Electronic Health Records for Pets

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CHANGE THE WORLD. Our technology is saving pets' lives today while collecting data to make a better world for the pets of tomorrow.
MAKE MONEY DOING IT. Our pet EHRs are giving the $206B pet care market data insights never possible before.
Over 15,000 pet records collected in the first year.
Industry Expert Founder with 13 years of hands on experience in animal rescue and sheltering.

Our Team

I have always loved animals and have been learning about the pet care space since I could read (literally). I started working in the animal sheltering and pet care industry at 13 and over the last 13 years picked up on the gaps and trends in the industry. I know our EHR will create a better world for pets and their human care takers.

Electronic Health Records for Pets. We found every way it didn't work, until it did.

Like a lotus that blooms out of unclear water, Pawlytics was created. Always driven by our determination to save all the homeless pets, make boat loads of money, and have tons of fun along the way, we focused on hustling, experimenting, and learning from our failures until something just clicked. 

At Pawlytics, we are creating electronic health records for pets to ensure top quality care across any spectrum of service such at the vet, groomer, boarder, or even the animal shelter.

The Year is 1994.

Not only is this the year our Founder was born; but the start of a boom of growth for the pet industry - growing by approximately 4% year over year ever since, even during the 2007-2009 recession. Coincidence? We think not. The pet industry is expected to hit $99B in 2020 in the United States alone. 


Million of Pets = Millions of Hours Wasted

There are approximately 184 million pets in households across the US. Just like our own dogs and cats, over a 10-20 year lifespan these pets will regularly come into contact with vet clinics, groomers, boarding kennels, trainers, and for some, even the animal shelter.  

276 million hours wasted to be exact, between pet professionals and pet owners trying to piece together each pet's history and medical records in order to provide the best care at each of these contact points. 

Mission-Driven Innovation to Profit-Driven Impact

It all started with a shelter dog named Rex and a realization that every human deserved to have a Rex in their life. When our team came together 4 years ago, we knew that saving homeless pets from dying alone in shelters would, along side profits, proudly drive much of our company's decisions. 

Starting as a company called Family Pet Project, we had originally set out to keep pets from going to shelters by creating a platform for owners to re-home their own pets safely and successfully without taking them to the 'pound'. In an effort to get Family Pet Project off the ground (when we realized it was failing), we picked up the phone and called animal rescues and shelters across the nation to listen and learn. 

400 phone calls later, and the first concept of Pawlytics was born. We heard the complaints of our animal shelter constituents loud and clear: software in their space was lacking. Turns out that keeping 5,000-40,000 pets housed, healthy, and placed in perfectly fitting homes each year is no small feat especially on limited budgets and human capital all while meeting regulations, standards, and inspections by the USDA and Department of Agriculture. Often, their outdated and cumbersome technology was getting in the way and costing employees precious hours that could be spent providing pet's with necessary care or working with adopters and donors. This very technology also coming at a price of $5k - $20k+ annually. We knew we could do better...and we knew we had to do better for the people saving millions of our companion animals each year. 

So we set off on creating the best software for rescues and shelters. Turns out a lot of people believed in it too.

As we watched our dream grow into a reality, we knew that there was so much more to learn. We dove into our pet data and combined with our teams' industry expertise across the pet industry and technology sector, we realized a few things: 

    Good karma?

    With starting by saving shelter pets, we gave ourselves the lowest barrier to entry into pet EHRs. How?

    •  Animal shelter technology is an unsaturated space and has not been innovated on in a long time. 
    • Due to the high volume of microchipping shelters do, we get an incredibly high return in terms of the data we want (pet health data and microchip numbers). 
    • The majority of these shelter pets will be adopted into loving homes who will look for a vet that can take the best care of their new family member. They are incentivized to work with a vet who would have the most accurate information on the pet while providing a more convenient and better patient experience (and better experience for the staff) when little to no paper, form filing, miscommunication, or human error is involved. 

    Bringing Animal Shelter Software to the 21st Century

    Many animal shelters, animal controls, and animal rescues have been operating with software that is cumbersome to use and with interfaces that confuse their key user demographic. Many of these options were built more than 30 years ago with little updates.  Over the last 30 years, animal control and shelter processes and standard operations have drastically changed and their software has done little to keep pace. 

    The 3 images above are of technologies that currently owns a vast majority of the animal shelter manager market. 

    ...Enter Pawlytics

    Designed to fit the exact workflows of our different types of customers by creating a completely unique user experience workflows depending on your industry and role. Animal rescues see limited data points and customization to cut down on set up and training time. Our animal control friends will see exactly what they need whether it's the officer in the field browsing old call logs or the dispatcher tracking the welfare of her officers in the field. Vet clinics will have a view that prioritizes medical history and behavior with clear alerts to drastic changes in a pet's measurable health. 

    Check Out Our Most Recent Pitch

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    Total pet records captured from mom and pop rescues from MVP launch.
    Pawlytics' Reach

    We Set Out To Do BIG Things: 

    - By building better shelter software, our platform will inherently save more pets' lives

      - As our pet database grows, our accurate records will create incredible value for the rest of the industry:

      - Vets and pet pharmaceutical companies will better track the outcomes of their treatments and patients

      - Pet insurance companies will better asses risk and create more balanced health plans for pets

      - Pet product manufacturers and retailers will have incredible transparency into their markets to create and distribute products in ways they never could before

      A Few Use Cases:

      - A dog gains 10 pounds between vet visits know right away to send low calorie pet food ads to that person

      - Cancer treatment company for dogs can track data of patients without ever having to speak to the patient (can access shared data with primary vet provider)

      - Pet hardware, such as smart collars and medical devices, could have accurate data to create AI that can get closer than ever in accuracy for what is "normal" health ranges for a pet across different breeds, sizes, etc.

      Today, there is no one source for pet data leaving the industry to wade through fragmented data and attempt to do the best for our furry family members. 

      That's why at Pawlytics, we are unifying the world's pet data and transforming the future for pets and the people that love them.