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We convert car windows into digital billboards

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Investor Panel

David and Jim interviewed (YC Alumni) on August 11, 2021. Play Video
David Ma
Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor & Business Consultant
Jim Jindrick
Venture development expertise includes researching, planning, launching, stabilizing, sustaining, and scaling technology-focused ventures.
says, "The tech seems quite unique, flashy, and as a result, will turn heads once people see it"
says, "Motivated founder, interesting market and technology."
says, "Hone in on distribution of your early adopters to validate assumptions about your business, as all new tech needs to win the early adopters to reach breakout scale."
says, "Suggest a finely-focused beachhead market space for your alpha products ... close to home (geographically) so you can respond (in person!) quickly when things go amiss. Get that product really honed and rockin' and rollin' before taking it worldwide (a giant step!)."

What Investors Say

Invested $3,000 this round
Have you ever wanted to be part of something big - but you weren’t sure how, or you weren’t asked to participate? Have you ever said: “when I make a bit more money then I might start investing”?Hi, I’m Dr. Jeffrey Ayers and I have been practicing medicine for nearly 30 years. I am an entrepreneur, a certified investor and Ive invested in start up companies for the last 10 years. When it comes to investing - I focus on what I like, what I am passionate about and what I think is a fantastic idea. As the founder of the Gallery of Aesthetics - a new kind of medical spa in Utah (opening September 2021) - my space diverges from the typical glamorous bling filled space - and i have created an art gallery vibe. I will feature the art of emerging and established artists from around the world. Digital art in motion is a genre that I find compelling and will be included in my mix. While seeking the resources to project art (vs just hanging it on a wall) - I spotted Pranos while reading my regular Wefunder email. I saw the potential and I couldn't pass up on this opportunity to invest in the “next big thing”! Can you imagine being invited to invest in relevant technology that is easily attainable by the end user? Sound like a win for the investor! Can you imagine being the average woman or man wanting (or needing) another stream of income in a market they wouldn't have otherwise been invited nor benefited? Sounds like a win for the average person! Can you imagine being a business owner with a limited marketing budget needing a cost effective solution? Sounds like a win for the business! I want to personally invite you to invest in yourself, your family, or your business by investing in Pranos I wish for you the success you desire and deserve. Dr. Jeffrey Ayers

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Tech Crunch
July 13, 2020
"As a result of CFGI, I’m blown away by what David is doing, and I’m so excited to see how others contribute. David’s company is a revolutionary mass media platform that converts any window into a transparent digital HD display. David told me" “Especially in an early-stage technology company, every new hire has an incredible effect on the company’s destiny. Hiring highly skilled top-talent at the beginning is critical to how will create many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of jobs globally through the growth of the gig economy.”
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