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The 70%+ Margin Men’s Luxury Apparel and Accessories Brand For EVERYman

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🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽 Our team has a combined 50+ year track record of success & unrivaled experience in this exact space
💹 Our prior NASDAQ firm Swank Inc was believed to be the world's 🌎largest men's accessories company
🧵 We offer a superior value proposition by crafting all products from Italian materials and workmanship
💰 70%➕margins on ALL superior quality handcrafted products with NO middleman to share profits with
🎯 We are direct to consumer ONLY whereas most competitors are tied to brick & mortar for the bulk of their revenue
🚀 We employ a proprietary digital marketing platform that has already produced $350M in consumer sales
🌎 Our brand has massive Global reach. Luxury apparel & accessories revenue generated globally is $750B
💸 We believe we are the only direct to consumer ONLY men's luxury apparel and accessories company

Our Team

35 years experience in this exact space as CPO, Principal & Director of Swank believed to be the worlds largest men's and ladies accessories company.
The global mens luxury apparel and accessories market is $750B with the majority of products found in retail stores. By eliminating the middleman provides the opportunity to offer superior product at well below market prices while solving the male luxury customers greatest pain-point which is their intense dislike for shopping in brick and mortar.
COO & President
Expert in social media marketing and customer acquisition.
15+ years experience in Product Development, Packaging and Branding of multiple product classifications in our space.

Oxford Hounds... Luxury that never goes out of fashion

My name is James Tulin and I am the Founder and CEO of Oxford Hounds. We are a Direct to Consumer ONLY men's luxury apparel and accessories company that applies advanced technologies in concert with our teams 50+ years of experience to address a significant problem facing the male luxury consumer in a massive $750B vertical; men detest shopping in stores.

Luxury apparel (polo and casual shirts) and accessories (belts and small leather goods) are typically found in small boutiques and brick and mortar forcing the luxury customer segment profile to shop in an environment riddled with pain-points such as lack of service, time consuming and inflated prices points to subsidize the retailers margin requirements. The demise of brick and mortar has accelerated the demand and need for a DTC model to address the needs of this global customer.

Our marketing partner has developed a proprietary digital marketing platform that uses advanced ad creation, serving and optimizing technology to ensure our social media campaigns reach the right customers. The system then dynamically optimizes creative to garner more clicks and conversions.  The platform has generated in excess of $350M in consumer product sales in three years.

The Product:

Data Points:

  • E-commerce revenue from the sale of luxury apparel & accessories is projected to reach $153.6B by 2024.
  • A record  12,000 retail stores closed their doors in 2020 & an expected 10,000 more in 2021 with numerous brick & mortar bankruptcies forthcoming.
  • There are presently an estimated 80M global men’s luxury customers who spend on average $1,125 per year on luxury apparel and accessories.
  • 38.6% of total U.S. apparel sales in 2020 were online and growing rapidly.
  • 58% of on line luxury spending in 2020 came from men. 
  • Our background speaks volumes as our teams experience in our space is unrivaled. I served as Chief Product Officer, Principal and Director of what is believed to be the largest mens and ladies accessories NASDAQ listed company in the world for 35+ years. Our former company, Swank Inc, was a licensee of every major fashion brand from Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger to Guess, Kenneth Cole, Nautica , Tumi and a host of others. We understand brand building and how to apply our expertise to launch our collection and capture market share.
  • Our products are conceived from only original design and inspiration which sets us apart from the competitive landscape. We craft our range of products from only the finest Italian materials and workmanship at well below comparable retail MSRP's, offering a superior value proposition for the customer. We further support our world class products with exceptional customer care as we recognize the vital need to ensure that our customers requirements are always addressed on a personal and immediate basis.

Oxford Hounds offers world class product and customer service that always exceeds expectations.