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Last Funded November 2022


raised from 130 investors


🤝 A founding team of serial entrepreneurs with multiple exits
💰 Backed by one of the largest VC firms in the psychedelics industry, Iter Investments
🔥Well-positioned for the imminent adoption of psychedelic-assisted therapy
📈A growing audience of approximately 50,000 subscribers, users, and followers

Our Team

We believe psychedelic medicines and psychedelic-assisted therapy are the future of mental well-being and will replace many of the pharmaceuticals being used today.

Connecting People to the Psychedelics Industry

Nucleus was founded in mid-2021 after Neuly and Psychedelic Invest were purchased by Iter Investments, a prominent venture capital firm investing in the psychedelics industry. In late 2021, the official team was constructed, and Nucleus launched in January 2022 with the mission of connecting people with the psychedelics industry in order to propel psychedelic-assisted therapy forward. Nucleus strives to accomplish this mission by serving the industry as a venture studio building brands that educate the masses, activate new stakeholders, and distribute data about these powerful medicines.

1. Declining mental well-being has become the most prevalent long emergency that we’ve all been experiencing.

2. Our current pharmaceutical solutions have not proven to be effective enough.

3. Studies have continued to reveal just how efficacious psychedelic-assisted therapy can be for a myriad of conditions.

Additionally, psychedelics have been growing in popularity. In August alone, over 5 million people around the world searched "psychedelics" on Google. The world is curious to learn more about just how helpful psychedelic medicines can be for mental well-being—and rightfully so.

Because Nucleus was incubated by Iter Investments, a prominent fund investing in the psychedelics industry, Nucleus is represented by an experienced and well-informed team with deep knowledge and rich connections with stakeholders.

The Nucleus team immediately carved out an ecosystem built to serve the companies operating within the industry and developed a hub-and-spoke infrastructure to place Nucleus at the center of future opportunities.

With the popular platform Neuly already serving the industry with data, Nucleus set out on a mission to provide more opportunities to any and all stakeholders interacting with the psychedelics industry.

After all, stakeholders within the burgeoning psychedelics industry are consistently asking for a reliable source to turn to.

  • Investors are needing data about the public and private markets.
  • Potential patients are searching for more information about these new treatments.
  • Practitioners are looking to reach more patients.
  • Professionals within the industry are seeking new opportunities.

Historically, the only resource that could ever encapsulate all of these things in one place has been a well-built tech platform. This is where Nucleus, and the idea of a more robust and flexible venture studio model, comes in.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.
  • Our websites have recently surpassed 100,000 page views per month
  • Our community has grown to over 50,000 members
  • In June, we reached $10,000 in combined monthly revenue

We’ve built the Nucleus infrastructure using an agile hub and spoke model, which makes it easy for third parties to “plug and pull” the data and tools in real time. The layout also allows for more efficient two-way interactions between entities and data points.

Zooming out a bit, that’s how the entire Nucleus ecosystem was constructed.

The hub and spoke model that powers psychedelic data and technology

Thus, this intentionally robust and flexible infrastructure can be leveraged to power:

  • Wellness-related apps
      • by including a psychedelics vertical/experience
  • Service companies
    • by informing strategies and service models with relevant data
  • Media outlets
    • by implementing more cost-effective data capture tools
  • Health systems
    • by onboarding patients and providing data and tools
  • Philanthropy/DAOs
    • by raising funds via a blockchain protocol
The Nucleus ecosystem is enriched by Nucleus-owned assets

Because Nucleus is structured to own a portfolio of assets, all of our brands were built to support our mission.

Our brands work together as one large ecosystem that supports each other. Before we explore each brand, though, let's dig into our data asset, Neuly, and how it powers the entire ecosystem (and much of the psychedelics industry).

  • Neuly is a subscription-based data, tools, and dashboard platform.
  • Neuly stores information on psychedelics companies, stakeholders, compounds, clinical trials, patents, legalization, events, jobs, news, and much much more.
  • Neuly distributes this psychedelics-related data through integrations and an API

Neuly 2.0 has recently been strengthened with the following features:

  • Drag-and-drop widgets and feeds
  • Customizable data dashboards
  • Integrated enterprise, research, media, and investor dashboards
  • The ability to find and book treatments and experiences with practitioners
  • A streamlined patient onboarding process
  • A user-owned data infrastructure
  • A team to support requests for an industry report for one low fee
  • A self-serve API

In addition, Neuly has also introduced “atoms.” These are widely distributed beacons that track changes across the industry in real time. When something we track for the industry gets updated, changed, removed, or otherwise, it enters our database and is then moderated, and subsequently, confirmed by a human before entering the database as a data point.

Finally, Neuly has released “Login with Neuly.” This simple yet effective application allows any user of the Neuly platform to move their secure personal data to a third-party site seamlessly via the Neuly API. The goal is to allow for this mobility to save thousands of hours of unnecessary data collection processes as we pave the way to a more streamlined future of data distribution.

Using Neuly’s database of practitioners, Nucleus has partnered with PSYC Corporation, a publicly traded media company working in the psychedelics industry. 

The two companies have come together, via a joint venture, to launch Psychedelic Finder.

  • Neuly powers the database of practitioners across the site
  • Psyrise powers and supports all intake and communication processes

Psychedelic Finder connects those looking for care with the best-matched practitioners, facilitators, and experiences. The website accomplishes this by not only listing approximately 3,000 practitioners on the site but by offering a white glove service to properly match the ‘finder’ with the right ‘healer.’

Psychedelic Finder will be launching soon. In the meantime, you can sign up to be notified of the launch.

After several months of partnering with ketamine clinics, therapists, and retreats, we knew the demand that we were seeing from those looking for treatment could be better served through a robust platform of activation tools. In other words, we knew we had an opportunity to streamline the onboarding process as more and more people are introduced to these types of treatments.

That’s why we transformed Psyrise into an end-to-end marketing platform for mental health brands.

  • Psyrise supports intake processes and marketing/activation funnels for all stakeholders within the ecosystem

Psyrise now underpins all of our ecosystem’s onboarding and activation processes.

Our practitioner partners now get to benefit from the following tools:

  • Website builder
  • Form builder
  • Survey builder
  • Marketing/vanity phone numbers
  • SMS communications
  • Email campaigns
  • Workflow and automation builder
  • Social media management
  • Review management

We plan to continue to slowly roll out the platform for our practitioner partners, narrow the feedback loop, and expand to all clinics, therapists, coaches, and retreats throughout 2023.

On top of educating with content, the industry needs more skilled practitioners. Doctors who are looking for ways to integrate psychedelics into their practices will want to know where to go to find the best curricula to train their employees.

    With Matter Academy, you can find and enroll in the psychedelic course that's right for you

    That’s why we used our data to establish a course aggregator. It’s just the beginning, but Matter is the starting point for the journey someone might embark on to gain a more formal education on the world of psychedelics.

    • Neuly powers the database of training courses across the site
    • Psyrise powers and supports all intake and communication processes

    Our brand, Psychedelic Invest is one of the most trafficked resources about the business of psychedelics on the web. The website recently surpassed 50,000 page views per month and our subscriber base is quickly approaching 20,000. Subscribers stay informed through our daily content, interviews, reports, and weekly newsletter.

    • Populating market-related data directly from the Neuly database

    A Psychedelics Content Network

    Over the course of 2022, we expanded our content catalog to capture a broader market with branded shows.

    Below is an example of a recent story we've covered exclusively about one of the largest public companies in the psychedelics industry. This video, not unlike many others we published, received over 2,500 views in 48 hours. 

    The Psychedelic Invest Podcast

    • 20 episodes
    • Approximately 5,000 audio downloads

    The Investor Hotseat

    • Have interviewed many CEOs in the industry
    • Approximately 10,000 listens and views collectively

    Mindshifting Moments

    • Hosted by Margaret Williamson
    • Expanding the mind by answering big questions about well-being

    Weekly Extractions

    • Weekly reviews of the psychedelics market and the companies operating within it
    • Has allowed the Psychedelic Invest YouTube channel to become one of the most popular in the psychedelics industry regarding investments

    Bullish vs Bearish

    • Hosted by Adam Tubero
    • Reviews a company or recent event to provide a deep-dive analysis of what’s actually going on

    Our hub and spoke model, data capture capabilities, and deep industry expertise allows us to build efficient brand-building processes. This has been proven throughout 2022 with the creation of 12 brands that exist within the ecosystem.

    Our brand creation process is supported by an open culture of wide ideation. With so much going on in psychedelics, it’s important we hear every new idea, assess each one accordingly, and act appropriately when we feel the opportunity outweighs the level of effort.

    During our own ideation and discovery phases, we’ve confronted dozens of ideas and have acted upon 12 of them. The brands that we have developed thus far span the three types of opportunities that our infrastructure affords us to capitalize on.

    • Buy: As aforementioned, we’ve acquired a few assets.
    • Build: We’ve built many of our brands after architecting the hub-and-spoke infrastructure that is powered by Neuly.
    • Partner: Finally, we’ve formed joint ventures and revenue share agreements to help broaden our reach and collaborate with other entities in the industry.

    During the development phase, we have the luxury of shelving, pausing, or scaling the businesses we develop. When growth is further pursued, we are able to spin the brand off into its own company and raise outside capital as needed specifically for the growing brand we’ve developed.

    We’re building brands focused on technology, media, marketing, services, and products.

    You already know Neuly (data platform), Psychedelic Invest (media), Psyrise (marketing), and Psychedelic Finder (services), but we haven’t told you about everything else we’re building.

    Oregon Psilocybin Concierge Services

    Found at, OPCS is an exhaustive resource for the upcoming psilocybin-assisted therapy program slated to begin in 2023 in the state of Oregon. OPCS assists potential patients with the necessary resources to enroll while also offering a platform for facilitators to engage.

    • Neuly powers the database of facilitators and training courses across the site
    • Psyrise powers and supports all intake and communication processes

    The Psychedelic Series

    Found at, this collection of panel events has expanded geographically from Miami all the way throughout Europe. With the Psychedelic Series, the events are only getting bigger as demand and curiosity continue to grow.

    Read all about one of our recent events at Space Park in Miami. 

    Miami is healing through psychedelic medicine. 

    Road to iiiPoints.

    A recent event in Miami brought about almost 700 likeminded attendees
    • Psyrise supports stakeholder activation during these events


          Found at, Particles is a DAO-based web3 protocol for smart contracts built on the Bitcoin blockchain. With Particles, you can launch tokens, NFTs, and take advantage of decentralized data storage that can eventually overcome today's inefficient healthcare systems.


            Found at, OCM is a blog supporting mental health parity through decentralization. Powered by Particles, OCM's mission is to educate the masses about the potential that owning your own health data, especially mental health logs, is the future we should be working toward.

            • Powered by the Particles blockchain protocol
            7.5% of funds raised will go towards the Wefunder intermediary fee.

            We have big dreams for Nucleus. And to achieve them, we need more people. That’s where we need you. Your investment will go to growing the Nucleus team in the form of engineers, data analysts, and groups of people to help with education and support.

            Well, the answer is quite simple.

            We want our investor base to reflect those actively interested in our mission and drive. We don’t want people who are only interested in lining their pockets with profits.

            That said, we know your investments are important to you, so we want to make this one count. When you invest in Nucleus, you are investing in our entire ecosystem (remember the ecosystem we mentioned earlier). Additionally, Nucleus gives you the perfect opportunity to diversify your portfolio into the world of psychedelics.

            Consider Nucleus’s unique structure a one-to-many approach to diversifying your exposure to the psychedelics industry. If you’re excited and optimistic about the future that celebrates the benefits of psychedelic medicines, we encourage you to join the Nucleus family

            If you’d like to journey your way through our assets, we’ve created a checklist of ways you can engage with each of our brands below.

            We recommend browsing around, kicking the tires, and becoming a part of our ecosystem before you choose to become a part of the family.

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