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Last Funded April 2024


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Raised $250K or more from a venture firm

2022 Revenue: Achieved a solid $1.5M.
Investor Credibility: Auth0 CTO & Co-Founder ($6.5B exit) leads our round.
Strong User Base: 37,000+ loyal, paying subscribers and growing.
Global Reach: Significant traction in key markets - USA, Brazil, Mexico, & China.

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Invest in a Brighter Tomorrow with Papumba

Join us on an exciting adventure with Papumba—the app making waves as one of Apple's top 10 kids' apps worldwide.

We're more than an educational app; we're a mission to elevate the way families interact with technology, filling homes with laughter, learning, and high-quality digital experiences.

What is Papumba?

Papumba is a unique content platform aimed to help kids learn through play. We are a team of passionate people, who believe in the power of technology to make learning fun and accessible for children around the world.

Through a subscription app, we focus on delivering high-quality, personalized educational content to kids from 2-7.

Our resources are designed around the concept that all children have a natural curiosity to play and discover—the cornerstone of learning and preparing for school and life.

With a vast library of diverse content (all created by early childhood learning experts), we give parents peace of mind knowing that technology can be an opportunity to turn screen time into safe, engaging learning experiences both online and offline.

We created Papumba with the aim of giving meaningful screen time to our own little ones. Now, families from all over the world trust us for their kiddos' fun and learning.

Our Vision for the Future

We're not just setting our sights on the here and now; we're planning for a future where Papumba is the go-to digital playground for 500 million families worldwide. But it's not just about scale; it's about shaping the tech habits of the next generation. We aim to redefine 'screen time' from a dreaded term into a celebrated one. We're not merely polishing the surface of digital content; we're laying down the foundation for healthier, more mindful tech consumption for our kids and their future families.

Why 2023 is the Year to Act

Let's face it. The current digital landscape for young families is, well, unsettling. Kids average 90 hours a month on mediocre content, leaving parents scrambling to find better alternatives. Sound familiar?

Enter Papumba: Changing the Digital Playground

We’re not just an award-winning app; we're a safe haven for curious minds and busy parents. Offering a curated library of educational games, stories, videos, and even yoga, we’re turning screen time into dream time—a place where creativity and education co-exist.

What's Cooking at Papumba

Our 37,000 paying subscribers aren’t just numbers; they're families who trust us to enrich their children's lives. We’re a global community with members from the USA to Brazil, China, and Mexico. And hey, we've managed to achieve this by putting our product and amazing team front and center.

Parents, We've Got Your Back

Imagine effortlessly weaving quality time with your kids into your packed schedule. With Papumba's autonomous play features, you can finally sip that coffee in peace, knowing your child is exploring a secure, educational universe.

Standing Tall, But Still Growing

We've reached a key milestone: operational break-even. What that really means is, we're a self-sustaining passion project, backed by a 20-strong team and $2M in investment. Our scalable model has propelled us to a $3.5M revenue, matching our operational costs.

Characters that Capture Hearts

Meet Coco and friends, our in-house creations that aren't just cute—they're educational superstars. Our proprietary content opens doors to diverse platforms, making us much more than a one-trick pony.

The Talented Team Fueling Papumba

Imagine a workspace filled with inspiration from Latin America's top companies, supported by industry veterans who believe in our vision. That's Papumba for you.

Advised by a notable set of experts skilled in growth and IPs

Kids in action - Papumba's Playtesting Session

When making an app for children, it’s important to create user-friendly experiences that take into account child development and age-appropriate content. That’s why we have playtesting sessions whenever possible, to ensure our app is engaging, educational, and safe for young users.

Playtesting allows us to gather valuable feedback from children and their caregivers, helping us refine and improve our app to better meet their needs and expectations.

What Our Community Says

We can toot our horn all day, but our 40,000 parent reviews across 18 languages do a way better job. The trust we’ve built is reflected in our solid 4.6 rating.

Not only does our own community have our back, but Kingscrowd, the premier source for venture capital crowdfunding, has rated Papumba as a Top Deal on their platform!

Forecasting a Bright Future

We project to have half a million families join us in the next three years, targeting $30 million in revenue. Big dreams? Sure. But we're well on our way.

Let's Turn the Page Together

This is your invitation to invest in a world where kids grow smarter and parents breathe easier. Your support means the wind beneath our wings, propelling us to enrich family lives on a global scale.

At Papumba, we're more than just an educational platform; we're a movement. Our mission is to ensure children receive impactful education while reducing wasted screen time, setting the foundation for a brighter, better-informed future. This is about creating meaningful engagement that not only educates but also shapes young minds.

Your investment won't just support a company—it will help pave the way for a generation that is empowered, inspired, and ready to make the world a better place. Are you ready to be part of this transformative vision?

Let's build something meaningful together.

The Papumba Team

Bonus - Interview with Papumba Co-Founder Gonzalo Rodriguez