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oneKIN Live: the livestream app for shopping small + local, nationwide


Tapping into a $150 Billion market opportunity in the US (total addressable market)
Our proof of concept, the oneKIN Marketplace, generated nearly a quarter of a million dollars in gross sales.
Built a digital community of 60K+ and a pipeline of 1,000's of small businesses nationwide
Currently a $500bn+ industry in China, livestream commerce is the future of retail
Only product in the market built FOR and BY small businesses, exclusively
Selected into 2022 Mastercard Start Path global program for innovative fintech companies
oneKIN Live beta launching soon!

Our Team

Market forces have accelerated the demise of small business favoring quick and cost-efficient solutions over sustainable and community-centered outcomes. Small businesses serve as economic spigots in their communities, and represent the most important tool we have to combat socio-economic deterioration, particularly in disinvested communities.

Powering the Future of Retail for Small Businesses

We believe communities flourish when small businesses flourish. 

By supporting and investing in small businesses, we empower them to have community-level impact and effect widespread socio-economic change.

The pandemic has dealt them an impossible hand, disproportionately affecting Black and Brown small businesses. Their erasure comes with far-reaching consequences including loss of jobs, community development and new economic opportunities.

This is why we are passionately focused on providing small businesses with creative technology solutions to help them increase their visibility and grow sustainably.

The Problem

Brick-and-mortar shops have limited reach, while online shops battle through the noise and clutter of e-commerce to reach their audience. 

Major online marketplaces run on algorithms that ensure small businesses without multi-million dollar marketing budgets never gain sufficient visibility. 

The Solution 

The existing retail distribution methods are fundamentally flawed, and ripe for disruption.

With oneKIN Live, we have a powerful opportunity to reimagine and rebuild ecommerce - and the broader retail landscape - to actually work for small businesses.  

With our technology, we extend the reach and visibility of small businesses with the potential to 10x conversions.

Designed with extensive consultation from hundreds of small businesses, oneKIN live merges the best of in-person and online shopping. As a result, brick-and-mortar shops can enjoy the broad reach of e-commerce, and online sellers can set themselves apart with a highly-personalized experience.


At the onset, we are principally targeting small businesses in underserved, under-resourced and under-penetrated cities and demographics. 

Coupled with a massive shift in consumer shopping behavior towards small and local businesses, our entry into the market is timely. 

Live commerce has been an astronomical success in China, and is now approaching $500 billion. We are pioneering this industry in the U.S. as a standout among our peers: besides our emphasis on real-time engagement and community shopping/selling, oneKIN live is the only product in the market exclusively focused on small businesses.


This past holiday season, we soft-launched oneKIN Live with a multi-day event series centering 20+ BIPOC-owned businesses in New York City as a model for our multi-city launch in 2022. 

To increase our likelihood of success we'll leverage the network and partnerships we’ve built through our successful real-time case study, the oneKIN Marketplace.  With an online community of 50K+ users and subscribers and 400 retailers in our immediate pipeline, we've already laid the groundwork for a strong market entry.

Our Vision

We're just getting started. Following our launch, we plan to democratize e-commerce through oneKIN Live as an on-demand solution for small businesses across the U.S.

Finally, we will leverage this data to provide participating small businesses – who consistently lack access to capital and bank financing – timely and tailored revenue-based financing. 

Through oneKIN Live, we are powering the future of retail. Power it with us.