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A holistic, Aesthetic Social Solution with Multiple Streams of Income
Growing need for human connection in the future of wellness
The Only Social Aesthetic Wellness Club Concept
More than a location, we create connections to multiple wellness spaces with road trips & retreats.

Our Team

I started my business, Plush Central LLC, because I believe that wellness is a journey best experienced together. In my own personal journey, I have found that having a support system is crucial for achieving our goals and maintaining overall wellness. That is why I wanted to create a community that is dedicated to focusing on wellness not only in terms of physical appearance but also in terms of social connections and the overall enhancement of our lives. I believe that by providing luxury wellness spaces and programming, we can facilitate the support that everyone needs for a better quality of life. At Plush Central, we aim to create an environment where individuals can enjoy the best that life has to offer and share it with others. Our ultimate goal is to build a strong community that is committed to holistic wellness and supporting each other along this journey. By offering a range of services and programs, we hope to create a welcoming and inclusive space where individuals can connect, grow, and thrive together.

Earn with the World's 1st Social Aesthetic Wellness Club

Aesthetic Wellness is a holistic well-being that is reflected in the physical appearance.

Plush Central creates spaces and experiences to enhance beauty and physical appeal through healthier practices. The social element of our club is designed to help members get connected to a support system that encourages them on their journey and makes wellness a fun and beautifying experience.

Plush Central is designed to have an army of Founding Members working to drive customers to our business. They are also considered our Ambassadors/Affiliates (optionally) , but so much more. All access to our offerings will be done exclusively through them, with no competition from the company. These founding Members are our early bird investors who enjoy unlimited access to the amenities, discounts on products & services, up to 25% residual commissions and include wellness practitioners, who bring their own clientele, and partnering brands. Unlike Founding Members, later investors will not earn commissions, but will earn passively from our revenue without referring any clients.

Plush Central offers Founding Membership to early bird investors who invest a minimum of $2,500. All other investors will have access to the benefits according to this campaign's Investment terms.

Our Advantage

Plush Central is the only company to add a social element to aesthetic wellness. This gives us first-mover advantage and with the help of our investors, we will become the leader in this category and be able to accelerate our growth. Plush Central is a robust model that combines aspects of a Day Spa, Med Spa, Wellness Club, Coworking Space, Suite Rental, Event Space Rental, Wellness Travel/Wellness black car service and Social Club.

Why Are We Raising Funds?

We need to acquire our 1st location in New York City. We chose the city because city dwellers are the most in need of natural and holistic wellness as they go about their busy lives. We will stand as a wellness sanctuary in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life and give New Yorkers easy access. We have our eyes set on a beautiful 6000 square feet property in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

This property already has the perfect layout needed for the services, amenities and events. It features exquisite modern design, multiple outdoor spaces, a 40 foot lap swimming pool, and a hot tub. The open gourmet kitchen, anchored by a 15-foot-long island, has the capability to manage a forty-person event.

With 6 bedrooms and a flexible setup, our wellness practitioners can provide their services seamlessly.

The flexible top level is ready to suit our needs as an additional penthouse entertaining space, which we will use as private hourly retreat suite rentals.

A sun-splashed sitting room opens entirely to an expansive Brazilian wood roof deck featuring a vegetable garden, outdoor kitchen, and dining area. Enjoy alfresco entertaining with extraordinary views stretching across Red Hook Channel and New York Harbor to the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. Massive travertine marble slabs pave the primary bedroom, where you'll find another large deck, and a sprawling en suite bathroom equipped with a walk-in steam shower, a freestanding black resin bathtub, and a double vanity.

To this already perfect layout we plan to add our amenities that include hydrotherapy (cold plunge tub, steam room), outdoor saunas, infrared saunas, and tech therapies (Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Wellness Pod, Luna-Spacetouch and Red Light Therapy).

With your investment, we will be able to secure the property, purchase and install the amenities, furnish the property, pay initial salaries, purchase opening inventory, cover initial utilities and property maintenance, and have a reserve for contingencies.

We plan to allow investors to share in our revenue as we grow. Investors will potentially earn 3x their initial investments or principal. Revenue will be shared across investors according to the size of their respective investments.

The minimum investment amount is $250 USD. Before continuing we do want to make clear that investing in any startup is highly risky and nobody should invest in this community round unless they have a high risk tolerance and are fully prepared to lose their entire investment.

Our Business Model and Revenue

Plush Central makes money in a few ways described below. 

  • Membership Sales- Club House 1 Members, and Brands.
  • Club House amenities- Unlike Members, guests referred by them buy a day pass to use our amenities.
  • Practitioner services- Body Contouring pack, Laser Lipo, Cavitation & RF Skin Tightening, Vacuum Butt Lift, Wood Therapy, CBD Oil Massage, IV Therapy, Nutritional counseling.
  • Meal Preparation- Fresh organic juices, vegetarian meals.
  • Tech Therapies- Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Cryotherapy, Wellness Pod, Luna-Spacetouch and Red Light Therapy.
  • Group Experiences- Dance Fitness Classes, Wellness Road Trips and Wellness Retreats.
  • Products- Nutritional & Weightloss Supplements, Detox kits, Skin care, Shapewear.
  • Space Rental- Retreat Suite- Guests can enjoy for alone time, group outings or intimate date nights on an hourly basis. Event Space - Guests can hosts events in our entire space on an hourly basis.
  • Wellness On the Go- Luxury Black Car services, Post Op Transport.

Our Results

Plush Central has aligned with wellness experts who are living testimonies of their own product and services. One expert is our Director of Aesthetic Wellness, Thafarie Thomas NP. She has helped herself and many others to achieve their ideal bodies and is a great addition to the company.

Her own results:

Her client's results:

Another expert is our Wellness Advisor, Ms Etta Dixon. She's an author and speaker and attributes her long, healthy life to bathhouses, saunas, massage services, colon hydrotherapy, eating healthy and dancing.

Here she is dancing at 84 years old. She is now 90 and still dancing:

Alternate link to video:

Wellness On the Go Ride Service & Road Trip Testimonials

Projected Revenue

The following projection is for revenue to be made at the Club House only and does not include membership sales, some practitioner services and products sales.

Our Team

Plush Central was founded in 2019 by Cavelle Ferguson who used her years of experience in running a luxury transportation business, event space management, entrepreneurship, and network/affiliate marketing to developed the concept into what it is today. Adding Etta Dixon, Thafarie Thomas and Quinn Harris brought wellness expertise, day spa, med spa knowledge and management an in-depth education on aesthetic wellness processes, physical fitness and nutrition. Together, they bring decades of experience to a well needed concept and an amazing opportunity for members and investors.

Plush Central Team

Growth and the future

Our locations will expand beyond New York City. It is our intention to have club houses and retreat locations globally. We will have both city locations and locations closer to nature to allow members an ultimate escape from distractions and an unhealthy lifestyle. We will also consider eco-tourism models as we provide more accommodations for travelling guests.

We will develop our Wellness On the Go model (Plush Fares) as a luxury black car service with therapeutic amenities. A fair system will be implemented to help keep customers as accountable as their drivers, a system that will create a win win for both parties.