Outlaw Soaps, Inc

$15M in Revenue, $18.25B Underserved Market, Unique Products, Resilient Production

Last Funded July 2024


raised from 289 investors



Raised $250K or more from a venture firm

$1M+ Revenue

Earned over the last 12 months

$14.9M in total revenue, $2.2M in 2023, 50%+ of revenue from repeat customers
Amazing, passionate, interesting customer base (200,000 Outlaws strong!)
Featured in WSJ, WIRED, Oprah.com, Yahoo!, VICE, Cowboys & Indians, and others
Iconic, beloved, established Outlaw brand, representing uniquely evocative scent concepts

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Our Team

Pioneering Unique Scent Frontiers + Building Amazing Collaborations

By investing in this campaign, you'll own a share of our already-successful company as we expand our business to address an $18.25B market.

This crowdfunding campaign makes it possible to start innovating on new, interesting scents, and collaborating on ethical, high-quality products for artists, influencers, boutiques, hotels, spas, and anyone else wanting to start a scent brand.

Exceptionally Unique Scents and Memorable Products

Why Is This A Brilliant Investment?*

  1. Outlaw is already making money. $15M doesn't lie! People already love Outlaw (20% of our 2023 website sales were subscriptions, and 50% were from repeat buyers).
  2. Our products are unique, our marketing is unconventional, and our position is differentiated. This means we basically have created a monopoly for what we offer.
  3. We haven't scratched the surface of this wonderful customer base. Outlaw's market is an estimated 12M households, spending $18.25B annually across personal care, personal fragrance, and home fragrance categories.
  4. This raise will make it possible to continue to build our product line, as well as collaborate with visionary artists, celebrities, influencers, and independent business owners (yes, you could create a fragrance brand with Outlaw!).

Why Do YOU Want to Invest in Outlaw?

  1. You believe in what we're building: Outlaw is a dynamic, ethical, sustainable, imaginative fragrance company, right here in the USA.
  2. You know this has legs: With an estimated $18.25B market and our established, customer-led approach to product development, Outlaw is positioned to grow significantly in the next 3 - 5 years.
  3. You want the good guys to win: Russ and Danielle (co-founders of Outlaw) are bringing goodness to the world: hiring good people, paying living wages, offering full benefits and stock options to all full-time employees, and building the local economy... all while making INCREDIBLE PRODUCTS that you love. Let's do this TOGETHER!

What is the RETURN?

Once we prove the concept of this new, agile product development process, we'll expand on the business until we're an attractive acquisition for a larger company or a private equity firm, or until we're ready to go public. (Note: results not guaranteed, but we'll do our God's honest best)

If Outlaw gets acquired, the acquiring company will buy all the shares of Outlaw (including yours, if you choose to invest) and you'll get paid according to your percentage ownership in the company (so, for example, if you own 10% of Outlaw and Outlaw gets acquired for $10M, you'd get $1M).

What do companies like Outlaw usually sell for? It depends on the revenue and EBIDTA (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation, and Amortization).

  • In August, Naturium (skincare brand) was acquired by e.l.f for $355M. Naturium is expected to make $90M in revenue and $17M in adjusted EBIDTA in 2024.
  • In September, Hince (skincare brand) was acquired by LG for $31.5M. Hince had approximately $16M in revenue (no EBIDTA info was available) in 2023.
  • In January (last month), Honey Pot (personal care brand) started the process of being acquired by Compass Diversified for $380M. Honey Pot had approximately $121M in revenue and $29M in EBIDTA in 2023.

Note: Most private acquisitions don't publish their terms, so I can't report on those. However, you can see the current acquisition landscape at Crunchbase.

If Outlaw goes public, you'll own a percentage of the "market capitalization" value of Outlaw at that time (which depends on a lot of factors). When that happens, you could either hang on to your shares and let the value grow over time, or you can sell your shares for the market price (so, for example, if you own 10% of Outlaw and Outlaw goes public with a market cap of $161M - 2022's average pre-IPO valuation - you'd have $16M of Outlaw shares to keep or sell).

What about dividends? We decided to set up Outlaw for acquisition rather than dividends. This means a bigger payout at the end (whether that's acquisition or IPO), but no small, gradual payoff over time.

Being completely straight with you, as I always endeavor to be, Outlaw has some business hurdles to overcome, so this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It's likely that Outlaw will take 3 - 5 years before we are a good candidate for acquisition.

We need to build a profitable, scalable business system, and then prove it over time. This crowdfunding campaign is the first step toward that profitable, scalable business system. (read on)

Danielle & Russell Vincent, co-founders

How Will This Campaign Increase Our Revenue?


We're working on a process for creating and promoting theoretical experimental scents in Outlaw's unique scent profile using a combination of customer submissions, prototyping, voting, and preordering. We'll be able to create small batches of cologne, soap, body wash, and more... without a big increase in cost.

Experimental (and exciting) scents are tough because of the risk of making products that don't sell. That means every new scent profile is a big ol' gamble... When we have a hit (like Rugged Rider), the payoff is big. When we have a dud (it has happened), we have lots of $$ of inventory we can't sell.

Another problem with creating small, experimental batches of products is that small runs of packaging and ingredients cost more money. By grouping our purchases (thanks to pre-orders and limited runs), we'll keep the costs down.

By investing in Outlaw, you'll own part of a company pioneering FEARLESS & BOLD product development!

As we order packaging and supplies in greater volume, our costs will come down and we'll be able to continue to innovate on our already-popular scent concepts!

Pretty amazing, right? UM, YES.


We're opening Outlaw's doors (and catalog) to collaborate with customers, artists, influencers, celebrities, retailers, spas, and hospitality.

We've built the foundation of:

  • Innovative, emotionally resonant scent concepts
  • Stable vendor partnerships
  • Small-batch, agile production
  • Ethically made, high-quality products
  • Profitable customer acquisition through D2C and Amazon channels

And now we can create new scent collections (including soap, cologne, candles, and more) per month (including packaging, product pages, and all) with almost no additional effort or space.

Two years ago, this wouldn't have been possible. But the technology and market has changed, and, well, here we are!

Rugged Rider Scent Concept
Rugged Rider, one of our experimental scents, quickly became Outlaw's third best-selling cologne in 2023

The proof is in the products! We've been using our own product development process to test out a bunch of wild scent concepts... and it has been working!

Why us? Why now? (but not before)

1: We Know Our Scents

We've been working with scent's ability to trigger positive memories for a decade. We founded Outlaw based on this scientifically validated concept. Our mastery of evocative scent has won the hearts and minds of more than 200,000 customers... and we basically have a monopoly in the market.

2: We're Really Good At AI

Last year, advancements in Artificial Intelligence made it possible to bring ideas to reality in just a few hours (given the right input).

3: We're Product Development Experts

Our experience innovating emotionally-driven scent concepts, combined with new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, enables us to leverage our creative ideas and rapidly build out full product concepts.

4: We're Resourceful Designers

We use our current packaging design, adjust it for the collaboration, and create customized packaging in small runs (at the same per-unit cost as our larger runs). This is perfect for artists who want to showcase their work.

5: We Have Connections

Our suppliers and partnerships make it possible to turn projects around in record time, with dependable results.

6: We're Exceptional Manufacturers

We've made a line-up of top-tier products. We use high-quality, natural ingredients, make sustainable packaging choices, and have crafted our proprietary formulas for consistency... every batch, every time.

7: We're Full-Service

Using AI image generation, we can quickly make high-quality product photos suitable for ecommerce and catalogs:

A photo comparing two kinds of product photos, one with a camera and one with AI
Is it camera or is it AI?

8: We Know Marketplaces

We can set up Amazon, Shopify, Facebook/Instagram, Google, and TikTok stores, complete with product descriptions and photos.

9: We're Business People

With our experience pricing and positioning products, we help set people up for success (and repeat orders!).

Is This Unique?

Yes. VERY unique. This is a NEW thing.

This means we can create full scent collections in quantities as low as 100 units (including professional, retail-ready packaging), complete with all the product assets, and even set up marketplaces (Amazon, Shopify, Facebook) for nearly the same cost as our regular line-up, at a fraction of the time it takes to get set up with contract manufacturers.

For comparison, most contract manufacturers require minimum order quantities of 5,000 units or more, need at least 12 weeks of lead time, and cost as much as or more than our small-run productions... and they offer no merchandising support.

It was literally impossible to do this. It wasn't worth creating packaging, products, photos, and marketing for a small run. But now, with these new tools, we can do it!

"So, You Do The Whole Thing? People Don't Have To Do Anything?" - You, just now

Haha, no. But that's a good question, and I'm glad I put those words in your mouth!

People have to buy the scent development package & products (which, you may notice, is an investor perk at certain levels), and they are responsible for selling the products. This works best if people already have a following or a customer base (influencers, artists, boutiques, hospitality).

Why should Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson have all the fun?

Celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, and Jason Momoa invest in brands, collaborate on products, and then promote the products to build the value of their investments. Fun, right? Heck yeah it is! Let's do it!

How Will We Find People to Collaborate With?

First, we have our own network... Which is significant. Many of our customers are artists and musicians (one of them even won a gold record last July!). We'd start there.

Once we exhausted our own network, we would do cold outreach to artists seeking to offer something beyond prints. We can use their artwork on the packaging for a truly incredible immersive experience.

We've already started with legendary muralist, Bunnie Reiss!

Some of the funds from this crowdfunding effort will go toward the product development of our first custom capsule collection of candles. Bunnie Reiss and Outlaw are partnering to create a capsule collection featuring Bunnie's incredible art and Outlaw's uniquely evocative scents.

Mural from Bunnie Reiss
Massive Mural by Bunnie Reiss

Look for these candles in April or May!

But Does It Scale?


Yes, the product development process scales: When we need to expand our services, our repeatable, proprietary system is designed to expand. We can handle 10x growth in our current location (we'd need to add a couple production staff members and a virtual assistant).

This means we can handle 10x the business we currently have, with almost no increase in overhead.

Yes, the customer relationship scales: Because of our relationships with contract manufacturers, we can seamlessly outsource production when orders get to a certain volume. Yes, we'll have longer lead times and bigger minimum order quantities, but the products will have proven demand. No gambles needed!

This means our customers are set up for growth, which is our goal!

How Did We Develop This Process?

In the past year and a half, we've been making our product development process so agile and quick that we can launch a new scent every month, complete with custom packaging, custom scents, and a systematic marketing flow... for more than 1,000 subscribers.

In the process of innovating the scents for Outlaw, including our monthly releases of the Scent of the Month, we learned a superpower:

We can make product runs in very small batches (<100 minimum quantity), with customized packaging, in customized scents, for relatively low cost, in an insanely quick turnaround time (1 month).

In short, we have created a scalable, repeatable system (including scent brief forms + AI scent concepts).

And now YOU can own part of this developing process.


For Outlaws, By Outlaws

When we founded Outlaw, Russ and I (Danielle) envisioned a different kind of company - A company that was founded on true relationships with the people who love our products.

Over the years, we made that happen:

A couple customer testimonials

Can you feel the love?

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "This variety subscription is a dream come true for me... I love the woodsy scents, and the smoky ones, and pretty much every new scent of body wash they've sent me has been an instant hit... I used to spend so long smelling all the body washes in the grocery store aisle and choosing one of the guy-scents, or something neutral or odorless, but it was always a hassle and I was only ever barely content with the scents I found, not happy or done searching.
Somehow Outlaw just works for me, and I never have to waste the time or risk the migraine by shopping for scents anymore. They mail me a top-quality, incredible-smelling body wash is a sturdy metal container on a regular schedule, and I happily move on with my life and showers!" - TM, Los Angeles, CA

The thing is, we listen.

We read the reviews, we process the returns, we see the social media comments... our product team, our social media team, and our customer service team aren't in different departments like in most companies.

I've always believed that we could create the best company for our customers WITH our customers.

Uncommon Sense for an Uncommon Company

"You can't make money and be a good person. Nice guys finish last." - Bad Advice Posing as Common Sense

It seemed possible that, despite widely-regarded "common sense," we could use safe ingredients and make sustainable packaging decisions without making products beyond the reach of average people.

We also hoped we could use our venture to establish small manufacturing in an ethical way by providing safe, responsible working conditions, offering full healthcare benefits, and paid time off.

We wanted to build something so people like us (who weren't gifted with super-wealthy families or outstanding connections) to create wealth - not just for us, but for everyone who involved themselves with our company, from vendors to content creators to, yes, YOU.

So this crowdfunding campaign is a big opportunity to include YOU in the success of Outlaw... success that YOU helped us build.

Let's Build This TOGETHER. Let's Succeed TOGETHER.

* Disclaimer: Of course I think it's a brilliant investment. I'm the co-founder. But I wouldn't put this campaign together if I didn't truly believe you'd see a worthy return on your investment.