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raised from 32 investors
$4.6M pre-money valuation Priced Round
$250, $500, $1K, $5K, $10K, $20K, $30K, $40K, $50K, $60K
Loïc Giorgi
I am a pro athlete and acrobat, a Ninja Warrior finalist, and a World Chase Tag champion. I own Urban Corp, a thriving and influential ninja and parkour gym in France. I’ve been a fan and user of OLLO footwear for some time and have seen the brand become very popular with athletes at Urban Corp, across France and the rest of Europe and in the USA, OLLO’s home country. I am 100% convinced the OLLO brand is already an important part of the fabric of these communities and will continue to be a game changer in the future of these sports. OLLO has made a huge impact on performance with footwear that provides athletes a real advantage. I invested in OLLO because I believe in their commitment to continuing to build amazing products, and their clear vision for growth in a quickly expanding market.


CEO was instrumental in building four footwear brands into multi-million dollar businesses.
$1,850,000+ lifetime revenue.
As worn on ESPN, World Chase Tag, American Ninja Warrior, Red Bull AOM, NBC Sports.
Over 24,600 pairs sold to date.
800% sales increase since launching our Alpha style in November 2021. The Alpha is Hot!
Recognized as the top footwear brand in the rapidly growing movement sports market.
$31 billion addressable market opportunity within a $365 billion global market.

Our Team

OLLO | Run Everything

A group of emerging sports, often referred to as movement sports, have been in need of a performance shoe that functions at the same high level as the athletes involved. As these sports have grown and become more sophisticated, so have the training and competitions that have cropped up around them. The only equipment required is a pair of shoes, and now that things are getting serious, the footwear needs to be designed and purpose built for these superhuman athletes.

Movement Sports

  • Parkour and Freerunning
  • Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course Racing
  • World Chase Tag™


OLLO shoes are the result of ongoing and rigorous research and development with an international team of Parkour, Freerunning, Ninja Warrior, and World Chase Tag™ athletes. We take into consideration how they move and the environments in which they train and compete.

Shoes are the only equipment that these athletes use, and OLLO is their brand of choice.


Athletes worldwide have chosen OLLO as their go-to footwear brand when style and performance matter. It shows in our growth.

Since the release of the OLLO Alpha in November 2021 until the close of 2022, our sales have grown by 8x. With the upcoming release of our new products, the SapienX and the Whiz and Send kids shoes, we expect dramatic growth again in 2023.


OLLO can be found internationally at Parkour/Freerunning and Ninja Warrior competitions and on the Quad at World Chase Tag™ events. Because these sports are so visually compelling, OLLO receives a lot of commercial exposure in brand advertising simply by being the footwear of choice for top athletes. 


Our global athlete team provides feedback at every phase of development, from concept through prototype testing, and finally to finished product. OLLO shoes are designed from the ground up with specific consideration to each component used, to create stylish performance footwear that is comfortable enough for all day wear. 


Over the past 8 years we have built a strong foundation for OLLO and continue to grow our presence. We have built global brand awareness as movement sports have grown. We exist as the first to market footwear brand in this space. The only equipment needed for movement sports is footwear, the product OLLO makes. We are now poised for rapid growth both within these sports and in the aspirational / lifestyle markets that surround them.


In movement sports, performance and culture are intertwined. 

We have a deep and authentic level of engagement with the global community. Our conversation continually assists us in our market research and operational decisions, and informs our holistic design approach. We immerse ourselves in the functional and performance needs of movement sports and in the culture and style aspects as well.

The position that OLLO owns in the movement sports world, would be difficult for an entering brand to replicate, and makes OLLO a great target for buy in by a big footwear brand looking to enter the market with credibility and scalability.


Movement sports popularity is evidenced on social channels, where top athlete Dom Tomato has 1.7M followers gripped by his content on Instagram. 

  • On TikTok alone, #parkour has 39.0B views, #ninjawarrior 3.2B, and #worldchasetag 187M views.
  • 8.5M+ Instagram posts exist using #parkour and #freerunning. 
  • World Chase Tag™ has 1M subscribers on YouTube
  • On YouTube the most popular parkour and freerunning videos get more than 2M views a month.


Our D2C margins are between 3.5 and 4.5x landed cost. We sell 55% of our products via our own websites in the US and Europe, 35% through partner sites including Amazon. Our online sales focus has allowed us to maintain a lean operating model with minimal overhead costs.

  • DTC business fulfilled through warehouses in the US and Europe
  • Broad reach DTC sales through global partner websites including Amazon


OLLO is continuing to expand into wholesale at parkour, freerunning, and ninja warrior gyms around the world. This provides us the benefit of having retail space for our product in the same space that athletes train and helps us develop a powerful frontline marketing presence. 


OLLO SAPIENX - A new shoe focused on the performance needs of Ninja Warrior and OCR athletes. We are now perfecting the grip of the SapienX sole with the rubber compounding experts at Michelin. The SapienX will take Ninja athletes, and OLLO as a brand, to the next level.

OLLO WHIZ and SEND - New kids shoes designed and developed for young parkour and ninja athletes. These high performance and affordable kids shoes will dramatically increase our sales as kids make up 60-80% of total membership at most parkour and ninja gyms.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.


Movement sports are experiencing faster YOY global growth than any other sport segment. Both Ninja Warrior and Parkour are being considered as Olympic sports.


The high visibility of movement sports on traditional and social media, combined with superhero appeal, create a massive aspirational market for OLLO. Similar brands who focus on sports like skateboarding for example, find that upward of 80% of their revenue is generated by customers who don't skate but rather aspire to the lifestyle and culture of the sport. 


HOKA and ON Running are both relatively new brands to the market and were initially niche running brands embraced by athletes for their unique approaches to performance.  They quickly gained popularity outside of their core performance market, and drew the attention of aspirational and lifestyle consumers who were looking for a unique expression. 

Although very different from each other, both brands offer an alternative to the massive brands that dominate the athletic footwear market, and prove that there is always a place to play, and to generate significant revenue, for emerging brands with a point of view.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.


  • Expand product offering.
  • Lead sponsorship for World Chase Tag™, and other regional, national and international parkour and ninja events and competitions in the US, Europe, UK and Asia.
  • Create OLLO branded events in the US, Europe, UK and Asia.
  • Develop long term, quality, international distribution partnerships.
  • Invest in a multi-platform digital marketing / acquisition strategy.


We need your investment to introduce key new products to our lineup, build out our wholesale and affiliate networks and to fund our marketing initiatives.

We believe that with the introduction of our new products and our marketing push, we’ll see annual sales trending toward $2 million in 2023 (not guaranteed).


We’re staunch believers that companies should only raise money if they are firmly committed to delivering a return to each and every investor. As such, our goal is to bring OLLO to the public markets or to be acquired in partnership by a major footwear brand within 3-4 years time. We can’t predict the future, but our management team now works for YOU — and we will work tirelessly to get you the best return on your investment.


It’s also worth mentioning that despite being told that we could raise at twice the valuation cap we selected, we chose to price this round very conservatively.

We chose this for two reasons. The first is that we want our earliest supporters to get a great deal, so that you feel valued and are properly rewarded for believing in us.

The second is that our executive team has been around the block, and we’ve seen what happens when entrepreneurs over-value their companies — creating a lot of problems down the line for future financings and/or exits. By pricing conservatively, we aim to set the stage for the best possible outcomes — for everyone involved.

We can’t wait to have you along for the ride!