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Pangea Movement

A Profitable Solution To Stop Ocean Pollution: One product at a time

Last Funded August 2022


raised from 486 investors
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💸 $750K+ revenue from 10,000+ customers. 26% month over month webstore growth for all of 2021*
🌊 ~500x cheaper solution vs The Ocean Cleanup. Recession will increase need for cheapest solutions
🌏 Massive global community of over 10k customers, who organized 45 cleanups in 11 countries
❤️ 20% returning customers from our first to our second product launch
👨‍💻 Used Kickstarter to “hack” very low CAC. Experimenting several new low CAC strategies for 2022
📈 Still early! 1M valuation 18 months ago. Aiming to 5x our valuation in 18 months (not guaranteed)
💰 The gross margin on towels is 75%, Gross margin on jackets is 67% (The industry average is 40%)
*Our current financial reporting won’t reflect these revenues until completion of our entities swap

Our Team

I've been camping in the mountains and surfing in the oceans all my life because nature heals me from the stress of the busy city. I traveled the world and saw the terrible effect of plastic pollution on our environment. I recently became a father and made a promise to help build a world where my daughter can one day swim in a plastic-free ocean.


Venture backed in pre-seed and seed round: REAPRA and Gayo Capital

*Pangea Club members get to vote on the direction and strategy of Pangea + discounts on Pangea products.


Let us explain.

The Outdoor industry is a 54B dollar market. Most travel and adventure gear is made of plastic.

Every backpacker and adventurer has a microfiber towel or a rain jacket, or both. But did you know that they are very harmful to the environment?

Microfiber towels repel water instead of absorbing it, and feel very uncomfortable on the skin. Despite that, there are more than 100,000 microfiber towels purchased per month on Amazon.

Every microfiber towel or jacket ever made will pollute our planet forever because plastic fabrics never biodegrade.

The PANGEA Bamboo Travel Towels are as compact and lightweight as microfiber, but they are 3x more absorbent, and they dry 2x faster than cotton. Much better for the customers and much better for the planet.

Our jackets are made from recycled plastics and they include a free microplastic trapping laundry bag to keep our waterways clean.

We have pre-sold $116,000 in the first month and they are currently being manufactured.

Doing no harm or donating 1% is not enough. Our planet needs more action. We want to be the most impactful brand in the world, powered by a profitable solution to ocean waste.

We want to turn a huge problem into an opportunity. By placing our river barriers, we can capture plastic and innovate in materials science through our future R&D lab to recycle it into new patented products. That way we can add value to the trash and use the revenue to keep placing more river barriers to make even more products.

PANGEA Eco Zipper Pulls made from river plastic. Our first experiment.

Mangrove trees capture 4x the amount of CO2 than an average tree. We will offset 96 tons of CO2 and restore 14,757 square feet of mangrove forest.

We more than doubled our sales from 2020 to 2021, with a 115% YoY growth under our Singaporean parent company.

Our parent company's e-commerce store has grown 10x during 2021, and we are raising funds to scale it to 7 figures.

(Not guaranteed)

With this investment round, we will take our brand to the next level by attracting some of the best marketers, content creators, and designers in the industry and developing unique products with a great story to drive massive impact.

The outdoors market is huge, with immense growth potential and a wide array of product categories to disrupt. After fully developing the outdoors market we will expand to disrupt other adjacent markets.

And we have already done it. We launched an ad on Times Square to raise awareness for World Oceans Day last year. It got over 12,000 shares on Twitter.

Our customers are so satisfied that over 90% are active promoters of the brand.


We are currently in the process of moving all our revenues, expenses, intellectual property, and operations from the Singaporean Entity to the US Subsidiary.

The financial details stated on this campaign show the traction of our US Subsidiary for our jacket's Kickstarter campaign.

*Pangea Club members get to vote on the direction and strategy of Pangea + discounts on Pangea products.