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Give and receive feedback in real-time. No annual performance reviews.

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Kristie Hunziker Director of People Ops - Cloud Element
We are excited to be a beta partner with Ohos. We have been searching for a lean, easy to implement and use peer review tool and Ohos will provide this function for us! Dave's vision and passion are clear and I am really looking forward to introducing Ohos to our team.
Dave Bacon CEO - BW Bacon
It provides a great solution for a widespread problem. I think the market is ready to adopt a product like Ohos.
Murray Arenson - CEO Pluribus Capital Investor
"The fact that [Ohos] already has revenue sets [it] apart from the 90% of start ups that fail before they ever get to revenue! Having beta customers pay for [the] product based on a demo alone is a demonstration of market viability if I ever saw it."
Dave Needham Co-founder of Ohos
Equity crowdfunding changes the game for regular individuals who want to invest small amounts into companies they believe in. This round of funding proves that people are excited to invest their hard-earned money in a company that’s working to eliminate one of their least-favorite things about their jobs: periodic performance reviews. There is so much more to Ohos than replacing performance reviews; that is just the tip of the iceberg! We are changing the foundations of how companies assess talent, make employment decisions, and find awesome people. We aim to be the new standard of the talent management industry.
Scott Pearson Ohos Reviewer
I've always thought performance reviews were a complete waste of time. This Ohos model is very intriguing. I see real potential to stand the whole "performance review" process on its' head!!!
Barnaby Zelman Ohos Reviewer
Ohos has a terrific chance for long term success...I like what they're doing!
Keith Warner President
Ohos has been a great tool that helps us generate transparency and clarity about performance throughout our team. The 360 degree review format is far superior to the traditional top down boss-employee approach to reviews.

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Coolest Women We Know - August Profit Matters
May 20, 2018
This month’s presenter is Alicia Yanik, Co-Founder of Ohos, an easy to use, and effective approach for performance management. Ohos is a leading-edge people analytics platform built on social intelligence. Ohos helps build better careers and places to work through better feedback and actionable data. Ohos SaaS solution helps teams and managers get more direct and timely information and results in improved performance and results.
Denver Startup Week 2018
May 20, 2018
Most inclusions and diversity efforts fail because they attempt to face the problem head on. However, the challenge to closing the wage and leadership gap is typically not open discrimination, it is unconscious bias that creeps into conversations, processes, and policies.
Denver-Based Startup Plans Early Closure of Equity Crowdfunding After Rush of Investments From Individuals Eager to Abolish Unpopular Employment Practice
May 19, 2018
DENVER, CO - 10/04/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) Ohos, the Denver-based startup that is making waves in HR circles with its goal to eliminate annual performance reviews, today announced the company has nearly completed its first round of funding via the crowdfunding site, Wefunder.
Big or Small, Ohos Now Does it All! - Enterprise Coworking - Coworking Denver, CO
May 3, 2018
Maybe you get really nervous & dread the entire day, maybe you get excited to give or receive the feedback, maybe you just take it for what it is and don't really know what to do when it's over... No... Read More
Why Fit Ain't It: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love Diversity | Dave Needham | DisruptHR Talks - DisruptHR
March 28, 2018
Why Fit Ain't It: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love Diversity - a DisruptHR talk by Dave Needham - Co-Founder & CEO at Ohos, Inc. DisruptHR Denver 8.0 - August 24, 2017 in Denver, CO #DisruptHRden
Canopy Advisory Group Gives an EDGE to Consultant Community
January 25, 2018
DENVER--()--According to a recent NPR/Marist poll, one in five jobs in America is held by contract workers, and within a decade half the American workforce could be contractors and freelancers. Canopy Advisory Group, a consulting firm that matches high-level advisers with employers who require specialized expertise, is offering EDGE, a new, premium service that supports independent consultants' practices.
Dave Needham of Ohos - Ep 54 - Small Business Hiring Podcast
December 26, 2017
Dave Needham of Ohos joins us to talk about why he puts himself last among his team. More from Dave: Connect with us: Connect with Brad Owens at Send in your questions to Podcast Disclaimer: 2:18- Welcome Dave Needham!
All Eyes on Dave Needham - Enterprise Coworking - Coworking Denver, CO
March 6, 2017
Dave Needham, founder and CEO of Ohos, is passionate about dismantling the performance review structure in organizations. After launching his software program last year, he has been able to do just that. With eight clients including Noodles & Co., Comcast, and... Read More
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