NpCloud Solutions Inc.

Comprehensive electronic health record system.

Last Funded June 2023


raised from 42 investors


Attractive platform & pricing model. Hundreds of industry professionals have voiced their support.
Growing market demand for electronic health record systems.
Massive market opportunity. The EHR software market was nearly $30B in 2020 Potential mkt size is 1 Million Providers.
Experienced team. We have a strong team with a proven track record in healthcare and technology.

Our Founder

This company was Founded by Denis Rono, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. He saw that EHR and related systems cost were the highest expense in his practice. He reached out to other providers and they voiced the same concern. When providers worry less about business expenses, they have more time to provide much needed patient care.

Invest in NpCloud Solutions Inc. Cloud Based Electronic Health Record

We are building a Cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) that aims to be comprehensive, high quality, and affordable. The solution aims to offer increased effectiveness at a low cost without compromising on quality. EHR systems costs remain one of the key challenges healthcare providers face in their practices today.

We have mapped out our product, and our developers are in production. More funding will enable us to ramp up our production efforts and have a Market ready product by the Summer of 2023. We have received great support from healthcare providers who share in our mission to lower the cost of EHR systems.

Practices pay $2000-25,000/year per provider in EHR-related costs. A typical provider for example would pay these EHR-related costs monthly: $150 for the EHR, $150+ for clearinghouse solutions, up to $50 or more for a scheduling platform like Calendly or secure video, and up to $50 or more for a video platform like Zoom or Doxy in addition to other costs. Our solution will cut these costs by 40% and bring everything under one roof. Under one package, our EHR will have these features:

E-prescribing with Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS), Ability to order and receive lab results, Secured HIPAA-compliant patient portal, Improved clinical workflows with customizable forms(Intake forms and templates), Seamless communication with other EHR systems, Improved clinical decision tools, Integrated billing, Super billing and linking to a clearinghouse, ONC-IT certification standards, Secure Telehealth Video Conferencing system Included, Practice Dashboard with Key metrics, and a Scheduling platform.

We are providing an end-to-end solution that is efficient and affordable. A Provider will be able to manage patient care and get paid with ease with our platform without spending a fortune.

Our EHR system will be built with great input for the providers who will use it. To ensure high quality and standards, the EHR will be ONC-IT certified.

A lot of providers have shared with us that current EHR systems have high costs, and lower customization and most would switch to an alternative that provided better effectiveness at a lower cost. That is what we are building, a better alternative at an affordable price.

We have a passionate, diverse and experienced leadership team. They have one goal in mind, to develop a comprehensive, affordable, and high-quality EHR system. 

Our engineering team is highly experienced in building EHR systems and other healthcare applications. They are working hard to make sure we meet production deadlines and high-quality standards.


We have over 1 million potential customers for our EHR product and we have a great marketing plan to help us reach our user goals. Our EHR is designed and built by healthcare providers who understand exactly what the end customer needs.

Most healthcare providers use Clearinghouse solutions to route medical bills to insurance companies. If we meet our funding goals, we will start developing our own clearinghouse solution. Most providers pay on average $150 or more monthly in addition to a per-claim fee for the services a clearinghouse provides. Insurance companies process billions of claims every year and a big percentage of them go through clearinghouses. Developing one will boost our revenue by a big margin.

Our competitors offer their EHR systems at a high cost, affecting the provider's bottom line. We are building a more effective product that is cost-effective.

We will focus on customizing the EHR for mental health and primary care providers.

NpCloud Solutions is seeking $1 Million in equity funding to help with the further development of the EHR. You can now purchase preferred stock at $1/share. 

Early bird investors can get the shares at $0.50/share up to $250,000. Take advantage of the early bird discounted pricing. Normal share price is $1. Preferred stock offered at a $ 10 million valuation. 

Join us today as an investor and help us build a company that will revolutionize the way healthcare providers care for patients. The EHR is our initial product, we look forward to expanding to other solutions that will lower the cost of doing business for healthcare providers. The future is limiteless. 

We would love to have you partner with us. If you have any questions or concerns send us an email at [email protected] or call 629-250-8794. Thank you.