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Proprietary platform automates everything around the visit to make healthcare easier for consumers.
13,000+ house call visits conducted across multiple Midwest metro areas since inception.
Over $3.3 million raised from VCs and angel investors including $900,000+ raised in this round.
Patients love Pivotal Health. Average Google Review is 4.99.

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Pivotal Health improves lives by delivering healthcare directly to patients through its proprietary, tech-enabled platform for primary and urgent care house calls. As Pivotal Health expands to more metro areas nationwide, it aims to improve access to convenient, high-quality healthcare so even more people can lead healthier lives.

Pivotal Health's innovative, scalable approach tackles the challenges of the U.S. healthcare system head-on, addressing critical issues like: price transparency, provider burnout, ER overuse, chronic illness management, and more. Pivotal Health is poised to dramatically improve countless American lives with the convenient, high-quality healthcare they deserve.

Health systems and clinics are facing unprecedented financial situations while the largest health insurers continue to grow exponentially.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinics emerged a decade ago to address challenges providers face when working with insurance companies. The DPC model offers patients and employers transparent, low-cost monthly memberships for primary and urgent care, bypassing insurance complexities.

This model delivers more personalized, higher-quality care than large healthcare organizations, leading to explosive growth in DPC member and employer adoption in recent years.

Most DPC clinics are small, one- or two-provider clinics that prefer to maintain a manageable patient panel — they can't scale up to meet the demand.

Simultaneously, healthcare is increasingly moving to the home, resulting in

  • increased convenience and accessibility for patients
  • personalized and comprehensive care
  • improved patient-provider relationships
  • fewer ER visits and reduced hospitalizations
  • enhanced medication adherence
  • a significantly lower cost of care

In late 2020, Pivotal Health's founders — an experienced team with backgrounds in medicine, healthcare operations, and technology — built a proprietary technology stack that automates everything around the house call to make healthcare easier for consumers and Pivotal Health providers.

Typically, patients spend more time waiting for care than receiving it. Pivotal Health reverses that ratio as providers drive to patients for urgent care and primary care house call visits.

The business is quickly growing and is now in four Midwest metro areas.

Launched in late 2023, Pivotal Health's Direct Care for Employers offers companies a low monthly fee per employee, allowing their workforce and families to schedule house calls for just $0 to $25. With over 1,100 employees at 15 employers already enrolled and a robust sales pipeline, this service is generating significant monthly recurring revenue while lowering healthcare costs for businesses and improving employee satisfaction and retention.

Pivotal Health is establishing channel partnerships with benefit brokers to help sell Direct Care for Employers.

After launching in 2021, Pivotal Health quickly went viral at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. University Health Services at most campuses are closed evenings and weekends and students struggle to get the personalized care they and their parents want.

For many students, getting sick away from home for the first time is frightening. Parents also feel helpless and frustrated. Pivotal Health fills this gap with compassionate, accessible care in person for students, becoming an important resource and a huge comfort for parents.

Pivotal Health's team has extensive experience building and launching complex software platforms. They leveraged their experience to build an innovative platform that makes healthcare easier for consumers and providers.

Pivotal Health has an aggressive expansion strategy focused on metro areas with populations greater than 500,000 with a large university population. Potential expansion metros include Minneapolis, Ann Arbor, Columbus, Cincinnati, Austin, Phoenix, Boston, Raleigh-Durham, Los Angeles, and more.

Pivotal Health is raising a $3.2 million round to expand to more metro areas and to increase sales and marketing in our current metro areas. The company has already raised $2 million from VCs, family offices, and angel investors and is seeking $1.2 million from this crowdfunding round to close the round.

The capital will primarily be used for

  • sales & marketing;
  • expansion to more metro areas; and
  • working capital.

Healthcare is the biggest sector in the U.S. economy. It represents over 17% of GDP and employs more workers than any sector. The sub-sectors of primary care and urgent care are multi-billion dollar market opportunities where key stakeholders — providers, patients, employers — are not happy with the status quo. It is ripe for disruption.

You are investing in a Simple Agreement for Future Equity or SAFE. It acts like a convertible note but it is not a debt instrument. The SAFE investors will automatically convert to equity or shares at the company's first priced capital raise round or at sale of the company, whichever comes first.

In this SAFE, the post-money valuation cap is $9 million. There is also a 20% discount. This means that the SAFE investors will convert to shares or equity at a maximum valuation of $9 million or get a 20% discount into the next round (or sale) - whichever is better for the investor. For example, if our next round is at a valuation of $8 million, the investors in this SAFE will convert to shares at a valuation of $6.4 million (20% less than $8 million). If our next round is at a valuation of anything above $10.8 million (20% more than $9 million), the investors in this SAFE will convert to equity or shares at a valuation of $9 million. If the company is sold before raising a next round, the SAFE investors will convert and get shares (and thus a share of the exit) with the same math as described above.

You can find more info on SAFEs here:

Technology-enabled healthcare services companies have diverse exit opportunities when they achieve success. Over the past decade, exit valuations have spanned a wide range, from modest multiples of 2 or 3 times top-line revenue to substantial premiums exceeding 20 times top-line revenue. This variation is influenced by several key factors, including the company's revenue, revenue growth trajectory, strategic positioning relative to potential acquirers, and comparable valuations in the public markets.

Pivotal Health's management team brings extensive experience, industry connections, and a strong motivation to pursue a favorable exit for investors. However, it is important to note that with any early-stage investment, there can be no guarantee of returns.