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Tech-powered meditation pods for the workplace and other commercial spaces.


Partnership with Deepak Chopra
Design concept and advisory led by Yves Behar, founder and CEO of fuseproject.
$200K in generated sales via licensing.
PO's from 2 Fortune 500's. $500K in PO's & reservations (Not guaranteed to convert to revenues)
Completed 10-month pilot at Cambridge Innovation Center in Miami and a research study in Japan.
Rapid growth in Health and Wellness Market, expected to reach $4 trillion
Advisory team from Peloton & Muse. Founder with 22+ years experience.
Featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, Yoga Journal, and many more.

Our Team

After a 10-day silent meditation course that changed my life, I realized that meditation is a tool that everyone should have. While sitting in a noisy office, I found it very difficult to meditate as there was no quiet space I thought to myself, how can we design a space that made it easy to learn and practice meditation ?

A Solution to Elevate Mental Wellbeing

OpenSeed has developed meditation pods for the workplace and other commercial spaces. These pods are designed to quickly induce calm & facilitate access to elevated states of mental wellbeing. We are part of the solution to the worldwide mental health crisis and the $4 trillion a year wellness market. 

  • Mental health issues have cost individuals and companies billions of dollars in medical bills, lost productivity, and wellbeing. 
  • Although meditation has been proven to alleviate stress, improve mental health, and increase productivity,  most workplaces don’t offer spaces conducive for meditation. According to a research report by JLL, a world leader in real estate services, only 17% of workers have access to relaxation spaces.

Partnership with Dr. Deepak Chopra

OpenSeed has partnered with Deepak Chopra to develop content, conduct clinical studies (on intentional environments for meditation), and provide marketing support.


In these isolated environments, uninterrupted by distractions and immersed in a therapeutic experience, an individual has a much greater potential to quiet the mind and restore calm, focus, clarity, and positive energy. 

By designing experiences that integrate sound, guided meditations, essential oils, and lighting, we are able to induce calm and facilitate access to higher states of awareness.

  • Effective - Facilitates access higher state of awareness, where creativity flows and productivity peaks.
  • Convenient - A single solution that includes the space (pod) and content.
  • Affordable - More economical than building a meditation room.
  • Beautiful - Free-standing design enhances the aesthetics of any space and integrates elegantly with existing office furniture.
  • Exclusive - Provides employees with an amenity/ experience they can only access in the workplace.
  • Upgradeable - Fresh and personalized content encourages repeat, long-term usage. Upgradeable features include premium content, VR/AR, and other immersive experiences in the future.


We're building a technology platform that powers a network of pods and spaces designed for meditation and immersive wellness experiences. We currently have two products in the works:

  • Lotus (prototype) 
  • Iris (Concept)

Front End: Enables users to login and select their desired meditation experience, control volume, and lights intensity. 

Back End: Enables OpenSeed to manage thousands of pods remotely, updating content, personalizing each pod's UI for client's preferences, and much more.

The Box: Contains all the hardware necessary to power and control the lights, fans, sound system, and peripheral devices


Hardware Sales + Monthly Subscriptions


Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.


We currently have  $187K in purchase orders and and pre-launch reservations worth $307K in sales. Total sales potential: $494K.  

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.


Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Growth of hardware sales will be driven by:

  • Entry into high potential clients like healthcare systems (ex. Cleveland Clinic), co-working spaces (ex. WeWork) and corporate office with multiple offices (ex. Morgan Stanley).
  • Strategic partnerships that provide access to commercial real estate projects (office renovations, new construction projects).
  • Lower-priced pods (via further R&D, economies of scale, and production capacity)





Our partners in Japan conducted a study that tested the effectiveness of the OpenSeed pods with a group of 30 participants. Using heart rate and EEG monitoring, the study concluded that the pod experience accelerates the path to Alpha waves, the brain waves associated with a calm and restful state.