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Traction: Launched in August. Post Revenue. 131 New Active Members as of December 2023
$25K People's Choice Award: TechRise Chicago: December 2023
PiggyBack signed formal partnership agreements with The YMCA (Chicago & Boston) .
Partners also include 3 non-profit organizations centering arts, music and emotional well-being.

Our Team

Built for busy parents with active kids

Parent Driven Carpool

School Bus Alternative

PiggyBack reduces unnecessary stress due to overlapping meetings and transportation responsibilities. We've built a flexible and affordable incentivized carpool solution that enables people with children to use their time focused on anything other than the drop-off / pick-up lines.

Imagine having the ability to manage your ever changing work/meeting calendar and your children's activity schedule with a flexible, affordable carpool solution.

Many parents and guardians are spending upwards of 4 hours / day sitting in traffic and drop-off lines. In some cases, kids are restricted from attending the best schools and activities, or parents are stressed from the commute or missing meetings or have limited free (me) time.

Parents drive all over town. Parents would love to drive less miles. But in order to find more free time we'd have to: 1. Meet the neighbors. 2. Ask to share rides. 3. Think about a fair price. 4. Coordinate schedules. 5. Reciprocate.

*forward looking projections not guaranteed

Our first major goal is to be the premier household name for school and after-school transportation solutions at community service organizations and charter schools around the country.

Our second major goal is to be the premier global household name for anyone looking for a youth transportation solution.

Parents' Intuition

SAFETY - To drive, parents pass a national & local criminal background check, motor vehicle history check, and a check of the national sex offender registry. PiggyBack Network driving circles are closed group experiences. Parents choose who they will share the ride with. 

Hyper-Local Marketplace

Parents use PiggyBack Network to MATCH with other parents going their same direction. Parents MEET in person and decide if they want to share the ride. Once in agreement then you begin to SCHEDULE rides. Our pricing model strives to make PiggyBack the most affordable and most impactful solution available.  We will use AI for dynamic pricing and matching to create a seamless experience that aligns with priorities, schedule, and budget.

We are the only parent-driven rewards-based carpool solution immediately available to busy active families around the country - to our knowledge.

We continue to build our team of experts, committed to the community and invested in education. Behind the scenes we have advisors opening doors and sharing their expertise.

Amazing Founders Princeton Volunteers Solution Architects

We are busy. Our kids are active. We are building PiggyBack Network for ourselves - we just happen to be willing to share it (because we need the network too!).  We have been teammates, roommates, colleagues, and business partners since 1999. We have a well-established track record of surprising people who underestimate us.

Our team has experience building technology solutions for transportation, education, health-care, sports, marketing and parenting logistics. We encourage each teammate to share their unique insights and lived experience as they collaborate and create.

Equitable access to transportation supports 11 of the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. We are laser-focused on 3.