A for-profit online community improving the performance and well-being of First Responders

Last Funded February 2021


raised from 29 investors


We are first to market. Our addressable market is estimated at $180M annually.
Organizations report that Employee retention and mental health are the top two challenges they are facing today.
nSightify provides an online community for providers to connect and communicate easily, privately, and securely.
20%-30% of First Responders have PTSD. This equates to 400K-600K First Responders (Fire/EMS).

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Our Team

We founded two companies before nSightify that did well financially and served the technical needs of EMS, but neither had a positive direct impact on the healthcare providers in the field. nSightify focuses on improving the lives of our first responders by making Fire/EMS a better and engaging place to work.

An idea is born

Our engagement and commitment with the EMS and Fire community started in 2004 when John founded ESO Solutions to leverage opportunities at the time for First Responder insurance billing services. ESO Solutions was born with the purpose of providing an efficient and cost-effective ePCR solution for John’s billing clients. The business became so successful that the billing section of the company was eventually spun off.

John and Jason -Working the Trade show floor - back in the day

Jason has extensive first-hand experience of the inherent challenges that face EMS and Fire providers and practitioners. He spent nearly ten years in a high volume EMS organization but eventually succumbed to burn out and PTSD at the end of his career. This prompted a sea change which he found when he joined ESO Solutions. Jason's knowledge of the First Responder market is formidable and he brings all that knowledge and passion to bear in improving the capability of first responders to deal with the same challenges that he faced through nSightify’s offerings.

Jason - Paramedic days (Jason on left)

Jason and John reconnected in late 2018. They realized after some brainstorming that while their previous companies were successful, they couldn’t really say, "We are making a substantial contribution to make the lives of First Responders better." This realization compelled them to address the everyday challenges that First Responders face by developing a tool that truly brings value to the health and wellness of First Responders. nSightify was born.

Stanford Medicine's 2018 National Physician Poll said *EHRs: systems had detracted from their professional satisfaction (54 percent) as well as from their clinical effectiveness (49 percent).

*EHR is the physician equivalent to an ePCR for a First Responder.

At the beginning of February 2019, we started the process of fleshing out our designs through mockups and wireframes.

We solicited input from industry practitioners to confirm our design and application workflow was optimized and fit for purpose. In late March 2019, after several interactions and feedback sessions, we started development. We slowly built a team utilizing resources from Systalent, a software development company that has a proven track record with John delivering quality EMS solutions. In October 2019 we launched our initial MVP product.

 In March of 2020, we delivered out Telehealth solution.


Initial investors

John and Jason are majority shareholders in nSightify and have bootstrapped the company through to the initial product release phase.

Rachael Waldinger was a CEO at a First Responder billing company and later took an executive role at R1 - a leading healthcare revenue cycle management company. Rachael believes strongly in the team’s vision and has been a valued investor in nSightify from June 2019

Anwar is the CEO of Systalent, a software development company partnering with nSightify to develop the nSights application. John and Anwar have developed a trusted relationship having worked closely together to develop EMS focused applications. Anwar is a valued investor in nSightify from January 2020.

We now proudly serve a group of paying clients who we are working closely with to ensure that nSights meets their particular needs. To further the company, grow our team, and maximize our opportunities we are seeking people who would like to invest in nSightify's exciting future.