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Founder created the company that built the original iheartradio app for Clear Channel in 2007
Winner - National Association of Broadcasters/ Knight Foundation PILOT Innovation Challenge Award
'Top 50 Start-ups to Watch in 2020', Built-in LA (2020)
Webby Honoree - Voice Features Technical Achieve

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Algorithms used by search companies and social media limit people from information discovery in the name of curation. We exist to democratize access to the microphone and information. Live transcription and keyword search of that live audio levels the playing field for discovery and enables content analysis on the fly to reduce bullying and hate.

Making it possible for everyone to have their own live radio show.

nēdl (as in, "the haystack") is an app that allows you to create your own live broadcast show — in 90 seconds. Share your link. Listeners tune in automatically — no app download necessary.

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What nēdl Means to the COVID-19 Era

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We started this company to give a voice to the voiceless by democratizing access to information and the microphone itself. In a world where many of us are confined to our homes as we do our part to "flatten the curve," more than ever, people need to be able to communicate while social distancing, express themselves, and have the ability to earn money from home.  That's what nedl is. A no friction way to amplify the voices of audio creators, teachers, actors, community leaders, elected officials and yes, celebrities.