The "Uber" for pharmacy - prescriptions delivered from ANY pharmacy in minutes

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CEO is a Yale graduate and pharmacist with past experience at CVS, Walgreens & Walmart pharmacies.
Mission-driven offering FREE on-demand prescription delivery to seniors with 5000+ already served.
$150k+ already invested mostly by pharmacists with deep understanding of the problem and market.
Robust HIPAA-compliant prescription delivery model developed, tested, in use, and ready to scale.

Our Team

As a pharmacist, I understand the problem of prescription abandonment and was very disappointed to see how it disproportionately affected the elderly and immunocompromised at the start of the pandemic. We started out just to help the vulnerable, but have since evolved to include everyone.

Getting food and groceries nowadays is easy, so getting medications should be easier.

"Uber For Pharmacies"

Our users have termed us "the Uber for pharmacies", but we are much more than that. We are building a platform that we believe will power the future of pharmacy starting with on-demand prescription delivery.

Our Mission

We started off with a mission to help people and that will forever remain our north star. Everything we do and all the processes we create will be geared towards promoting health access and equity especially amongst the most vulnerable.  This is why our service is still free for seniors 65+.

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Another part of our mission includes helping independent pharmacies thrive in a very competitive environment and adapt to the new normal.

The Problem

Everyday, thousands of people (especially seniors) miss doses of their life-saving medications just because they can't make it to the pharmacy for one reason or another. For seniors, it is usually the lack of consistent and reliable caregivers. For busy professionals, it is the lack of time to make that extra trip to the pharmacy. Others just hate going to the pharmacy and standing in long lines. We are bringing a solution that will cater to everyone.  

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S, we noticed an increase in the rate of prescription abandonment especially amongst seniors and immunocompromised who were scared of catching the virus. Some of the big chain pharmacies responded to this by offering free two days delivery via the postal service which became overwhelmed and proved unreliable leaving many patients frustrated and without their medications. 

The Solution

Pills2Me now serves this vulnerable population by providing easy access to essential medications while maintaining social distancing.  

With our App, AVAILABLE on the Apple App & Google Play stores, users order their prescription(s) to be picked up from ANY pharmacy and delivered to them IN MINUTES.

Users can also purchase over-the-counter medications on our app and have them delivered on-demand.

Our "Ask a pharmacist" feature lets users communicate with licensed pharmacists and ask them medication-related questions. Why google it when you can get the right answers from a licensed professional?

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Proprietary & HIPAA-compliant

The lessons we've learned from delivering thousands of prescriptions is what has been used to develop a proprietary process and a robust, HIPAA-compliant software (mobile app and pharmacy portal) that we have today.

Business Model

We charge a delivery fee per order and plan to launch our subscription model in August 2021 & Medication Therapy  Management (MTM) services in Q1 of 2022. We are currently exploring other business models to propel our growth in the retail pharmacy industry.


In our B2B model, we partner with pharmacies (mostly independent pharmacies) and offer prescription delivery to their patients thereby increasing patient satisfaction and retention. We also provide our pharmacy partners a platform to sell their over-the-counter items and increase sales and profitability.

The pharmacy interface allows independent pharmacies to look at their patients and the prescriptions they have ordered. They can also upload Over The Counter (OTC) items offered by their pharmacy for people to search and order. Many pharmacies opt into this feature, so they can provide perks to their customers like free delivery. Also, if they have their own driver who is unavailable, they can instead use Pills2Me because it is on-demand.


In our B2C model, users make requests via our mobile app for their prescriptions to be picked up from any pharmacy and delivered to them in minutes. Users can also purchase OTC items on our app and have them delivered. They can also use our app to consult a licensed pharmacist with medication-related questions just as they would in-person. Users range from homebound individuals, busy professionals, to people who simply prefer not to make trips to the pharmacy.


Since the launch of Pills2Me in April, over 10,000+ deliveries have been made with 5000+ served during the pandemic. With the new availability of OTC items, Pills2Me plans to also capture a wider demographic.

  • Around 81% of adults use OTC products for minor illnesses and the average US consumer makes 26 trips a year in order to get these items. 
  • Nearly 70% of parents have reportedly given a child an OTC medicine to help with illness.

    The Market

    We operate in a huge industry, with a total addressable market of more than $350 billion, which has experienced steady growth over the past decade and throughout the pandemic.  As an on-demand delivery service for prescriptions and OTC medications, Pills2Me has a serviceable available market of $160 million.

    (Sources: https://www.ibisworld.com/united-states/market-research-reports/pharmacies-drug-stores-industry/


    Marketing & Growth Plans

    Pills2Me recruits patients directly through social media, pharmacy partnerships, and word of mouth. To increase promotion directly to adults using pharmaceuticals, Pills2Me plans to work with current pharmacy partners to promote the service at their locations via mass emails along with provided marketing materials like stickers and flyers. The company also plans to use other traditional channels like TV commercials, billboards, and radio to reach patients directly.


    Currently, Facebook is the primary recruitment page for drivers, and through allocating a larger portion of the digital marketing budget to Instagram & TikTok, Pills2Me plans to target younger drivers.


    We intend to put together a sales team to recruit and engage with pharmacy partners, doctor’s offices, hospitals and health insurance providers.

    Referral & Loyalty Programs
    To increase incentive based user-activity, Pills2Me plans to implement a referral and loyalty programs whereby users will gain points and other perks for referring people to the platform and continuous engagement.

    **"the timeline for these goals, and our ability to successfully finance them are dependent on the success of this raise and can't be guaranteed."

    Financial Projections

    Pills2Me projects approximately $121 million in annual revenue in the next 3-4 years with a potential valuation of more than $1 billion (Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed). Tech companies in the pharmacy space have scaled to unicorns in that amount of time.


    There are some companies in the market that offer some sort of same-day or on-demand prescription delivery, but they all require your prescriptions to be transferred to certain pharmacies (or fulfillment center) in order to use their service. Pills2Me is the ONLY company that provides you with the option to keep your pharmacy and let US pick it up from wherever you want. 

    Our Team

    We have a diverse and dedicated team with a combined 30+ years experience in entrepreneurship, retail and clinical pharmacy as well as software development. 

    We are also backed by some great advisors including the director of InnovateHealth Yale, a Forbes 30 Under 30 alum, pharmacy industry experts, and a health technology CEO with multiple successful exits under his belt. 


    We started off as a volunteer service at Yale with most of the volunteers being Yale students and faculty. Through market research, product development, rigorous testing, iterations, and a successful months' long pilot, we now have a suite of products ready to scale nationwide and we can't wait to expand our reach and impact more lives. 

    Let's Change the World Together

    We are excited to welcome you as a valued investor.

    Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback.