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Invest in Prewrite

Software that helps anyone tell better stories


SaaS web app launched 2020
6K+ signups, 400 monthly active users, and 120 subscribers
$1K MRR, +20% MoM growth for 1st year
Used by creators at Netflix, HBO, Disney, BBC, and more
Opportunity to address market of 300M+ creators
Educational platform for creators of all ages and levels of experience
Team of creators/developers with decades of experience building and launching SaaS products.

Our Team

Give Every Storyteller a Superpower

It’s tougher than ever to earn someone’s attention. Hollywood knows it, influencers know it, and so do you. That’s why they all turn to Prewrite. Prewrite gives solo creators and teams easy access to the tools & techniques of the “writers’ room,” built for today’s content landscape.

Whether it’s a social post, a video, a series, a campaign, a course, or anything else, Prewrite helps you craft the big picture, fine-tune every detail, and better prepare your stories to cut through the noise.

Key Features

Prewrite unifies and simplifies the story development process from start to finish, and is becoming the new standard for communicating story ideas to collaborators, buyers, brands and sponsors. Check out our library of popular movies, tv shows, podcasts, and other forms of content to see it in action.

Why Our Users Love Prewrite

Feature development is driven by a continuous dialogue with our users. Here's what they have to say about our progress so far!

The Opportunity

Everyone can benefit from being a better storyteller. The science is in, and shows the most effective way to educate, engage, persuade, and entertain is through story. Our mission is to arm everyone with the mighty sword or storytelling. However, today we’re focusing on beginner, intermediate and advanced storytellers in three major markets:

Writers of Film/TV/Streaming 

Prewrite was initially launched as a tool for professional and aspiring writers of film, television and streaming content. COVID incited and accelerated the digitalization of traditional methods for writing and collaborating, such as note cards and whiteboards. These tools are just fine for teams working in-person, but the industry is now and will continue to become more remote, even beyond the pandemic, which is why writers find Prewrite so necessary. We are a remote solution that provides something note cards and whiteboards cannot; thousands of years of storytelling knowledge and fundamentals baked into a simple and intuitive process.

Multi-platform Creators

There are about 50 million independent digital "creators." For most, it's a side gig. For 2 million of them, it’s a living, earning them 6-figures or more. These heavy hitters are using story to cut through the noise. Some of them started with a background in storytelling, but most spent far too much time experimenting without a clue where to start. Shouldn’t it be easier to go from zero to hero? If we armed current and future creators with storytelling superpowers from the start, they’d have a quicker path to economic sustainability, and frankly, we’d all have more fun with our screen time.

Yesterday’s storytellers went to film school; tomorrow’s will turn to Prewrite.

Brand Storytellers

In the competitive, cut-throat world of advertising and social media marketing, every startup, SMB, and Fortune 500 company needs to tell great stories to lift their brand and communicate their vision to the world. Prewrite is becoming a format-agnostic, “single source of truth” for building, maintaining and sharing these important stories. We're rolling out new, enterprise-level features that meet the demands of this growing market.


After several years of quiet development, we launched Prewrite in early 2020 with an initial focus on screenwriters. Users may signup for free and gain access to all basic features for one story -- unlimited stories are then available with a Premium subscription of $9.99/mo. Here are some of our growth metrics:

User acquisition has been driven by organic search, and our growing audience on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn).

We have been approached by several companies interested in licensing Prewrite for both private and re-branded regional use. There are strong signals that our enterprise offering will sell very well, with over 50 seats already reserved by existing customers that want to expand the use of Prewrite within their organizations.

Prewrite has tremendous global potential with half of our users outside the US.


Prewrite is the only format-agnostic story development tool that combines ideation, outlining, writing, and pitching all into a single process. This wide range of solutions means we compete in a number of spaces.

Prewrite was originally launched as a writing tool with a strong focus on the outlining process. So even with its current, more advanced feature-set, it still does this better than any other tool on the market.

These days, we consume stories in the visually-rich, interactive language of the web. Why would we write, or conceive of them differently? Prewrite is visual, intuitive, and unlike the competition, removes the antiquated and anxiety-provoking blank page altogether. It puts focus on the idea and formats the end-product automagically.

Prewrite is the only writing tool that builds pitch materials for your story while you write. Users can share their ideas in a visual format at any stage, and no longer need separate presentation software to deliver a deck, slideshow or lookbook.

What's Next?

We've worked very hard to get Prewrite where it is today, but we need your help to propel it into the future. Our thumb is on the pulse, and we know exactly what to build to satisfy our market.

Your investment will help expand our feature-set, open the power of Prewrite up to everyone, and establish our brand as "the new script for new media."

Here are our goals:

1️⃣ $250k - New Templates, New Features, and Expanded Subscription Options

  • YouTube and Instagram Templates
  • Dozens of new user-requested features (reach out to learn more)
  • Advanced permissions, sharing and collaboration for teams
  • New Pro and tiered Enterprise subscription levels

Development time: 4-6 months. Impact: 20M - 30M TAM increase.

2️⃣ $500k - Series/Interactive Support and Onboarding/Guidance Overhaul

  • Connecting stories to develop seasons, trilogies, volumes, etc.
  • Narrative branching to support gaming, AR/VR applications and choose your own adventure-style content
  • Sophisticated on-boarding process connected to original content such as tutorials, knowledge-base articles, and content case studies

Development time: 4-5 months.  Impact: 40M - 60M TAM increase.

3️⃣ $750k - Establish New Story-based Pre, Pro, and Post-production Process for New Media with Integrations

The transition from planning to creating should be seamless, and to the extent possible, one-in-the-same. This stage will focus on:

  • Storing and organizing media assets to be used in all phases of a project starting with ideation
  • Publishing directly to social platforms
  • Importing project assets, finding talent and meeting collaborators through partner APIs
  • Robust exporting for any project need including creator tools for editing, publishing and more

Development time: 6-8 months. Impact: 80M - 120M TAM increase.

⏭️ Beyond

Your investment will convert to equity at a capped or discounted level in our next round of funding. We’ve been working closely with VCs, and know that accomplishing the above makes us a highly attractive seed-stage investment. However, depending on our success on WeFunder, we may be able to skip seed-stage altogether, making your investment even more lucrative.

We envision a number of possible exit strategies for Prewrite. Our outreach over the last year has revealed a surprising number of opportunities in industries that value the power of storytelling and use it as a competitive advantage.

We've engaged in serious partnership discussions with large sales organizations, a Bollywood production company, film festivals, a major university film program, and a variety of talent agencies, just to name a few.

More About Our Team 

We are a core group of creators and developers who have first-hand experience with the challenges of storytelling in both new and traditional media. We built Prewrite to become better storytellers ourselves, and it worked. It’s a superpower that we want to share with the world.

Our co-founders have been building businesses and new technologies together for nearly two decades. Prewrite was designed, built, and financed entirely by them. They've gotten it this far, now they need your help.

We hope you'll join us in empowering the new storytellers of tomorrow.

Our Advisors

Benjamin Grubbs - As YouTube's global director of top creator partnerships, Ben's team managed over $100 million in investments into creators to grow their business. He departed YouTube in early 2018 to form Next 10 Ventures and has since been playing a significant role in several creator economy startups (most recently CreatorPlus). 

Sterling Proffer - Sterling is the founder of Creative Executive Officers, an educational media company dedicated to navigating the business of creativity. Before launching CEOs, he spent nearly a decade at VICE, where he helped launch several brands, including Motherboard, Noisey, and VICE News.


Our Friends