Olympian Motors ✅ (YC W22)

Manufacturing modular electric vehicles in NY. ⚡ An emerging competitor to Tesla and Rivian.

Last Funded April 2024


raised from 1,143 investors


Y Combinator

Raised from Y Combinator

⚡️Olympian Motors is manufacturing modular electric vehicles for the U.S. passenger vehicle market.
⚙️We engineered a new Modular Vehicle-eDrivetrain (MVDS). ▚ Reduced tooling/machinery costs by ~80%.
✚ $23M revenue pipeline. ✚ Booked 347 pre-orders for Model O1. Production Capacity:320 EVs (Q4/2023)
✅ Current Investors: Y-Combinator, Climate Cap, Reunited, Soma Ven, CollabFund, Mobility Vision Fund

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Our Team

We love aesthetics, minimalism and privacy. We decided to blend timeless design, minimalism and nature to bring people the most elegant electric vehicles of the 21st century.

Olympian Motors is a modular electric vehicle company, based in New York.

⚡️ Olympian manufactures modular electric vehicles with class & aesthetics.

🚗 Number of Pre-orders: 306 276 (as of December 9th, 2023)

▚ ▚ Revenue Pipeline (assuming pre-orders convert): $19M (December, 2023)

⚑⚑ Next Milestone: Debuting Model O1 at CES 2024 in Las Vegas! (January 9-12, 2024)

🌆 Launched Model O1 in Q3/2024 at the NY Tech Week and NYC Climate Week.


⚙️ Our team engineered Olympian eMVDS: A disruptive, modular Lego-EV architecture.

🏭 Current Production Capacity (Q4/2023): 320 vehicles (across Brooklyn & Detroit sites)

🏭🏭🏭 Projected Production Capacity (Q4/2025): 24,000 vehicles


Backed by: Y Combinator, Newlab, Collaborative Fund, MIH Foxconn, Mobility Vision Fund, Reunited, Climate Capital, Soma Ventures, Columbia University, Stanford University.

🦾 Experienced technical founder team joined from Ford, Tesla, Qualcomm, Apple, NIO.


Olympian eMVDS: Our disruptive Lego-EV architecture

Olympian is pioneering modular EV production in the American auto industry.

Olympian eMVDS enables:

80% reduction in tooling & machinery costs
60% faster production-lead-time compared to legacy automakers Tesla, Ford, and Rivian.

Olympian MVDS offers a disruptive 'Lego-EV' architecture that drastically cuts tooling, machinery, fitment and labor expenses Reduced production lead times by allowing for rapid go-to-market.

Our Modular, 'Lego-EV' Architecture:

  • Olympian MVDS is built on 4-core-hardware and 2-software modules.
  • We built an efficient, Lego-like, production model, and removed bureaucracy, middle-managers and bottlenecks.
  • Partnered with the world’s leading technology, component and material providers

Built via Olympian eMVDS, our disruptive modular EV architecture.

🢂 Model O1 (Sedan) and 🢂 Model 84 (SUV)

Olympian eMVDS Key Technical Achievements:

  • 70-80% reduction in tooling & machinery, fitment costs
  • Built ~30-50% faster vehicle production lead time.
  • 8% less wiring harness & associated labor expenses
  • Achieved 4% higher miles/kwh battery efficiency in urban areas than the 2022 Tesla Model 3 and 2022 Rivian R1T.
  • Simplified infotainment/navigation module and removed dependency to display screens and buttons.

Olympian's Commercial Milestones:

  • Received 306 276 pre-orders (paid) (as of December 9th, 2023).
  • Built $19M revenue pipeline.
  • Started test-drives of Model O1 and Model 84 in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Started manufacturing the initial batch of EVs in Brooklyn & Detroit facilities. 2023 capacity: 320 vehicles. 2024 capacity 2,800 vehicles. 2025 capacity: 24,000 vehicles
  • Pending traffic approval for NY, CA and FL from the Traffic & Safety Administration
  • Debuted Model O1 at NY Tech Week and NYC Climate Week in Q3/2023.
  • Currently pending traffic approval from the U.S. DoT (CA, NY, FL, NV, CT)

Please note: future revenues and performances are not guaranteed.

Rapid go-to-market plan:

We are rapidly launching our vehicles (M01 & M82) to the market starting with New York and California. Unlike other EV companies, Olympian doesn't waste time/resources. (It took 9+ years for Lucid and 11+ years for Rivian to make their first shipment).

We have two core objectives:

  1. Change the status-quo in automotive design, and bring aesthetics, style and experience back to the car industry.
  2. Reinvent car manufacturing and bring agility, speed, and cost-efficiency back to the U.S. automotive industry.

Note: the above charts contain future projections which cannot be guaranteed.

Olympian EV Manufacturing Capacity:

  • Current Production Capacity (Q2/2023): 320 vehicles
  • 🏭 Estimated Production Capacity (Q4/2024): 2,800 vehicles
  • 🏭🏭🏭 Estimated Production Capacity (Q4/2025): 24,000 vehicles

High-caliber, technical founding team backed by leading investors and partners.

  • Team of engineers from Ford, Tesla, Lucid, Qualcomm, Apple, NIO
  • Backed by leading venture capital & angel investors
  • Partnered with the world’s leading technology, component and material providers

Olympian rejects today's commoditized and standardized car experience. We challenge the status-quo in automotive.
We prioritize aesthetic, nature and minimalism.
We use steel and wood in Olympian cars rather than not cheap plastic and toxic chemicals.
We have a minimalistic cockpit, removing dependency to large display screens.

Olympian aims to capture 7% market share in the U.S.:

We can't predict the future, and none of this is guaranteed. But here's what we hope to accomplish:

  • Capture 7% market share in the U.S. passenger vehicle market by 2030 by entering the EV market rapidly with our unique and provocative car designs.
  • Outcompete Lucid, Rivian, Ford and GM by 2030, using the advantage of Olympian MVDS - modular vehicle/drivetrain system. We strongly believe that our modular EV approach is a smarter way to produce cars.
  • Pioneer modular EVs and change the manufacturing inertia in United States. We aim to bring speed, cost-efficiency and agility back to the automotive industry.