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Invest in Plensy™

World’s First NFT Auto Smart Loan with Proprietary AI Credit Scoring Algorithm


🚗 120+ New Car Franchise Dealerships have signed LOIs with Plensy™ like Berkshire Hathaway & Lithia Motors
🏦 Disrupting the $1.4 Trillion auto loan market using our Proprietary AI Credit Scoring system
🤑 Invest in & Own Security Tokens with dividend payouts
🔗 Reduced risks by Securitizing Auto Loans on the blockchain
✅ Plensy™ is Self-funded with no debt. We are ready to go-to-market!
💳 Car buyers taking back control of buying power, creditworthiness & access to fair interest rates
®📑 Patent-pending & trademark approved Plensy™ model - a points-based lending system
🏆 Auto Finance Innovator 2021 Nominee & featured in DigitalJournal, CXAutoConf, MarketWatch & more

Our Team

The Solution Dealerships have been Searching for…Honest & Ethical Lending & Scoring for Car Buyers.

HOW IT STARTED: Dealerships expressed pent-up loan demands. People couldn’t purchase vehicles because of current antiquated lending and credit scoring models. There was no mechanism for releasing it.

WHERE WE ARESo we solved the problem and cured the credit scoring ailment by developing and offering an honest & ethical new model called Plensy™, a point-based lending system with Blockchain and AI algorithm technology funded by us thus far and ready-to-go to market. 


THE SOLUTION: Target Market

PLENSY™ NFT Security Token is Designed for Upside Appreciation + Downside Protection

PLENSY™ SOLUTION: 2-Step Auto Loan Market Activation

OUR PROCESS: How the Plensy™ Platform Works