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 $4M  $3.6M valuation cap
Early Bird Bonus: The first $100K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $3.6M valuation cap
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We have launched our Beta-MVP nationwide (USA-only) in January 2024, gaining traction daily.
We've created a more sustainable, meaningful travel experience for outdoor enthusiasts.
We've cultivated a passionate community-centric model, not just a customer base.
With over 50 years of outdoor expertise, our team is ready for exponential growth.

Our Team

Nomadz: Your Destination for Outdoor Gear, Your Gateway to Outdoor Adventures

Nomadz is the one-stop marketplace for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a seamless platform to rent, buy, and sell outdoor gear and experiences. Say goodbye to multiple apps, scattered listings and websites as well as high fees. With Nomadz, explore the great outdoors effortlessly.

  • Comprehensive outdoor marketplace
  • Simplified gear rentals, buying, and selling
  • Curated adventure trips and experiences
  • Emphasis on sustainability and responsible outdoor practices
  • Vibrant community engagement
  • Scalable technology infrastructure
  • Diverse revenue streams
  • Experienced and innovative team
  • Positioned for rapid growth and expansion

The journey to founding Nomadz was fueled by a shared passion for the outdoors and a desire to simplify the outdoor gear marketplace. Recognizing the inefficiencies of existing platforms like eBay and Craigslist, coupled with a love for technology and the outdoors, father-and-son duo, Ryan and Kirk Leaphart, embarked on a mission to create a user-friendly marketplace that caters specifically to outdoor enthusiasts. Through dedication, innovative thinking, and a commitment to excellence, they brought Nomadz to life, providing a seamless platform where adventurers can connect, buy, sell, and explore gear with ease.

We are in the process of securing strategic partnerships to launch B2C and C2C Pilots!

  • Nationwide outdoor/sporting goods companies
  • Colorado rental and retail stores
  • South Carolina rental and retail stores

We have strategic partnerships with the following partners:

  • Nonprofits around the nation
  • Insurance broker
  • Professional athletes!

Investing in Nomadz offers a unique opportunity to tap into the booming outdoor adventure market. With a comprehensive marketplace for rentals, sales, and trips, backed by cutting-edge technology, Nomadz is poised for exponential growth. Our proven track record, experienced team, and innovative approach make us a lucrative investment choice.

Investing in Nomadz presents a compelling opportunity driven by the burgeoning outdoor recreation market. As interest in outdoor activities continues to soar, Nomadz stands at the forefront, offering a platform tailored to the needs of adventure seekers. With a strong focus on sustainability, Nomadz promotes responsible outdoor practices, aligning with growing environmental consciousness. Our platform fosters a vibrant community, connecting outdoor enthusiasts and facilitating memorable experiences. Boasting a seamless user experience, Nomadz provides a comprehensive range of services, from gear rentals to guided trips, catering to diverse interests. With scalable technology and revenue streams, Nomadz is positioned for rapid growth and expansion. Backed by an experienced team and a commitment to innovation, Nomadz represents a unique investment opportunity in the evolving outdoor recreation landscape.

  • The outdoor recreation industry in the USA contributes over $1.1 trillion annually to the economy.
  • $800B in trips/travel
  • $200 Billion is New Product Sales
  • $80 Billion is Rental Equipment
  • $30 Billion is Used Product Sales
  • It supports 7.6 million jobs, making it a significant employment sector.
  • Outdoor recreation activities include hiking, camping, fishing, fly fishing, hunting, biking, skiing/snowboarding, surfing, kite sports, mountain sports and more.
  • The industry encompasses various segments, from gear and equipment manufacturing to guided tours and travel.
  • Demand for outdoor products and experiences has surged, driven by an increasing focus on health, wellness, and nature-based activities.
  • National parks and public lands play a crucial role in facilitating outdoor recreation, attracting millions of visitors each year.
  • Outdoor recreation fosters environmental stewardship and conservation efforts by promoting appreciation for nature.
  • The popularity of outdoor activities has led to innovations in gear design, sustainability practices, and adventure tourism.
  • Millennials and Gen Z are driving growth in outdoor participation, seeking authentic experiences and sustainable brands.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic further amplified interest in outdoor recreation, as people turned to nature for solace, exercise, and social distancing-friendly activities.

Join us, and together we can:

  • Help our planet keep gear in circulation and out of the landfills,
  • Give back to conservation and nonprofits helping human-related issues
  • Help outdoor enthusiasts become entrepreneurs and create more outdoor businesses
  • Increase over-all mental health through the outdoors.