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myTab's the only company stabilizing travel prices
myTab brings back emotion to gift giving
myTab's the first company to store pre-travel user data
No one comes close to what we're doing, by far.

Our Founder


We saw there was no loyalty in travel as people spend $243 ($27 p/h x 9 hours) in time wasted trying to find a deal that's $5 cheaper than something they thought they saw a week earlier. That's insane! With all the planning, booking etc sites out there, no one has ever addressed the price fluctuation frustration before. Daily/flash deals are killing the economy and everyone apart from myTab has ignored huge, primary pain for the user.

So we created myTab idea in 2005, waited for PayPal and Facebook to catch up, built the company in 2010 and then launched in 2011. The results:

A full life cycle for myTabbers - gift, save, plan, share & book travels.

Bringing back emotion to gift giving (note $30b of $100b gift cards a year are discarded).

Stabilizing the economy with Match myCash - the more myTabbers funding trips, the more power myTab has to negotiate exclusive deals for myTabbers. Airlines/hotels etc generate revenues at slow and long lead times to a cash rich demographic at a fraction of traditional marketing costs.

It's simple, brilliant and quite genius :)