Pro Cloud SaaS

🧨 Rapidly Growing $ARR$ Business on a Global Scale - SaaS / Cybersecurity / AI and own IP

Last Funded June 2023




🚀 Over 80 clients - include Lockheed Martin, the US Navy, the US Department of Energy
📈 $550 BILLION Dollar Addressable Market growing at 28%-32% CAGR
🏆 World-Class Executive Team who have led OVER 5 exits
🎯 Already Backed by Notable Investors, including ex-Fortune 500 CEO

Our Team

I'm truly honored and feel very fortunate to be leading such an experienced and highly intelligent team

Your guide to the Cloud

Pro Cloud SaaS - building a world-class investment asset in the rapidly growing Cybersecurity, Cloud, and SaaS market.

Pro Cloud SaaS simplifies businesses' IT needs on a global basis. Most companies have a narrow offering, constricted by product and company logo. We take a vastly different approach. We partner with the top technology providers in cybersecurity, all things cloud-based (servers, storage, printing), productivity apps (think Google, Microsoft), cloud surveillance, and operational software, and that are just scratching the surface.

Our consultative approach involves Pro Cloud SaaS’s own Intellectual Property (IP) - CyberGuard - Audit, Plan, and Protect. This platform combines years of experience from the team including National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) practices and Six Sigma workflow improvement process. CyberGuard is the entry point to becoming the customer's trusted advisor with aligned goals.

Pro Cloud SaaS is just over 30 months in business nearing $3M in revenue, over 80 customers, and more than 190 transactions all contributing to our annual recurring revenue. We have operations in 12 countries and our business model is proven. We have developed an extremely solid business platform that is very scalable. We are now looking to hire even more Sales Agents as quickly as possible to keep up with the increasing demand for Pro Cloud SaaS services.

How we became who we are...

Shane Hannan, CEO and Founder of Pro Cloud SaaS has been a lifelong entrepreneur in software and technology. After completing a solo bicycle ride from San Diego California to St Augustine Florida, and publishing a book on the adventure, Shane had the opportunity to move from Arizona to Australia taking a leadership position with a corporate SaaS-based firm. Realizing a strict corporate culture didn’t fit his “customer first” mentality, he decided to strike out on his own. What emerged was the genesis of a company that focused first on what the customer needed, not force-fitting what the company sold.

Customers want solutions but moreover, they want to work with people they trust. Shane quickly saw a missing piece in the SaaS/Cloud native/Cybersecurity market that could be filled.

We are not held accountable by a product or company, we are held accountable by our customers. We align with their business goals not only by providing the latest cloud platforms but also professional services and project management capabilities.

Investor Endorsement: “I invested in Pro Cloud SaaS because of its dynamic business model for selling and implementing best-of-class cloud services to businesses throughout the world. More importantly, with their recurring commission and referral fee structure, they are attracting top sales talent that will enable Pro Cloud Saas to be a financially successful company.” - Steve Jorgenson, Scottsdale Arizona.

What the market offers...

Researching the market opportunity led Shane to the realization that this market has untapped potential.

The last few years have created layers of challenges for firms. How to maintain growth while protecting their data and people. Balancing a “Hybrid” workforce. Some virtual, and some in the office.

Despite changing economic conditions, the market will always need software and cloud solutions and protection against cyber threats. Pro Cloud SaaS is recession-resistant as software is critical to running a business. The number of software licenses may change, but the product solution will always be needed.

  • The average Small Business (for example, $50 Million or less in annual revenue) spends 6.9% of its revenue on IT.
  • The average Mid-Sized firm ($50 million-$2 billion in annual revenue) spends 4.2%.
  • The average Enterprise firm (over $2 billion) spends 3.2% 


We work with our Technology Partners to ensure we provide solutions that fit our client's needs.  

Investor Endorsement: “Pro Cloud SaaS is making great progress. Proves the demand for IT solutions across the spectrum. The mid-market customer needs help and the local sales/service connection coupled with the global sourcing and support from ProClouSaaS will prove to be a powerful new source in providing what the customer wants… solutions without the hassle.” - John Stuart, West Chester Pennsylvania

Our Customers

What makes the Pro Cloud SaaS model truly unique?

  • We are positioned worldwide to provide the best Customer Experience in the Technology Services space. Currently with operations in 12 countries and growing.
  • Our reputation has allowed us access to literally thousands of True SaaS/Cloud Native solutions.
  • Ability to manage any software implementation and support global reach with local expertise.
  • We have developed a true entrepreneurial model that allows our Sales Agents to essentially run their own business.
  • We have created a recurring revenue model for our Sales Agents. Think how a broker or an insurance agent continually can generate income from renewable sales agreements. The Pro Cloud SaaS business model gives these Sales Partners the ability to consistently earn commissions for their efforts, building a renewable and ever-growing source of income.

    We fully support our Sales Partners in the field with:

    • One of the best and proven new hire onboarding programs.
    • Ongoing training and certifications.
    • Complete marketing, lead generation, technical backup, proposal writing, and operational and accounting support.
    • Pre and post Sales technical expertise as well as Professional Services.
    • A wide portfolio of products that will fit any customer’s requirements.
    • Sales promotions and incentives.

    Investor Endorsement: “The driving force behind my investment in Pro Cloud SaaS was simple, its people. From leadership throughout all the sales partners, everyone is committed to driving revenue while delivering a world class experience for the clients.” Robert Jobe, Dallas Texas.

    What’s next for Pro Cloud SaaS?

    We’ve proven our business model and are now seeking additional funding to expand and scale our global sales and technical support teams.

    Pro Cloud SaaS business is generating annual recurring revenue with over 160 transactions in 2.5 years with some of the world's biggest organizations. Revenue in 2022 was 31% over 2021 and the transaction count doubled to 209%.

    Our targeted Sales Partners are highly successful sales professionals and along with our unique culture and global support, they will be attracted by income ramps for a period of time as they build out their own businesses.

    *All numbers and projections are just estimates and ProCloudSaaS is not held responsible for them. To find out more about How Convertible Notes Work click here.