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Invest in One Biosciences, Inc.

Developing HIVE™, the first of its kind Whole Person Wellness Platform


First-mover advantage of tech-enabled Whole Person Wellness solutions in a single platform.
Large and rapidly growing addressable market - $30 billion for Whole Person (Integrative) Wellness.
Healthcare providers and individuals are hungry for a single Whole Wellness platform.
Founder is a former hospital CEO & has deep understanding of the need for Whole Person Wellness.
Chairman has completed 6 successful exits via sales to private equity as well as to strategics.
Beta launch completed – poised to expand the platform offering and accelerate commercialization.
We aim to be an industry disruptor with One goal - make it easier for people to feel better.

Our Team

Founder & CEO
Former hospital CEO turned Whole Person Wellness advocate. Conquered years of autoimmune disease and chronic pain using Whole Person Wellness, which led to his passion and the founding of One Biosciences, now developing HIVE™.
For years our Founder struggled to find healing from autoimmune disease and chronic pain. Ty eventually found healing through various non-traditional Wellness solutions, which inspired him to leave his job as a hospital CEO and launch One Biosciences.
Tedrick Wright Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
Tedrick is uniquely skilled in healthcare technology innovation, software design/implementation, and strategic marketing. With over 14 years in the medical technology space, he aligns the customer experience with the proper technology.

Invest in a New Kind of Digital Health Company and become part of the movement toward Whole Person Wellness.

The Health Crisis

The Industry Problem

There is NO single platform that brings together solutions that treat the Body, Mind and Spirit as one.  

The Solution

HIVE™ by One Biosciences™ is bringing together the best scientifically-validated offerings via a single platform.  HIVE's offerings are being purposely designed to enable Whole Person (Integrative) Wellness, and, by doing so, a more complete relationship between the patient and his/her healthcare providers. 

Platform Benefits

Healthcare Providers

  • A Platform to Enable Treating the Whole Person While Enhancing Revenue for Your Practice
  • Clinical Tools Such as Individualized Protocols and Patient Progress/Adherence/Feedback
  • Educational Courses to Enhance Clinical and Practice Performance
  • HIVE Community & Peer Support


  • Work with your Healthcare Provider to Build a More Comprehensive Care Plan
  • Access to Vetted Products, Services and Education
  • Access to Coaching and Educational Content
  • Track and Automatically Report Progress Back to Your Healthcare Provider
  • Simple and Easy to Use from any Device
  • Secure and HIPAA Compliant

How We Make Money

$  Subscription Fees

$  Transaction Management Fees

$  Wholesale Revenue from One Biosciences Products and 3rd-Party Products and Services

$  Educational Curriculum

    The Whole Person (Integrative) Wellness Market at a Glance 

    Whole Person Wellness is an exploding field that emphasizes care of the whole person, by making use of the most appropriate healing modalities, whether conventional or complementary & alternative medicine (CAM).

    Top Institutions are Embracing Whole Person Wellness

    The Team

    We have amassed a team that brings deep healthcare, technology and operating experience, underpinned by a common passion for wellness for everyone.

    Advisory Board

    Our Advisory Board has been put in place due to deep expertise in each domain, which will help advance the company. Further, the company is in the process of forming a Clinical Advisory Board comprised of leading medical, health and wellness experts.

    Our Progress

    Investment Offering

    Why It Matters

    Why Now?


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    Clarifying Footnotes

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