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necoTECH was just awarded as one of the 16 most fundable companies by Pepperdine Graziadio!
Help necoTECH use our advanced technologies and vehicles to sustainably improve the nation's infrastructure.
Protect the planet. Our solutions offer more sustainable materials, processes, and equipment.

Our Team

It all started with our recycled plastic asphalt as a viable solution for plastic waste. As the climate crisis grew, we quickly recognized the need for other solutions and started working on sustainable concrete and waste diversion solutions. Now we have assembled a suite of technologies that can truly make a large impact on the waste problem!

Our Story

necoTECH started with award-winning recycled plastics in asphalt roads and has been expanding ever since.

It's our mission to transform the way we take care of our nation's infrastructure. We can do this more efficiently and sustainably, dynamically changing how asphalt and concrete are installed and managed. 

We are utilizing more advanced equipment, and creating eco-friendly materials to improve performance, increase safety, and make our infrastructure more sustainable for decades to come.

Why Crowdfunding?

We chose to crowdfund so that we can have a different type of company - one built by the community, fans, and customers who believe in what we offer, not just one that is funded by traditional venture capital. We love the idea of expanding what the Department of Defense (DoD) has affectionately nicknamed "necoNation" where our success is your success. 

necoTECH had taken in over $1.5M in non-dilutive capital from research and service contracts, and grant money. This Wefunder offering is the first time that someone can purchase an equity stake in necoTECH

Advanced Equipment:

Robotic Maintenance Vehicle - The Robotic Maintenance Vehicle (RMV) is designed to replace an entire road crew for sealing cracks in the pavement. RMV uses an advanced vision system and a robot to perfectly measure and seal the cracks more quickly than traditional road crews. It also removes the workers from harm’s way. Estimates for both the DoD and Commercial markets show a return on investment (ROI) to the RMV customer in less than 3 years!

Although robotic asphalt crack sealing is the first commercial use of this technology, there are several other robotic maintenance options under development.

necoTECH has partnered with RMV, LLC and has exclusive rights to the United States Department of Defense (DoD) installations throughout the world. We are aiming for large-scale contracts with the US Military, FAA, and other federal government agencies.

necoTECH is taking pre-orders now on the current RMV, around $1 million per vehicle. We have also been awarded Phase I and Phase II SBIR research contracts with the USAF to develop a military spec version for sale to the DoD.

Rapid Airfield Repair:

Hot Patch on Demand (HOTPOD) - When an airfield is damaged, whether by nature or an act of aggression, it is imperative to repair it right away. Currently, hot mix asphalt is the material of choice, however, until HOTPOD there has often been no rapid hot mix asphalt available for repairs.

Commissioned by the USAF and designed by the Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), the HOTPOD system can deliver Hot Mix Asphalt in as little as 5 minutes.

necoTECH has recently completed Phase I and Phase II USAF Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts to further develop HOTPOD for both military and commercial use. HOTPOD has been tested to safely withstand hundreds of passes of F-15 fighter planes.

HOTPOD is scheduled to be available for sale in early 2023.

Sustainable Materials:

necoTECH is in various stages of research and development of sustainable materials for use in infrastructure construction and maintenance. 

Recycled Polymer Modified Asphalt (RPMA)- The best quality asphalt utilizes polymers (plastics) to enhance its durability. Unfortunately, the market currently utilizes virgin polymers which are petroleum based.

necoTECH has been researching the use of recycled rubber, polymers, and other materials for use in new construction as well as with our RMV and HOTPOD systems. The National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) has selected necoTECH as one of only two US companies to partner in this research.

Sustainable Concrete Materials:

Recycled Materials in Concrete – necoTECH is researching the use of recycled and in-situ materials in concrete as sustainable replacements for Portland Cement. Our first products are scheduled to be available for sale to contractors and the DoD by mid-2023.

Carbon Sequestered Concrete – necoTECH is working with NASA to further develop their research on sequestering CO2 from the manufacturing of concrete and reintroducing it back into the concrete. Initial research indicates that this will make the concrete more durable and redirect the oxidation away from the metal rebar into the clinker. This may keep structural rebar in buildings and bridges from rusting and collapsing.

R&D Agreements:

Most of our research and development (R&D) has been funded by the top DoD labs in the world through Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR), and other agency contracts to stretch investment dollars as far as possible and focus the capital on revenue-driving activities.

We have been awarded 6 total Air Force AFWERX SBIT/STTR contracts in 18 months with more to come. Use of investment funds: Key hires (engineering, sales, product management, operations) and manufacturing (equipment, facilities, and materials), etc.

NOTE: *Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed. * 

R&D Partnerships:

Army Corps of Engineers, ERDC: Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) 

United States Air Force Civil Engineering Center (AFCEC): Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): Partnership with Marshall Space Flight Center

Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU): necoTECH is proudly headquartered in the Delaware Entrepreneurial Center at Ohio Wesleyan University (DEC-OWU)

Product Partnerships: 

DANNAR: Heavy Duty EV vehicle chassis

Robotic Maintenance Vehicle (RMV): Robotic products such as RMV Crack Sealing Robot.

RAP Management: Sustainable asphalt production.

The Pavement Group: Paving partner and advanced technology for paving maintenance.

We also work with various recycling entities for specialized waste streams, and several asphalt/concrete companies for scaling our products nationally.

Patent Protection: We have licensed patents from ERDC, USAF, NASA, and RMV

Award Winning: Recipient of over 10 awards from US Government departments including 7 specialized contracts with US Government departments. 

Ready to Scale: With our products already being tested with the military, our first revenue is from the DoD. As we scale towards large contracts with the military, we will adapt the technologies for traditional markets. This allows us to efficiently develop and fund our product launches with a willing participant and scale the technologies with revenue to the larger commercial markets. Regardless of whether the DoD contracts live on or not, our traditional market opportunities are large enough to sustain continual growth.

Respected: necoTECH has assembled a world-class team of advisors and employees. From IP and trademark experts to experienced venture capital and exit experts to industry leaders in sales and marketing, we are truly blessed to be surrounded by amazing partners and advisors... take a look:

Versatile: Our products range from advanced equipment to advanced materials within the infrastructure and DoD markets.

The Build Back Better framework proposed by the Biden administration includes roughly $2.2 trillion of infrastructure funding. The timing is perfect for us to capitalize on the market opportunity for our technology and mission.

$12.5M 2022 Projected Revenue (+260% YoY)

6 Products (2 Live in the market, 4 in R&D)

We have products live on the market generating six-figure revenue contracts through public and private partnerships.


Ideas do not build companies, people do! An idea is only a small % of a company…

We utilize our strategic relationships with DoD and commercial partners to leverage our proven system for dual-use market commercialization.

necoTECH sources sustainable technology solutions from Federal Labs for known military problems that also have large traditional markets.

Secure funded testing and pilots with active DoD installations and participation from federal labs and universities.

Roll out products to non-military markets based on key insights and validation from DoD and other federal agencies.

For the next 12-14 months we expect that DoD will be our largest customer- at least 85% of revenue.

As our products commercialize over the next 2-10 years, we expect the commercial market to become 80% + of our business

Invest now and help necoTECH to make the world a better place.