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🏘 Buy and trade fractional shares of real estate for less than $10!

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🚀 We’re a completely bootstrapped company, in just 7 months we’ve gained over 1500 waitlist members!
📈 Traders have been buying fractional stocks since 2015, fractional real estate is just the next step!
🏘 The most user-friendly fractional real estate trading platform.
⛓ We're powered by Blockchain Technology, a unique edge in a growing fractional real estate market.
🏡 Over $500K in residential property commitments.
📱 We're on pace to launch by the end of 2021!
🏠 Our team has a background in real estate and securities trading, we know & use these products!
The global real estate market is valued at over $228 trillion dollars, We're going to democratize it for you!

Our Team

This idea was created after experiencing first hand the multiple barriers of entry in real estate investing ranging from cost to lack of knowledge. We wanted to address these issues in order to give everyone the ability to invest in real estate and build long term wealth. Our goal is to securitize and democratize the worlds real estate.

$228 Trillion Dollars...

that is the current value of the global real estate market. In fact, real estate is the third largest industry in the world. It’s also the third fastest growing industry, following only healthcare and higher education.

The Problem is very few people can actually participate in and take advantage of the growth and potential that real estate has to offer. Meet John, John is 30 years old and has always wanted to start his real estate portfolio. He’s really hungry to get into this incredibly lucrative and proven market. However under the current landscape, the average millennial real estate investor’s net worth is $1.4 Million. To put it simply, you need to be in the top 10% in terms of wealth to participate in the real estate markets.

Until now…

We're introducing to you, Pocket Properties. A mobile focused platform that allows users to buy, sell and trade fractional shares of real estate for less than $10. Pocket Properties democratizes real estate investing just like Robinhood democratized stock trading!

Now John can realize his dream of starting a real estate portfolio. He simply downloads the Pocket Properties App, sets up his profile and in minutes he’s able to search our available properties. Once John sees a property that he’s interested in, he uploads funds and is able to purchase his first shares within seconds. John is just one of over 90 million people in our target market. Investors like John have been buying and trading fractional shares of their favorite stocks on various trading platforms since 2015. The introduction and acceptance of fractional shares has already changed the investing world as we know it and fractional shares of real estate are just the next step!


Pocket Properties has a unique advantage in the emerging fractional real estate market. Our team is comprised of real estate, blockchain, and securities trading experts. We use fintech products and know what areas need special attention in order to create a real "stock exchange for real estate".


The rapidly growing fractionalization space tells us the market is ready for fractional real estate!


In 3 months, we launched a small marketing campaign to test the waters. During that time, we added more than 1000 members on our launch wait list and that list is growing rapidly each week.Pocket Properties will generate revenue primarily through the tokenization of real estate assets sold on our platform but also through transaction fees generated from user trades much like a standard brokerage service. In fact, we already have a commitment for the first three properties to prove our minimum viable product.


Explore the early markup of our marketplace. Our finished product will resemble the user friendly brokerages we all know and love. Our goal is to make real estate investing a friendly, familiar, and passive experience.


Users will get to choose what payment methods they'd like. Being a blockchain powered company gives our users the ability to pay with standard currencies or their favorite cryptocurrency. It just depends on preference!


Our team will make Pocket Properties a household name. Our co-founders have backgrounds in real estate & sales management. They've been working together since 2016 starting two businesses that have succeeded through sheer hard work and perseverance, and one that just didn’t make it. Our CTO Craig Paris is a highly skilled educated coder who’s on product development teams for both Microsoft and Salesforce.


We understand the wisdom that comes with experience. This is why we’ve established a seasoned group of advisors to lead us on the way. With your help, Pocket Properties will become the most innovative and effective platform for fractional real estate investors. Then our customers and supporters can join the growing class of millionaires!


We’re expecting our pre-alpha launch in the next 6 months. We’ve also launched our WeFunder campaign. This is to ensure that we have the proper regulatory and product development foundation to create the best fractional real estate marketplace for you!