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Oxford Hounds

We design handmade men's apparel & accessories delivered right to your doorstep

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🚪Projected investor ROI upon exit in 5 years - 20X
💵 $60M in revenue expected by 5th year of operations
💰70%+ margins on ALL products
🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽 50+ years of combined team experience in men's fashion
🎯 Direct to consumer ONLY- no middleman to share profits with
🏛️Our former NASDAQ company was the largest men's accessories company in the world 🌎
🟢 100% Italian made products manufactured from only sustainable materials
👕 Luxury apparel & accessories market is fastest growing segment in all of ecommerce

Our Team

We're Redefining Men's Fashion

Many fashion companies put profits ahead of what matters most. ​

Our plan is to redefine men’s fashion.

This is your opportunity to invest at the earliest stage of a company on course to change an industry that consistently places profits ahead of the customer.​

Our goal is simple: to fix that by treating every customer in the same manner we would want to be treated. To offer them outstanding handmade apparel and accessories at a great price and put their needs above everything else.​

We've Got the Momentum On Our Side

Oxford Hounds has raised more money than any company in the history of the Wefunder platform prior to “going live.” ​

Our Investors Believe In Us. Invest in Oxford Hounds and create the wealth you deserve.​

My Lifelong Dream: A Brand for Every Man

My name is James Tulin, founder and CEO of Oxford Hounds. 

I have spent my entire life dedicated to my vision to create something that spoke to my love for fashion and travel. 

Something that would make a meaningful difference and enrich the lives of others.

To put my passion to work that could be enjoyed by everyone, not just a select few. ​

Always inspired by the English countryside for its beauty and simplicity, it spoke to me how so many things held in the highest ​regard need not cost a fortune.

I started Oxford Hounds as a lifelong pursuit of a dream to create the exceptional that people would love at prices that won’t break the bank.​

The Solution: Handmade Italian Apparel Delivered Direct to Doorstep at 25% Below Retail MSRPs

From Inspiration to Fabrication to Final Product

We don’t just design products to sell. We create with a purpose: to offer superior quality craftsmanship at ​authentic prices for everyone to enjoy and love as much as we do!

Key Metrics

Projected 5-Year Sales, Gross Margin and Net Profit

What's on the Way?

Our sales plan is to reach $5.2M in the first year of operations and $100M by no later than year 6.

To accomplish this, we are focused on content, social media and influencer marketing​.

We expect to grow revenue rapidly with a keen eye on future expansion.​

Here are some additional products we plan on adding to our collection:​

  • Hosiery​
  • Outerwear​
  • Leisure wear​
  • Casual shoes​
  • Sunglasses​
  • Cologne​
  • Sweaters​
  • Plus… Ladies’ Accessories and Apparel

Invest in Oxford Hounds to support a fashion brand that represents sustainability,  exceptional value and customer care as our top priority.

Our Press Coverage

We have been featured in Morningstar, MarketWatch, the IB Times, and Yahoo Finance due to our campaign’s momentum and the unique opportunity we are presenting to the public.​

"My Life's Mission: To Launch the Fashion Brand for Everyone" - James Tulin, CEO

My life’s mission is to launch the apparel and accessories brand for everyone.

After working in this space for decades, I realized most fashion brands have been overcharging the consumer for lesser quality products, sourced from suppliers with questionable business practices. ​

I started Oxford Hounds to provide fashion customers with superior product and exceptional service at a fair price – a solution I believe is badly needed in the market today.

Questions About Oxford Hounds? Schedule a 15-Minute Call With Me 

A Cause Worth Fighting For

Aside from the love for our craft, we have another passion that we are compelled to pursue.​ 

There are 70M homeless dogs and cats in the US at all times struggling to survive.

Below are three of the more fortunate ones; our superstars. They are the lucky ones as we rescued all three. 😀

Most are not as fortunate as Daisy, Winston and Sidney as they rely on us as caring human beings to help them live a better life.​

At Oxford Hounds, we are driven to help those in need by contributing a portion of our profits to organizations that support homeless animals.

We Are Only As Good As The People By Our Side

Any successful organization relies on the strength and character of its people. 

It takes talent, dedication, loyalty and teamwork to make any endeavor successful. ​

Our cast of talent is world class with exceptional skills and relentless dedication.​

The average tenure at our former company, Swank Inc, was 32.5 years! That was not accidental.

We built Oxford Hounds from the same blueprint that provided immeasurable success for our former company for 115 years. ​

Current Investors

It’s always about the team of those that believe in you.​ 

Our current investors all have one thing in common, they can spot a winner a mile away.

Great investment partners all posses the same traits: goal oriented, patient, focused, stay the course, do their homework.

Invest in a Different Kind of Company

You have an opportunity that most are never afforded.

We think it's important to make opportunities available to everyone not just a select few.​

We pledge to put our heart, soul and 50+ years of dedicated experience to hard work for you. That’s our promise!​

Our dream is to see our vision come to life and your investment produce a significant return.​

Your investment and trust in us will pave the way and create a future for your family.​