World’s first tech-enabled meditation pods for a more mindful workplace

Last Funded April 2024




First year of revenues - $350K sales in the last 6 months.
Top B2B clients include Morgan Stanley (Fortune 500) and Deloitte
$1.5M+ in sales pipeline from airports, corporate offices, and hospitals. (not guaranteed)
Partnership with Yves Behar (TIME's "Top 25 Visionaries") for new generation meditation pods.

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Our Team

After a 10-day silent meditation course that changed my life, I realized that meditation is a tool that everyone should have. While sitting in a noisy office, I found it very difficult to meditate as there was no quiet space I thought to myself, how can we design a space that made it easy to learn and practice meditation ?

Tech-enabled meditation pods for the workplace

What's the Problem ?

In today’s world, people are more stressed and burnt out than ever. This is particularly true in the workplace, where we often cannot find the time to slow down or focus on our personal wellness.

Why Meditation Pods ?

Most companies now wish to integrate wellness amenities to attract, retain, and elevate the well-being of their workforce. However, the expensive costs of meditation rooms and limited space continue to remain a roadblock.


We have developed the world’s first technology-enabled meditation pods for the workplace. Instead of building and maintaining costly meditation rooms, companies can purchase these pods that provide the environment, content, and experience in one solution.


Our pods integrate sound, light, aromatherapy, and guided meditations to offer powerful experiences that induce calm and facilitate access to higher states of awareness.

In these isolated environments, uninterrupted by distractions and immersed in a therapeutic experience, an individual has a much greater potential to quiet the mind and restore calm, focus, clarity, and positive energy.

We’re building a technology platform that powers a network of pods and spaces designed for a meditation and immersive wellness experience. Through our software, we collect data from our users to create personalized and immersive wellness experiences.

Using an OpenSeed pod is simple. Upon entering, user sits down and select an experience from the tablet menu. Watch the video below.

Happy Customers

We've recently installed the pods at the offices of Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, and a vet hospital, among other locations.

OpenSeed pods are now being used in hospitals for doctors and nurses.

And end users at offices, co-working spaces, and hospitals are loving it....

Scientific Research / Ongoing Studies

Our distributors in Japan conducted a study that tested the effectiveness of the OpenSeed pods with a group of 30 participants. Using heart rate and EEG monitoring, the study concluded that the pod experience accelerates the path to Alpha waves, the brain waves associated with a calm and restful state.

Commercial Roll Out

2023 was the year we delivered the first batch of pods to clients. We also closed a major licensing deal in Australia.

Mindfulness at Work: A Growing Trend

OpenSeed is being featured in major publications as mindfulness and meditation is becoming a major workplace trend.

Market Opportunity

The health and wellness market is at $3.7T and growing rapidly. With the increasing demand for wellness amenities in the workplace, residential buildings, and wellness centers, the workplace wellness market is expected to double to $90B in the next 5 years.


Given the trends in the market, our initial commercial success, and a fast-growing sales pipeline, we have a plan to grow to a network of over 15,000 pods and generate more than $75M a year.

We've partnered with world renowned product designer Yves Behar and fuseproject to develop our next-generation pod, called the Iris.

The Iris pod will retail for $16,000 (or leased for about $480/month).

Business Model

Pod Sales

Companies can purchase or lease our meditation pods.

Premium Content Subscriptions

$12/month per user (paid directly by end user or their employer)

Our content subscriptions roll out in Q2 2024.

Licensing and Royalties

Upfront licensing fees and ongoing royalties from companies that manufacture and distribute OpenSeed pods outside the U.S.

With an average of about 40 paid subscribers per pod, each pod can generate about $500/month in subscription revenues (or about $6,000 /year ARR).

**projections not guaranteed

Go-to-Market Strategy

We are developing strategic partnerships with companies that have the manufacturing, sales, and distribution capabilities. For example, we're already selling to customers via strategic partners like Optum, which is owned by United Health Care (NYSE:UNH).

We also have a licensing deal in Australia, with Design Farm, that is manufacturing and distribution pods in Australia. We generated a upfront licensing fee + ongoing royalties + future content subscription revenues.

We have a stellar team of executives and a dream team of advisors...

Earn Perks when you Invest

If you choose to invest, we are offering the following perks depending on your level of investment (perks are not cumulative):

As an investor, here’s why you should invest:

  • OpenSeed solves a real problem for people and companies.
  • Meditation is a scientifically-proven method that elevates mental health, productivity, and inner calm. OpenSeed is providing a new way for people to practice meditation and enjoy the benefits.
  • The concept of meditation pods has been validated and the company is generating revenues from Fortune 500 companies, international distributors, hospitals, and other customers.
  • We have identified channels that work, and have a clear path to grow to $2M in sales next year.
  • Openseed’s valuation is only at $6M ! An investment today is will help us scale to potentially exceed this valuation in the future.

Ultimately your investment would be supporting our mission to help people improve their lives by providing them access to spaces to relax, refocus, and re-energize. If you’re interested in being a part of the future of workplace wellness, support us by clicking “Invest” on this page.

Thanks for your time!

- Jonathan Marcoschamer, Founder & CEO