Game-changer in Green Technology: Developing transformative solar energy devices

Last Funded January 2022


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Compelling business proposition for customers with estimated payback of 4-6 years at an ROI of 240% (not guaranteed)
JV with Liberty Access Technologies for electric vehicle green charging ensures strong revenue.
Team with combined professional experience of 125 years.
Pioneering, transformative green energy solution that's projected to be 30%-40% more efficient

Our Team

We are re-imagining on-site clean energy. Current solutions must either be hidden or remain ugly eyesores within the built habitat. They are also inefficient. Our solution Palm-e is inspirational, increases the on-site renewable energy capabilities of campuses, neighborhoods, towns and cities by harnessing areas that have never been used before.

The Story of Palm Energy

The Problem

Global warming is heating up the earth rapidly, unleashing a devastating cycle of climate change that may soon become irreversible. Rising sea levels, melting ice caps, hurricanes, forest fires and rising pollution levels threaten humanity in ways we haven't experienced before.

Solar energy is a part of the solution. However, current solar energy systems have limited application and are inefficient as well as unattractive.

As a result, solar panels are hidden away on rooftops, or are mounted as a panel on a post in residential backyards and private gardens. More recently, ground mounted versions called solar trees that claim to be 'beautiful', are beginning to appear in public spaces.

There are no existing solutions capable or deserving of coexisting with us within our built habitat. If there is one unifying feature about all clean energy products today it is that they are inefficient and eyesores.

It is no wonder that clean energy adoption by us, the people, has been sluggish and relies mainly on cost benefit scenarios presented by savvy salesmen rather than people's inherent desire to embrace it willingly and enthusiastically.

We decided to try and change this because we believe there exists an unrealized potential of altering the relationship that people shared with clean energy devices in their neighborhoods, towns and cities. We also believe, to bridge the dangerous disconnect between the 'reality of global warming' and the myth that 'everything is ok at home', there is an urgent need for us to embrace clean energy and make it an integral part of our lives.

Why - Questioning first principles

What if we could generate clean energy without worrying if we have enough roof space for solar panels, if our roof was facing the right direction, if our roof was shaded most day or if we had a roof at all?

What if we could generate clean energy from inspiring devices that didn’t need to be hidden away but live amidst us in our streets, squares and parks?

What if we could generate significantly more energy and at a lower cost from these devices?

What else would this enable us to do that isn't currently possible currently?

What - Our initial response

The solution would be a highly efficient urban artifact. It would be an inspiring and powerful device, which could be placed anywhere within our campuses, towns and cities, and which would be enthusiastically embraced by people. Most importantly, it would not occupy expensive ground space but hover above. It would remove the need to occupy vast tracts of valuable land to create community solar farms within our neighborhoods, and it would exist amidst us within our streets and squares.

It would redefine the 'aesthetics of clean energy' , increasing its acceptance, and alter our perception of how we would live with it in the years ahead.

Understanding the opportunity

Delving deeper, we realize that there exist vast tracts of previously unutilized spaces, right where we live, work and play, which could form captive zones for the generation of significant amount of clean energy.

What if many of these devices could be linked together to form micro-grids of clean power. What if these devices were plug and play, and could talk to each other and be controlled and managed in real-time by a remote digital platform? And what if the digital platform could also provide realtime information about the system - its performance and projections?

It would be able to power communities and campuses and a whole range of user facilities such as Electric Vehicle charging, personal device charging, emergency facilities, and news and advertisement display options etc. - making it an integral part of our lives.

It is our passion to make this possible.

How - Our Solution

Palm-e: Powerful Astute Linked Modular and Efficient

A day in the life of Palm-e

Building and Testing the Virtual Prototype

The Opportunity

The Palm-e System

The Palm-e is a powerful, ground-mounted, sun-tracking solar photovoltaic device rated at 10kW - 14 kW. It is estimated to be 30% to 40% more efficient and 70% lighter* than fixed rooftop solar panels. Its modular design allows for rapid, flexible and versatile deployment at scale as an autonomous (full battery backup) system, a hybrid (partial battery and partial grid connect) system or a grid connect (full grid connect) system. Each system is capable of supporting a powerful micro-grid and a wide range of user services.

* These are best estimates and are not guaranteed.

The Palm-e System Video

Palm-e Metrics

Powering Campuses, Communities and Electric Vehicles - What the Palm-e System will facilitate in everyday terms.


Palm Energy Systems is currently gathering early-stage investments to generate detailed engineering designs, build a full scale operational prototype, secure test certification and regulatory compliance and optimize the design for production. We will also finalize production partners to bring the Palm-e to market.

We are looking for investors who share our vision of highly efficient, inspiring and transformational clean energy systems within our built habitat that would have a meaningful impact on our lives.

Please note that these numbers may change once we start production. These are future projections and cannot be guaranteed.

There can be no assurance that the projected results will be realized, the projected and actual results will vary.

Technical Drawings

The story of Palm Energy

Our journey started in 2016 from a passion to fight climate change and global warming - as conscious designers and global citizens - and our frustration with the limited clean energy solutions available for our neighborhoods, towns and cities. There is a universal obsession with quantitative solutions (how much, how big and how cheap) and no attention is given to qualitative solutions (how efficient, how productive and how experientially enriching). Clean energy solutions rely on inefficient, impersonal and insensitive industrial design solutions focussed on the conventional (ugly and inefficient)rectangular solar panel.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Invest in Palm Energy

We are often told that we have an ambitious vision - perhaps too ambitious. Our answer is simple: This is the future and it is waiting to happen - the only question is how soon can we make it a reality? If dreams are built on passion, then we are passionate dreamers, designers and engineers who are on a mission to redefine how we live with clean energy in the years ahead.

Join us to be the first to market as pioneers of this transformative and urgently required movement.

Join us to set benchmarks that we are working hard to redefine.

Join us to be a part of the change.

Join us by investing in Palm Energy.

Note: All images and videos featuring the Palm-e device in this presentation are simulated.