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Project M

#1 E-commerce platform for tattoo and heavy metal lifestyles

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Owner of the #1 brands in tattooing (Inked), heavy metal (Revolver) & music comedy (The Hard Times).
Management prev. raised $2.5B+ from investors. Team incl. former Head of Digital @ Rolling Stone.
20-years working with top talent incl. Metallica, Post Malone, Roman Reigns, DMX, Tool, Linkin Park.
50M+ followers on social media and 5M+ monthly unique users.
Raised $7M to date from Wall Street and media executives.
Profitable, run-rate revenues of $8M+. 85% e-commerce. +50% YoY growth and accelerating.
Launching investor membership tier with artist access, discounts on merchandise, and even tattoos.

Our Team

Tattoos and heavy metal are huge businesses (in the billions). Yet there is little premium content and hard to find premium merchandise. We have combined the leading media brands in these areas to bring the most unique e-commerce experience for passionate fans like ourselves.

We are passionate fans of tattooing and heavy metal combining the best content with the best merchandise.

Project M is a group of tattoo and metal fans that have gone out and bought the top content brands — REVOLVER, Inked, and The Hard Times. We connect that content with the merchandise YOU want to buy.

We are the well-known media brands that you have been reading for DECADES. We own the #1 premium brands in our spaces including…

Much more importantly, though, we are also fans just like you!

We are unique. Not only are we fans, but collectively, our founders and management team have worked in the financial world for decades, founded over a dozen businesses, created multiple media brands, and raised billions of investor capital — yes, billions. You can check out all of our backgrounds below. We are super proud of our team!

We create great content that lives across multiple channels. Our two biggest brands are known for their magazines. However, our reach is across multiple digital channels WHEREVER you are — Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, podcasts, email. We are even now launching our TikTok channels!

As we are crazy about tattoos, metal, and comedy ourselves, we faced a big problem. A couple of years ago, we looked out at the world and thought there was great content in the areas we love — tattoos, music, and comedy — but the media didn’t do a great job of delivering this content. There were great brands but they had not been updated and didn’t live digitally like we all do today. We also missed the great places we used to buy music, t-shirts, and even fun stuff at the record store or mall.

We thought why don’t we combine these two awesome things ...and do it all on a digitally-enabled modern e-commerce platform?

Combine the most well-known brands in these areas along with great talent and re-boot them into the modern world. Then marry that great content with stuff YOU want to buy. Reading a story about Metallica? Instead of a Jeep, a diet coke, or an erection pill how about an awesome Metallica t-shirt? This is what we call CONTENT = COMMERCE.

You know our brands, you probably read our content but how do we actually MAKE money?

In the last few years, the words “media” have not been happy ones for many investors. Our team has 25+ years of successful media investing and we actually saw THAT as the opportunity.

When we bought the company, we said – let’s continue to “lend the eyeballs” of our audience to the great advertisers we have worked with in the past BUT we also were frustrated that we couldn’t find a single spot to buy all the great merchandise we wanted. So we said let’s focus on selling our fans stuff we KNOW they want! That is our focus on COMMERCE and 85% of our total revenue.

Here are our stores:

Our Inked Shop is our largest and we carry an awesome assortment of funny, spooky, sometimes raunchy, and most often BLACK apparel, accessories, home goods, and gifts. Think of the Hot Topic or Spencer’s you used to see in the mall but with a lot more curse words and tattoos!

At the REVOLVER shop, we are curating the awesomest rock/metal record store ever! We have hundreds of limited vinyl variants, exclusive apparel, and a ton of stuff you can’t get anywhere else.

Finally, our comedy brand – The Hard Times – is about making you laugh but always with an edge. We are rolling out designs there that will turn people’s heads, make them laugh but also maybe sometimes throw a bottle at you! 😉

Our stores are curated for OUR fans and by our team which lives and breathes all of this…

The greatest thing about being an e-commerce platform is that we can sell to ANYWHERE in the world! Our content reaches millions worldwide and this means our sales can scale HUGE.

Fans of our genres know there is a LOT of money being spent in these areas. Almost no one ever goes out and gets ONE tattoo or goes to ONE metal show – they get or go to 10s or even 100s!

The result is that both of these areas are very large – and underappreciated – markets. Data is hard to come by but we have run quite a few surveys through the years and here are OUR thoughts on the size of these markets…

There are a couple of companies out there that have SOME similarities to what we are doing.

One of our model companies is Barstool Sports. Many of you are familiar with this great brand that super-serves the passionate sports and sports betting community.

Back in 2016, smart money investor Chernin Group invested $10 million into the company – at what we believe are similar valuations ($25mm) to where we are raising today. The company at that time was a similar size to our own, although a bit smaller.

... that investment they grew a ton and earlier this year they announced they were selling a stake for $450 million to casino company Penn National Gaming and did $100 million of revenue in 2019. Think the size of our end markets is at least as large as Barstool’s and we face much less competition.

The other available comparable business is the European e-commerce business EMP which was bought for $180 million by Warner Music back in 2017. That business was doing approximately $200 million of revenue serving the same customer as our businesses serve.

Given the size of our end market and the success of Barstool and EMP, we believe there is a tremendous growth opportunity for our business.

Inception to date we have raised more than $7 million of investment capital from Wall Street executives, music, and media executives. These were folks who were equally excited about the business opportunity but also passionate fans of our genres.

This investment capital allowed us to get the company to a position where we have a significant scale, great brands, are growing strongly, AND are profitable. Now we want to expand this business opportunity to ALL investors.

The REAL money out there is being made by investing in pre-IPO companies and getting in on the ground floor. Up until the last few years, those kinds of investment opportunities have not been available to regular investors.

All of that has changed now, though, with the JOBS Act and the evolution of the crowdfunding market on great platforms like WeFunder.

Our founders see a great opportunity to bring together the passionate fans from the tattoo world, rock and heavy metal, and comedy and let them be an OWNER in what we are building with this company. The same opportunity we all left our previous careers to join – work in areas you love, doing awesome stuff, and (hopefully) make some real money!

The great news is that we are opening up investment to fans now that a LOT of the heavy lifting is done! We have a solid company with revenues, growth, brands, and profits – NOW is the time to take to the next level.

You will be investing alongside the founders of this company who have invested over $2.5 million of the $7 million invested so far. In fact, our CEO and Founder has invested over $2 million and NEVER taken a single dollar out of the company to-date. We are on the same exact terms as YOU! We invested that money and our time because we think the upside is massive and the timing is perfect.

Right NOW is an absolutely unique period in the history of investing – the ability to get in on the ground floor on the kinds of investments that historically were ONLY open to a select group of investors. Also to invest in areas you love. There has never been an opportunity like it…

We are launching a Regulation CF crowdfunding but also preparing our company to launch a Regulation A+ fundraising. Our initial goal is to raise $1 million from new investors but we have the potential to raise up to $3 million shortly.

We are raising this money at a $22 million pre-money valuation. This is similar to the valuation where Barstool did their deal back in 2016 and we are bigger than they were.

This capital will be used to pay back some debt, invest in the operations of the business, fund further acquisitions, and – most importantly – create more KICK ASS content and merchandise for our fans.

One of the best things about running this company is we get direct access to the artists – tattooists, musicians, and comedians – that are our inspirations! Again, we started the business because we thought it was a great opportunity but this was a great bonus…

Now we would like to share BOTH those opportunities with you – our fans! In addition to becoming an investor alongside our group of experienced managers and investors, you also can become a member of the team…

This isn’t just a business – it is our passion and our COMMUNITY. We want to share that with you our investors and fans…