Blackstone‚Äôs purchase of Hello Sunshine¬†and Moonbug, and Blackstone investing $1 billion in Hipgnosis Song Management (HSM) to acquire music rights and manage¬†catalogs


As a new global content creation company, Rainshine operates in a highly fragmented and supply-constrained market starving for high-quality global content. There are hardly any internationally focused content studios operating at scale, and with its projected growth and targeted content library, Rainshine will stand out.

In addition, RainBlox¬© is an innovative and transformative proprietary blockchain platform. It combines content and fintech to build a creator-led ‚ÄėShopify‚Äô of digital entertainment.


Rainshine is a creator-first digital entertainment company aiming to transform the media and entertainment industry through a combination of content and fintech. It is well-positioned to become a highly valuable and reputed company for benefiting all its stakeholders.

The three parts of the company’s vision are as described below:

CREATING ‚Äď New Age Digital Entertainment Studio: Partner with world-class creators to create enthralling and valuable content assets and communities

TRANSFORMING ‚Äď Shopify of Content: Harness new technologies and business models to empower creators to access the best of resources and markets to fulfill their growth potential.

ASCENDING ‚Äď Highly Valuable Global M&E Company
that operates at scale, grows rapidly and profitably, and builds a reputable global brand.


To continue developing RainBlox©, Rainshine’s blockchain-based marketplace for premium digital content creators, the company is raising the last $5 million of a $15-20 million Series A2 round, with $13 million already raised, from new generation investors. This is an opportunity to invest in a proven management team, and in a company with exceptional growth potential uniquely focused on content + fintech.


Invest in an exceptional leadership team with Neeraj Bhargava, an early investor in five unicorns, at the helm and a diverse group of board members with incredible experience building world-class companies. 


To continue developing RainBlox©, Rainshine’s blockchain-based marketplace for premium digital content creators, the company is raising the last $5 million of a $15-20 million Series A2 round, with $13 million already raised, from new generation investors.

This is an opportunity to invest in a proven management team, and in a company with exceptional growth potential uniquely focused on content + fintech.

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