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Opyrus helps you tap your power to write to transform your life

Last Funded September 2021


raised from 162 investors
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Substantial backing. Raised over$2M from angels, partners and writers that believe in our mission
Over 12,000 customers, 250,000 registrations, 1,000 registrations per month, 309,000 prospects
Social mission. To positively impact our culture - childhood to legacy through writing
🦄 Massive market. A $3.6B market with horizontal appeal and substantial market upside
First-mover advantage. Self-betterment platform that enables people to use writing to improve lives
Experienced team. Advisors with deep expertise in the written word, technology, marketing & finance
️ Reinventing writing. By democratizing the power of writing with a new writing for life platform
Innovative roadmap. Opyrus will develop a Mobile App, for people to enhance their life with writing

Our Team

After years of working with people to write their books we realized it was the journey to completing their work that had the most impact on their life. We believe that writing on a regular basis, based on your personal needs could be the next "mass" wellness activity to enhance mental fitness and physical wellbeing!

Opyrus helps you tap your power to write and change your life


We intend to be the leading self-betterment platform for people to tap their power to write and transform their life. We are on a mission to help millions of people around the world through a unique offering at that includes writing tools, online content and personalization that will strengthen mental fitness, improve relationships, enhance careers, energize your business and enhance overall wellbeing. Opyrus will enable people to benefit from a formulized approach to writing for life, from childhood to legacy.  In five years, we expect to have revenue of over $100 million and a valuation of over $1 billion.  The projections cannot be guaranteed.

Opportunity: There is no online solution that delivers personalized writing solutions to harness the power of writing for self-betterment, socialization and connection.

Just as helps people meditate and sleep, our mission is to help people write and supercharge their life. Writing can strengthen mental fitness, improve relationships, enhance careers and can energize your business. We are democratizing and socializing writing, helping people understand why and how they can access their power and embrace writing for life. We will do this through an innovative technology platform, with unique content, a vibrant community and easy to use authoring tools.

We believe there is an accelerating opportunity to explain the difference between wanting to write and needing to write. This involves tying the process of writing to the underlying psychological and physical benefits that can be attained. Like exercise, people need a system to better understand the tangible benefits of writing and see the evidence that shows how it can transform their life.

Problem: The benefits of writing are proven, yet obstacles remain

Opyrus is on a mission to help people develop their writing powers to benefit their personal and business lives and to enhance their mental fitness and overall wellbeing. Thousands of wellness-altering writing methods exist that can deliver life-transforming outcomes. The Opyrus Platform will help people decode the why, what and how to create a successful system for lifelong writing success.

Solution: Opyrus is an ecosystem that will enable millions of people to transform their life, from childhood to legacy

We will provide writing maps or templates based on a defined writer need and benefit. These guides will make it easier to write and to complete their work. This new offering will be powered by an advanced technology platform and will be available in our next generation product offering that we are currently financing here at

Pricing is simple, Join for Free or choose an annual or monthly subscription that includes the above services plus everything you need to create your work, protect your content, and privately or globally share and sell your personal content.

Our current OpyrusOne offering includes three services:

WritingLight - which provides rich information, courses, podcasts, writing prompts, writing sounds and other sources of productivity and knowledge, 

Caravan Network - a private community of writers, guides and service providers, and

FastPencil - an easy-to-use writing tool to create, share, sell and preserve your personal content.

Validation: 10,000 customers, 12,000 written works and over 250,000 registered freemium users

We have worked with thousands of writers that have become authors in what we call our first segment of power or "Book Creation". Our writers have changed their lives, not for the reason you might think, but mostly for being one of the 10% of people who start writing and actually finish. It is extremely difficult to become a successful author if sales is your only barometer. We believe writers who complete their book and put their name on it are all successful and have enjoyed a life-changing experience. We will grow the platform by delivering new writing "templates" that make it easier for our writers to write and achieve associated benefits.

Our 10,000 customers, 276,000 registered users and 309,000 contact database will provide us early traction as we continue the role-out of our new subscription model. In our initial Beta role-out we converted 100 new subscription customers with a limited e-mail only sequence. Our cost of customer acquisition (CAC) was below $5. Our intention is to continue the role out in the new year while making adjustments based on user feedback. 

The future of the company relies on our next generation product which refines current functionality and integrate existing and new technology components.

Market: Growing markets with a much larger potential market

The Internet has enabled over 5 billion new writers. There are over 150 million content creators on Social media (social networking market will have an 18% CAGR by 2024), 600 million blogs worldwide (US bloggers increased by 10 million to 32 million in 2020), 3 million users on LinkedIn (user growing 6-7% per year) sharing posts weekly and many other venues where writers are creating an abundance of content for personal and business use. Approximately 2 million people are self-publishing books per year (self-published books grew by 40% from 2018-19) and widely known research estimates that over 200 million people in the US have considered writing a book but have yet to take the plunge. 

Simultaneously, people are now seeking new ways to independently enhance their overall wellbeing without having to see a medical professional. The WellTech market has gained over $2.2 billion in investments in 2019 and spawned hundreds of service and software offerings to help people manage and enhance their wellbeing. It is estimated that 96% of people see a direct connection between wellbeing, performance and life success. In addition, the $11 billion self-care market is expanding the demand for personal enhancement solutions. We estimate our initial addressable market to be approximately $3.6 billion US. 

More importantly, we believe our potential market for writing for self-betterment and wellness is double-digit multiples of our TAM!

Business Model: Recurring revenue with a set of add-on services

We generate revenue through subscriptions for the content, community, e-commerce and services we deliver through We believe that in addition to our annual and monthly recurring revenue streams there is a broad set of add-on products and services that will enable us to achieve a sustainable business. Our annual subscriptions currently average $100 per year. We expect 50% of our subscribers to spend an additional $250 per year on add-on services such as courses, support, editorial services and other complimentary services. We believe our core audience will be open to purchasing many different add-on services as they embrace our mantra of writing for life and experience a multitude of different writing opportunities to enhance their life.

Customer Acquisition: Active foundation of commercial success ready to scale and expand

Competition: First to market with a highly disruptive writing solution 

While there are countless self-publishing tools and platforms available to writers, there isn’t anyone currently doing what we plan to do. Opyrus’ tools for book creation and promotion have been commercially proven as our first segment of writing power. We look at writing as a way to bring continuous improvement throughout your life, as opposed to a one-time "publishing" event. Unlike publishing companies, we focus on the journey and the benefits a specific writing opportunity can bring to a person based on their individual needs at the time. We believe we are defining a new segment within the Writing and WellTech industries, where systematizing writing has a profound impact on personal and business wellness. Our future Mobile App will be highly unique, a highly differentiated offering that we believe will have global appeal.

The Team: Giving back by providing an outlet for creative expression 

Financing: Ground floor, opportunity, historical value metrics and and a disruptive product offering 

Our Manifesto

From the beginning, the Opyrus team has been operating with the belief that there is a better way to enable people around the world to get their word out and to activate their power to write. We believe you should be writing for life and attaining a continuous stream of benefits from your efforts. Our understanding of a writer’s needs and how to help them on their journey serves as a guiding light as we continue to innovate and provide a balance of technology and human touch in our platform.