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Multi-Factor Analysis Of Y Combinator’s Summer 2014 Class
August 29, 2014
We’re all naturally drawn to those companies that top the charts. And out of this batch of 15 startups, Naytev, PicnicHealth and One Codex emerge as the top three. We noticed that even though data, big data or analytics weren’t part of our criteria, all three startups are data plays.
The State of Innovation in 10 Trends from Y Combinator Summer 2014
August 25, 2014
In fact, today, what is marketing and who makes marketing materials is more up for grabs than ever. In this accelerator batch, a set of companies suggest some new directions for digital marketing themed around content (marketing comes from providing consumers with interesting content they might actually enjoy).
The 10 best startups from Y Combinator’s summer 2014 mega-demo day
August 20, 2014
Like it our not, social media is a giant bucket of traffic just waiting to be poured on your site. But figuring out exactly which headline or image combination resonates best with your Facebook or Twitter followers is tough. Naytev claims it can cut through the guessing with real world A/B testing of social media posts. Sites using the service get real-time analytics from their posts and can adjust their social media strategy accordingly.
YC-Backed Naytev Enhances Social Media Shares To Drive Website Traffic
August 14, 2014
Digital publishers are increasingly reliant on content shared with social networks like Facebook and Twitter to drive readers to their sites. Naytev hopes to optimize the way content is shared by A/B testing headlines and images that make their way to those networks.
July 24, 2014
Optimizely for social sharing
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