AI for a healthier internet

Last Funded August 2023


raised from 1,333 investors
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We are a Public Benefit Corporation: developing cutting-edge AI to fix the information ecosystem
Disrupting a $565B/year industry
Riding a $15.7 trillion wave of AI innovation (source: PwC report titled "Sizing the prize")

Our Team

We believe the brain is a marvelous machine, but if you feed it junk, you're likely to get junk in return. So we view "information quality" as the mother of all problems - as long as people continue to consume low-quality information, we will continue to observe bad decisions and bad behavior all around us.

Why Otherweb?

All the critical problems facing the world right now depend on our ability to fix it.

We are all bombarded with superficial, trivial, and often false information, because it generates clicks and views and helps the person who writes it get more ad revenue.

The result is that many people have the illusion of knowledge, while in reality, their head is often filled with misinformation, clickbait, and sometimes - just random junk.

We’ve developed a suite of AI models that can detect various forms of junk and filter it out. For everything that isn’t obviously junk, we created a nutrition label that lets people decide whether or not this content fits their preferences.

And with this new toolkit, we created a new kind of platform that aggregates news, podcasts, research studies and many other sources of information in one place.

A place that doesn’t have paywalls, clickbait, autoplaying videos, or any other form of digital junk.

To try it out for yourself follow the links at the bottom of the page.

You don’t have to use the product to invest, but we highly recommend that you try it out. We want our investors to be our users, and our users to be our investors!

Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and others have turned the web into a Walmart of information - where the trashiest items with the loudest promotion get the best shelf-space. Spam isn't just in our emails - it's in our search engines, our social media feeds, our news websites and our heads.

It's everywhere.

Users are hungry for a healthy option. They want to be in a place where items are ranked based on quality and not based on clicks and views.

We are not creating this desire for long-term health in users - they already have it. Most users want something better.

We chose to incorporate as a public benefit corporation, and we are designing our business so that anyone can be a part of it.

We want our users to be in control of their feeds, and we want our community to be in control of the algorithms that control the feeds, too.

This is why we are courting retail investors like you, instead of venture capitalists.

And we will work tirelessly, day and night, to maximize your return on investment while pursuing the broader mission and benefitting society at the same time.