A worldwide network of homes for remote workers

Last Funded April 2023


raised from 271 investors


$8.3M raised from Montage Ventures, Spark Growth Ventures, Structure VC and real estate funds
100% YoY revenue growth the last 2 Years
$9.5M Annualized Revenue
4000 Members & 50 Spaces Worldwide.

Our Team

We created Outsite from the simple seed of an idea to live and work in beautiful locations, surrounded by interesting people.

"Work from home" is now "work from anywhere".

"The impact of the pandemic has meant that some of the largest companies in the world are now permanently remote, and it’s here to stay. Not only has it changed the way we work, but it’s changed how many of us spend our time outside of work, too.

Outsite started from the simple seed of an idea, to live and work anywhere. We started in a small beach house in Santa Cruz, now we have 50 spaces around the world that our Members call home.

We’re providing a medium/long term accommodation solution for remote workers who can work remotely, from anywhere. This is just the beginning".

Emmanuel Guisset, Outsite CEO

Designed for the next generation of travelers

How does Outsite acquire properties?

We started by leasing properties directly from landlords, but now we are gradually moving toward revenue share agreements with landlords and real estate investors.

What are the criteria for an Outsite property?

Our customers require lively, walkable surroundings, common social space, and quality finishes. We look for villas (6 keys minimum) and commercial spaces (25 bed minimum). The bed-bath ratio is always 1:1 or 2:1 in rare cases.

Who uses Outsite?

The Outsite Community is a diverse network of professionals from all over the world. There are remote workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, managers, artists, students, teachers and more. 

There are 40 different nationalities represented within the community and the average age is around 35 years old with Members in their 20’s and some in their 60’s.

  • 64% of our members book 2+ times a year with Outsite.
  • 75% are direct bookings (industry average is 18%).
  • 20 days is the average stay (industry average < 3).

Where will Outsite expand?

In 2023, our #1 priority is to consolidate the business by adding more properties where we already have infrastructure. That will allow us to have full time community managers everywhere so the guest experience will be much better. We will still launch a few new cities in Southern Europe, US and LATAM in the second semester.

In 2024, We plan to grow further within Europe and Latin America, specifically in France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Colombia and Mexico.

Beyond 2025 and into 2027, we plan to expand in APAC and new countries in LATAM like Brazil and Argentina.

This is an opportunity to capitalize on a demand shift in the hospitality industry, driven by the exponential growth of remote work.

Our Advantage:

  • High value-add extended stay model with lower CAPEX & operational costs 
  • Efficient booking and mobile check-in experience
  • Cost-effective, digital and social sales & marketing engine

What will I get from Crowdfunding?

Your investment will convert into equity in a future of round of funding (usually led by an institutional investor) or when there is an exit (IPO, SPAC or acquisition). Depending on the amount you invest, you will also receive Outsite credit redeemable at Outsite locations.

Why is Outsite Crowdfunding?

Our first 3 investors were actually Members. Over the years, Members who have also been accredited investors have continued to invest in Outsite. In addition to this, many more have expressed an interest in tickets too small for us to consider for our cap table.

An equity crowdfunding campaign solves both of these issues, and allows our Members to have a stake in the company.

Community is intrinsic to our product, we’ve always considered how we can involve Members more deeply in the company. We are also launching a Members Board in 2023,  so they can have more influence on the company direction.

Finally, we also plan to relaunch our Real Estate Club that will allow Members to invest in Outsite properties. We will give priority to Members who have previously invested - any amount - for these initiatives.

As seen in The Times, Le Monde, Financial Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph and Quartz.