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Opyrus helps you tap your power to write to transform your life

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Todd interviewed Opyrus on March 1, 2021. Play Video
Todd Folk
Founder/CEO of AppApp 10+ years in the hospitality industry. Serial Entrepreneur, Tobacconist, & Rum aficionado.
says, "Writing is starting to become a big market again, with platforms such as Medium and similar ones really encouraging people to post more thought provoking material, being a proficient writer becomes incredibly powerful and that takes practice."
says, "I would love to see more about the growth of the writing industry over the past few decades - my intuition says that it has been larger than anticipated with things like self-publishing become more popular and tools like medium, but its really hard to track - so break that down so people can see what it actually is."

What Investors Say

Founder iDayo Investor Inc. / Director FastPencil/Opryus
Invested $15,000 this round + $56,000 previously
"As a managing partner in fund that invests in IPO's; (including the IPOs of MSFT, ADOBE, ORCL, APPLE and many more) I know what it means to recognize great companies and great leaders early on in the process.  I look for a common set of traits that the most successful companies often possess: an among them and most important is and inspiring leader who is creating an incredible product that services a massive market. Opyrus checks all those boxes. I've known Art for 22 years and he is truly committed to not only building a valuable company, but also to improving the lives of authors and writers everywhere."

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November 23, 2020
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