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Real-Time Soil Health Analysis: Using Cutting Edge Tech to Increase Farm Sustainability



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Our innovative soil health solution increases crop yields by 13% and reduces costs by 15%.
Cutting edge technology improves accuracy, precision, cost, and speed of soil testing.
Partnered with John Deere, Mahindra, USDA and the UN.
Positioned for success in the recession/pandemic proof $2.4T agricultural market.

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Persistence Data Mining’s cutting-edge technology provides a more accurate, automated, and cost-efficient soil testing solution that helps growers increase crop yields, reduce fertilizer and input costs, and improve soil fertility - resulting in more nutritious food and sustainable planet.

An investment in PDMI is an investment in the future of farming, people, and the planet.

Our proprietary Soilytics™ solution gives farmers real-time, automated, and accurate results, producing healthier soils that absorb CO2 from the atmosphere—at a lower cost to farmers.

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in agriculture, and we’re connected with huge networks of farmers. This has granted us validation in the field, on the farm, and in the growing $2.4T agriculture market; and is enabling us to quickly make Soilytics™ invaluable in all areas of precision agriculture.

Due to the mounting pressure on our food supply systems, and the increased use of modern technology on farms, the precision agriculture sector is at the forefront of recent, exponential growth. Our technology is needed NOW in the stable, recession-proof $2.4 trillion global agriculture market.

Our board members have the experience, innovation, and drive to help us scale quickly and efficiently to become a market leader in Smart Agriculture.

Our soil mapping technology offers a fundamental advancement in precision agriculture. Done in real-time, in the field and available on Cloud the same day, Soilytics™ helps farmers optimize the use of seed, fertilizer, water and power. Instead of losing money, farmers make a profit and heal the environment.

Our technology is already being used by equipment manufacturers, soil labs, universities and public agencies. And with a total addressable market of 916 million acres in the US, and ultimately 7.86 billion acres worldwide, we’re confident Soilytics™ is on track to become a household name in agriculture.

We’re already seeing proof of our potential for massive growth in the agriculture market, and our future role in dominating the soil mapping niche. By 2024, we’re projecting $58,000,000+ in revenues via our strategic channels.

We’ve got big plans for Soilytics™ to help farmers across the planet heal our soils, curb the climate crisis, and feed our growing populations—and make a good living doing it. The United Nations Development Program works with us because of our impact on 5 sustainable development goals (SDG’s). We’re working with a wide range of institutions to test and deploy our services, which we predict will become invaluable to the industry very soon.

We’re on the verge of a revolution towards sustainability and equity in agriculture, and Persistence Data Mining will be at the center of this revolution...Will you?

Join us and together we can restore healthy soils, healthy food, and a healthy planet for all.