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Your Fun, Smart, & Productive All-In-One Personal Development App 🚀


Established a Content Partnership with Bob Proctor & PGI 🤝
Raised 100k Pre-Seed, Assembled 12 Person Team, Acquired 240+ Paid Users, & 50+ Positive Reviews ✅
CCO, Diane A. worked with Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, The Secret, & Other Top Industry Names 🎤
Trending Personal Development Industry: 5.1% Annual Growth & $40B Dollar Market Opportunity! 💰
Untapped Personal Development App Market: Low-Quality Competition & Tons of Organic Traffic 🚗
First to Market! There are NO Professional Apps in our LOA & Manifestation Niche Market 🥇
Featured in CBS News, USA Today, NBC, and FOX News! 📸
Early Bird Special! Discounted Valuation for Maximum Return on Investment ⭐️

Our Team

What is PrimeMinds? 

PrimeMinds is the absolute best companion for your mind, well-being, and personal growth.

Enjoy all the best habits, content, tools, and support to help you succeed, in “your” own way, on your self-improvement journey.

We make improving yourself convenient and gamified, so you have fun and can easily stick with it.

PrimeMinds keeps you productive, motivated, and disciplined, where every day, you're growing, taking action towards your goals, and manifesting “your” dream life.

We are on a mission:

Every solution starts with a problem! Meet Lucy 👇

Find out what Lucy was so excited about, checkout PrimeMinds 2.0! 👇

PrimeMinds 1.0 already exists for iOS and Android. We received great feedback, conducted surveys, and did extensive research to establish the direction for PrimeMinds 2.0.

The biggest change is removing the strict monthly programs and introducing an “all-in-one hub,“ where you create a custom personal growth schedule, set smart reminders, and get access to all the content and features. This helps everyone learn in their own way and at their own pace. Also, a hub helps us successfully scale our platform, so it’s a win-win!

Now is the time to bring the personal development industry into 2021! ⏰

App’s have transformed various industries. The opportunity is enormous for us to revolutionize the outdated personal development industry just like these other companies did by modernizing their respective industries.

PrimeMinds is disrupting personal development and that is why we are confident we're on track to become a multi-billion dollar company!

People are spending more of their time and money on apps than on the traditional web. That’s why PrimeMinds is poised to overtake its outdated competition.

More reasons why this investment makes sense! Check them out! 🔎

And some of the BIGGEST reasons to invest right now🍿:

PGI Content Partnership:
PrimeMinds has a content partnership with the Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI) and Bob Proctor, an expert of the mind and one of the most well-known personal development speakers in the world.

PGI and Bob will help spread the word about PrimeMinds, share content with us, and help get the biggest names within personal development on PrimeMinds.

Lower Risk, Higher Reward:
This isn’t just an idea. PrimeMinds has already achieved major traction, received proof of concept, and high brand interest in less than 4 months:

Current & Future Demographic Appeal:
PrimeMinds appeals to current and future generations (Gen X, Millennial, Gen Z); our target market is spending more time and money on apps than ever before. The best part is, current personal development companies do not appeal to modern generations, which is where PrimeMinds shines best!

PrimeMinds Current Demographics: 

The App Market Opening📱💰

High Organic Download Volume:
Our niche keywords like Law of Attraction, Manifestation, NLP, Gratitude, Affirmations, and Personal Development generate over 2.5M organic annual downloads.

Low Competition & Quality:
Low-quality and one-off apps currently occupy our niche keywords' top search spots; many of these apps are created by single developers, have unappealing designs, and are not professional businesses. PrimeMinds being a complete business, brand, and utilizing our industry connections, will give us the opportunity to quickly overtake the top keyword spots and benefit from millions of free organic downloads.

This keeps our marketing spend low and lets us rapidly expand organically!

Organic App Store Featuring:
Through our marketing plan and strategic partners (PGI & Bob Proctor), PrimeMinds is confident we can acquire more than 1 million downloads in the first two years. This allows us to rank high in the app store, get featured, and secure upwards of an 800% increased free organic download growth from App Store featuring awareness.

History Repeats Itself. Identical Market Opening Exploitations: Meditation 🧘‍♀️

Headspace and Calm took advantage of high organic search volume and low-quality results within their untapped industry. They established themselves as a professional business and brand, got featured by the app stores, and ranked high for keywords. They secured 70% of the meditation app market and are primarily responsible for growing revenue within the industry by 3,200% in just under six years.

PrimeMinds' goal is to follow a similar path to success as Headspace and Calm but within our own untapped personal development app market.

We stand out from the crowd ⭐️

PrimeMinds is genuinely an all-in-one platform like no other! Other apps miss key features like habit-tracking, gamification, and success coaching support. All of which is crucial to solving people's biggest struggles with their self-growth.

Also, we stand alone; these other apps don't come anywhere near our niche of self-actualization and manifestation.

How does PrimeMinds make money? 💵

We are a freemium app. New members can use PrimeMinds for free with limited access, or they can upgrade to our paid memberships:

Subscription businesses are becoming the new norm, and it’s something customers love! Using a freemium model for PrimeMinds gives us the ability to drive massive amounts of leads and acquire users at a low cost as we continue to raise our overall revenue and profit margins.

Some of the tech industry’s biggest names are using a subscription model including Netflix, Zoom, Spotify, Calm, and Tinder.

Financial growth 📈

We are projecting to be self-sustainable within two years and to begin distributing profit sharing to our investors by the first quarter of Year 3.

Our revenue and user growth projections are based on industry average metrics, and that’s why we believe we will exceed our projections!

Why are we so confident?
In just four months of sales, we saw enticing results! We converted 7.5% of our leads to paying customers, which crushes the app industry average of 3-4%. PrimeMinds is in an ideal position for immediate success in an untapped app industry that’s trending.

Here is what your funding will help us achieve:

The future is bright for PrimeMinds!

Within the next two to three years, we will be making significant implementations and utilize our other monetization strategies to sky-rocket our user growth and revenue.

💭 Imagine what happens when...

A mastermind of passionate individuals who believe and live by this material invest in creating the world's best personal development platform.

The financial opportunity is huge, but the opportunity to really bring a positive impact to the world’s people is even bigger!

Everyone deserves the opportunity to bring out the best in themselves, and with your and PrimeMinds’ help, people can do that every day.

Make this your best investment yet and let's all grow together!

Welcome to the PrimeMinds Family! Invest Today ⭐️