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Invest in One Biosciences, Inc.

Developing Hive Wellness™, the First-of-Its-Kind Whole Person Wellness Solution

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Raised $500K+, backed by leading industry experts and early-stage investors.
Large and rapidly growing addressable market - $30 billion for Whole Person Wellness.
Strong and increasing consumer demand for digital programs that empower, personalize, engage and gamify.
Chairman has completed 6 successful exits via sales to private equity as well as to strategics.
Led by a team of passionate clinicians, technologists, and healthcare executives with a vision to redefine healthcare.
Industry disruptor with the vision to build a happier and healthier world.

Our Team

For years our Founder struggled to find healing from autoimmune disease and chronic pain. Ty eventually found healing through various non-traditional Wellness solutions, which inspired him to leave his job as a hospital CEO and launch One Biosciences.

Our Pitch

What We Do

We provide employers and health plans the ability to predict chronic disease onset and disease trajectory for their employees early, using our unique AI technology. Hive Wellness comprehensively addresses chronic stress, the primary cause of chronic disease, through highly individualized wellness plans designed to educate and empower individuals to implement healthier habits and foster resilience, focusing on hidden rising risks of developing disease and reducing physical, psychological, psychosocial, and psychospiritual stress through a whole-person wellness approach.

The Industry Problem

The Solution

The current approach to health is out of balance. We have moved away from wholeness and toward a system focused on symptom and chronic disease management, proving to be detrimental to our well-being and our economy.

Given consumer demand and mounting scientific evidence supporting a whole person approach to wellness, the Hive Wellness platform offers a timely and evidence-based solution for employers and payers to help their people reduce chronic stress. Specifically, the platform provides intervention tools with personalized gamification and nudges to reduce stress to prevent and manage chronic disease.

A Progressive Approach to Health & Well-Being

Closing the loop on chronic stress

Predict, prevent and manage chronic disease by recognizing and addressing the root cause.


With our unique ability to predict chronic disease onset and disease trajectory early using AI, Hive Wellness comprehensively addresses chronic stress, the primary cause of chronic disease. We create a personalized risk management/wellness plan for each member, depending on a unique set of variables that may include claims data, family history, lifestyle habits, age, demographic, pharmacological history, along with other key related attributes and inferences.

Prevent & Manage

We then prevent and manage chronic stress by empowering people to live more harmonious lives through gamified technology and human advocacy.

The Team

Our Progress


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