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Last Funded October 2023


raised from 652 investors


LIVE! IN PRIVATE TESTING: First Fan-Created TV App empowering you to manage the streaming chaos
ALL-IN-ONE search of the entire streaming universe, curating all the movies and TV you love
PERSONAL BOUNDARIES to “Unsee” scenes inappropriate for your family
SHARE PLAYLISTS with family and friends (Like Spotify for TV)

Our Team

MyStreme Overview


Join The Fan-Owned Media Revolution!

Be an early investor in the first and ONLY fan-created, media solution.

If big-tech won't create what we want, we the people can!

No more endless scrolling on multiple streaming platforms

No more paying for subscriptions you don’t use or agendas you don’t support

No more searching for the remote to skip unwanted scenes

No more weeding through thousands of titles, looking for a needle in a haystack

MyStreme delivers a stack of needles – pinpointed movies and shows – just for you. Scan hundreds of thousands of titles from all the top streaming services in a single interface where you see only what you want, not what you don’t!



Share playlists or “HypeLists” with friends, family, leaders, celebs, and others you trust. The prototype for MyStreme V0.1 was previewed last week on our Advisory Council Zoom call. Watch the magic as real Fans reinvent TV in real time...

YOU CAN STILL JOIN THE TEAM and bring your ideas to the MyStreme Advisory Council by investing a minimum of $1,000 before our close (TODAY).


  • FREE PERKS: Today is your LAST DAY to get free subscription perks at these rates.
  • FREE PASS: Invest $1K or more, and you'll get a one week insider pass code for early access as an Alpha tester – This week only.
  • FOUNDER CREDITS: Upon launch of our Beta App, you’ll get your own personalized interface with Founder's Credit for Version 0.1!

Imagine media lists curated by the people you trust:

  • Binge-Worthy series liked by your friends
  • Obscure B-films endorsed by your Sci-fi Nerd club
  • Live Sports for your man cave crew
  • Made for Family shows from your community of faith
  • Or create your own HypeList...

And your MyStreme AI will track reviews and ratings you trust – who value what you value – creating a personalized content library tailored just for you. It will be like having your own personalized TV channel.


We’ve already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in crowdfunding for our first round, and soon we’re launching a new campaign on the heels of many exciting MyStreme developments:


  • NEW Pros: High-level media tech and defecting Hollywood executives
  • NEW Partners: Relationships forged for sports, celebrity and tech partnerships
  • NEW Fans: Huge 200K+ database, and 20K+ waitlist members – Hyped for the revolution!

MyStreme is brought to you by the power of the crowd at WeGo.One and the marketing machine behind billions of dollars earned in Hollywood film and entertainment tech – including the team that launched movies such as The Passion of The Christ, Chronicles of Narnia, The Shack; sports entertainment including Fox Sports, the Lions and The Mets; and the marketing technology team for Chick-fil-A Center Stage, The Hobbit, Winnie the Pooh and Disney's Tangled, among many others.

YES. We’ve developed the leading faith and family-friendly communities, and we are getting ready to launch the next great family campaign!


  • NEW FanFlix acquisition (patented fan-centric curation and social media TV)
  • NEW Clearplay partnership (leader in patented family-filtered films and TV)
  • NEW AI TV Patent secured, offering the wonders of artificial intelligence in your streaming, with more patents pending...

Patent No. US 10,231,019,B2 (shown above, on our staging website)

Our proprietary, revolutionary platform scans hundreds of thousands of titles from all the top streaming services, curates and displays your preferred content in a single interface where you see only what you want, not what you don’t.

While others on the market offer some of these, MyStreme is the first platform ever to combine ALL FOUR interconnected features.

Like Spotify for TV, Billions of people want this. MyStreme is the first to deliver it!


We believe everyone should have the right to control what comes into their home, and MyStreme helps you exercise that right. Through our Clearplay integration, we enable you to LEGALLY filter violence, language, sex, and other content, so you and your kids can watch movies together, without the “Oh no!” moments.

Partnership LOI Signed May 31, 2023: Our partnership with Clearplay will revolutionize your family viewing experience with Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, Apple+, HBO Max, Paramount+, Showtime, Stars, Freevee, among others - from one service!

HOW IS THIS ALL POSSIBLE? We've received many questions from our fans about the legal and copyright aspects of our technology, so we asked Matt Jarman from Clearplay to explain how we will stay compliant with studio content. Learn more in the following video:

SIGN UP NOW and be first to unlock a whole new world of personalized entertainment.


You log into a streamer. Search... Jump to another. You know the drill.


With all the options today, you’re overwhelmed by too much content. The average household spends 22 MINUTES PER DAY looking for movies to watch!


Can you blame them? Ever miss half the game trying to find out who's streaming it? We have too.


Ever wonder why streamers recommend stuff you’re not interested in? Are their “algorithms” completely off? No, it’s that way because they only push content THEY want you to watch.


Many users are cancelling subscriptions from frustration over these unwanted agendas. It's time for propaganda-free TV.


Want a change? Stop complaining about the media and join us! Every week new innovations and partnerships are emerging. MyStreme has combined a robust assortment of software, data, and content, including:

AGGREGATION PLATFORM. We now own FanFlix TV, providing a patent to exclusive tech to aggregate titles, imagery, and descriptions of all content on major streaming platforms – and display it through a single interface. 

STREAMING PLATFORM. We can also stream content we’ve licensed or created.  And eventually, we plan to stream content from the other streamers as well.

AI TV PATENTS. We own Patent No. US 10,231,019, B2 which is a “Digital Parental Controls Interface” as well as the patent on Ai TV, enabling curation via artificial intelligence. 

TOP FILTERING TOOLS. On top of our patented technology, we’re integrating filtering that enables you to watch movies and TV without content you many consider inappropriate (sex/nudity, language, violence, drugs/alcohol). 

SOCIAL INTERFACE. Our social interaction tools will enable users to share – if they wish – their movie and TV playlists, likes and dislikes within private or public groups.

CURATED CRITICS. Our “Curated Critics” provides the most comprehensive ratings and reviews available anywhere – featuring critic and audience data from 11 different sources, as well as family, friends and leaders you trust. 

No other platform combines ALL these features into one. 

MyStreme offers the very best tools to find and organize the content you want, and clear out the unwanted content clogging up your screen.



We honor varied interests, cultures, and values. What’s entertaining for one group may be of little interest, or even offensive for another. What’s entertaining for adults may be inappropriate for children.

Combined with our hyper-curation technologies, never before has this level of personalization been attempted.

In fact, if you can’t find a show that matches your values, MyStreme will create one for you! MyStreme will edit content to your preferences. We call it “Boundaries” because everyone has their own. Imagine watching your favorite dinosaur movie with your whole family, but with a little less violence for the little ones. Just dial it down a bit.

Tired of unwanted agendas in your entertainment? MyStreme will be the “All-In-One” streaming solution with an Ai-powered TV guide that will have only one agenda – to serve you with everything you love, and nothing you don’t. It’s like having your own personal terminator, but programmed for good :)


You are not alone. The domestic market is just a starting place. According to Accenture, 60% of the global population is frustrated and demanding a single login. They want to eliminate managing multiple services. Internationally, content is being pirated and chopped up for multiple languages or for the sake of making it culturally sensitive to various religious beliefs. The world doesn't need another streaming service. We need a better subscription management solution – and an aggregator app.

By 2030, Global streaming is projected as high as $321 billion (MIDiA Research). However, according to Bloomberg, in April 2023 global video streaming projections were reset due to the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology. Grand View Research, Inc. claims these new technologies could grow the market to $416.84 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 21.5% from 2023 to 2030. 

With 60% who want to switch platforms, that represents a $192 to $250 billion future opportunity for whoever solves this problem. The vast majority of people are feeling trapped, often paying monthly service fees they rarely use and often dislike.


In studies to understand what many consumers actually want, 40% expressed a desire to bring back "made for TV" movies they can watch with the whole family. Half of these viewers would either renew previously dropped video subscriptions or pay extra for family edited versions of movies. This represents an estimated annual $36 billion in untapped revenue!




Every investor receives ownership and a VOICE in the company. Yes, if TV is going to be the way you want it, we will need to LISTEN to our early investor ideas. Tell us what is important to you. Do you want interactive TV apps for your family game night? Do you want better parental controls? Want a single controller for surround sound and your TV set? How about a remote you can't lose? This is your opportunity to fix your TV experience.

Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to democratize entertainment. Got a vision for your own invention or brand partnership channel on our AI TV network? We can work together. We might even co-invest or patent your suggestion. Go to WeGo.One and join our Co-Creation forum on Discord. Ideas are buzzing there.

BRAND PARTNERSHIPS: Our founders include the inventor of as well as Father-Son Football Night at Chick-fil-A. Yes, we understand brand integration as well as cross-promotion for a sticky community app or channel partnership. If you represent a consumer brand, don't just buy the media. Be the media. Let's talk!


Invest a minimum of $500, and get FREE access to the beta TV app upon launch – planned for a 5-month subscription with your shares.

Invest $1,000 or more for a seat and a voice on the Advisory Council. Other levels of perks are as follows..


Robert Ghim | Founder | Global CEO

Robert is renown for his achievements in the world of international business, mergers and acquisitions, and project capitalization.

Robert’s professional career started over three decades ago as a newly commissioned Ensign on board the USS Camden. Since then, Robert served as a top executive officer of many distinguished organizations around the globe. Many years of upholding the responsibilities of top management positions have taught Robert how challenging it is to transform complex organizational goals into reality.

Robert has served as the Head of Strategic Planning for Dongwha Group in South Korea, Managing Director/CEO of Genesis Advisors after being recruited by Lennox Global Financial, and the CEO of iCommunication Dynamics. Over the years, he has had high-level involvement in mergers and acquisitions between major corporations, the development of proprietary technology, and the execution of strategic action plans aimed at positioning companies to weather extreme market fluctuations and remain viable.

Robert holds an Executive MBA degree from Brown University; a CFP designation program from Bryant University, is fluent in Korean and holds FINRA series 7 and 66 licenses.

Chuck Hasek | Founder | Consultant

Chuck is a technology innovator who has delivered industry firsts in every role—designing, building, and deploying robust and highly scalable platforms that advance the state of the art in media and communication services. Chuck thrives in climates of uncertainty. From startups to new technology introductions, he's seen and done what others see as impossible.

Chuck is an expert in managing businesses, technologies, and people. As the VP of Video Technology at T-Mobile, Chuck helped develop T-Mobile’s first video service and comprehensive OTT streaming service offered in conjunction with mobile phone and fixed wireless home internet service. And before that, Chuck led the charge in developing a first-of-its-kind IP video service combining local and multi-platform streaming content into a single source, and helped develop a groundbreaking video streaming service for Time Warner Cable, giving customers control over where, when, and on what device to view content.

Chuck has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, 64 granted US patents covering a wide variety of media and telecommunications technology areas, and has won 7 Technical Emmy Awards as a key contributor.

MyStreme is a company of OneDoor Studios

OneDoor has been changing the way major, studio-level motion pictures are made, giving everyday investors a chance to help develop globally released films. After raising over $3 million for multiple film projects, OneDoor is ready to launch another game changing venture, this time, in the world of streaming.

John J. Lee, Jr. | Founder and Chairman | CEO of OneDoor Studios

Successfully led the vision, launch and/or expansion of five entertainment and media entities, and provided business services for 23 studio released motion pictures, TV network series and specials, with global rights earnings exceeding $4 billion.

As a MyStreme founder, John participated in originating and developing its services, global business and funding models, forecasts, and the MyStreme executive team.

Daniel Brian Cobb | MyStreme CMO | Founder and CEO of Daniel Brian Advertising and

Emmy Award winning producer for prime time TV and founder of a leading ad agency for feature films and retail marketing, Daniel has developed and managed $500 million in media and marketing technologies over 30 years – growing countless businesses and entertainment properties by billions of dollars.

MARTECH INNOVATOR: September 5, 2023 Daniel was awarded the patent on Ai TV with protection on artificial intelligence curation and artificial intelligence for contextual advertising (patent No. US 11,750,887 B2). Daniel co-developed PartnersHub, the influencer engagement platform for Disney including Winnie-the-Pooh and Tangled and setting the viral marketing record for generating 300 million organic page views for Warner Bros. The Hobbit.

Notable media patents and implementations include the streaming TV interface (Patent No. 10231019), with Paramount Home Video, Center Stage at Chick-fil-A, Hyperlocal Digital Media used by hundreds of Papa Johns franchisees, PostMonster used by Penske Automotive and the Kasasa AdBox, recently deployed to 600 banks to automate advertising with artificial intelligence.

AUTHOR/SPEAKER: Author of Surfing the Black Wave, Daniel has contributed as a writer for the Forbes Agency Council, and is followed by more than 13,000 media experts on Linkedin. Daniel often teaches at his alma mater, Michigan State University, while his book is an annual curriculum at the U of M as well as marketing webinars and study groups at Rocket Mortgage.


Make-A-Wish Foundation

Henry Ford Heart & Vascular Institute

Missions.Me: Angel House Orphanages

Love Has No Limits: One Day LA, One Day Houston

Stephen Wollwerth | Founder | Executive VP and CCO of OneDoor Studios

Stephen is a seasoned writer, director, producer, cinematographer and editor. His content has been seen all over the world, and includes productions for Fox Sports, National Geographic, and a PBS Docuseries watched by millions.

As a MyStreme founder, Stephen produced almost all of its promotional materials in-house, and has been the creative mind behind MyStreme's branding and corporate image.

Jason Brents | MyStreme Founder | President and COO of OneDoor Studios

As OneDoor’s President and COO, Jason continues to oversee all of its entities, developing and producing their in-house story properties and connecting OneDoor Studios with its various production partners, helping set OneDoor’s development funding and bank production financing.

As a MyStreme founder, Jason was integral in connecting the company to some of its most important partners to date, and helped to develop MyStreme's innovative fundraising strategies.

Risks & Challenges

Competing with Streaming Giants?

All signs point to someone creating a service like MyStreme in the near future. So we know we'll be entering a space with some massive companies, all vying for a piece of a very large pie. That's why we don't plan on making any enemies. We want to give streamers and content creators the majority of each subscription that comes in, and each content provider will be paid based on the actual amount of time spent viewing their content. That way, everyone wins!

Building Something Big

MyStreme has a lot of big ideas. From using AI to curate your recommendations and set your boundaries, to reinventing advertising into something you enjoy, we know how much work it will be to bring everything to life. That's why we've put together a team that has done it before. MyStreme's executive and advisoryteam has created and launched highly-complex streaming platforms within a limited timeframe, and has the experience and expertise to bring this new platform to the world.



MyStreme will be the world’s first fan-owned streaming TV service. Imagine a global community of millions and all the good we can do, together. Our vision is to begin by creating a revolution in streaming: “Our media revolution will put the power of choice on every device in every home on the planet, streaming everything good you love, honoring all languages and all cultural values, including faith and family." That means MyStreme will be a streaming service whose Ai listens to all its viewers, individually, by their choices, learning what matters to them most. And, in addition to offering all programming, as each viewer directs it will even customize content, replacing audio and visuals for personalized experiences.


April 26, 2023 MyStreme acquired a patent (US 10,231,019,B2) and technology which is fundamentally built on new and revolutionary concepts of Aggregation, Curation, Ratings and Filtering. MyStreme will have the exclusive rights to a patent on such aggregation and personalization for uses such as parental controls and the personalized presentation of content libraries.


While others on the market offer some of these, ONLY MYSTREME COMBINES ALL FOUR:

1. AGGREGATION: We pull the content from all the major platforms and put it in ONE PLACE. A library so big, it would take 121.7 years to watch it all.

2. CURATION: We find your preferred content – using input from you, those your trust, and AI – and we display only what you want, not what you don’t. Spend your time enjoying entertainment, not searching for it.

3. RATINGS: On MyStreme you’ll see your trusted and preferred content along with playlists, ratings and reviews from others you trust, including thought leaders, family, friends, and critics of YOUR CHOICE!

4. FILTERS: With Boundaries, you'll legally watch shows without content you may find inappropriate. You are empowered – not the movie studios – to control what is seen in your home. 


Fans decide what they like, not studios. Your TV guide will be crowdsourced. You can even create your own WatchList, HypeList or FanChannel.


Like a playlist on Spotify, a "WatchList" is your private list of movies that you want to remember to watch. However, a WatchList is not visible to anyone else.


Once you’ve got your perfectly curated WatchList, MyStreme will empower you to share them with friends. As a member, you’ll see HypeLists from friends, family, leaders, celebs, and others you trust. That means anyone can create their own WatchList, and share it with their own community of friends. Going public, a WatchList becomes a "HypeList" for everyone to see. If a movie’s good, you’ll know it. If it’s lousy, you’ll know it. No guesswork – once you've found a community of reviewers you can trust. Build your own community, and share your lists.


After you have created a series of HypeLists, you will want to share all of them with your community. A FanChannel is an upgraded subscription that unlocks your own page of HypLists and brings your community into a place where they can all feel they belong.


Below are the planned highlights for each stage of the MyStreme release plan.

V1. Version 1.0 Highlights: 

  • Aggregation – Display content from all major platforms through a single interface. 
  • Curation – Sift content to curate tailored playlists. 
  • Ratings – Combine critics reviews + Trusted Influencer reviews + User likes and dislikes to offer you the most accurate recommendations. 
  • Boundaries – Ability to watch filtered versions of movies and TV on a PC.
  • Web & Mobile App – MyStreme 1.0 will be a website and mobile app. 

V2. Version 2.0 Highlights: 

  • Single Sign-On. Will enable you to sign in and out of your various streaming services (Netflix, Amazon), and manage set-up, cancelation, and payments, all through the MyStreme platform management tools. 
  • AI Recommendation Engine: Curation will be refined by Artificial Intelligence provided by open source AI or rented machine learning technology.

V3. Version 3.0 Highlights:

  • TV Version of MyStreme. Will enable you to access your account on both mobile devices and TVs, offering most all functions on most all device types. 
  • “Deep Link” Access. Will enable you to stream the content from all your streaming platforms directly from (or within) the MyStreme app.

V4. Version 4.0 features:

  • Content Bundles. Content from the top streaming platforms, bundled into a single, discounted subscription price.
  • Artificial Intelligence TV. With no current plans to create our own AI, we intend to be first to market to tap into open source AI as well as machine learning technologies, adding advanced customization of content, such as language translations, localized cultural sensitivity and curated personalization of libraries.
  • Additional Media. Expanding on our initial offering, V4 is planned to add music, video games, news, among other media options as budgets allow the development of these features.

Our priorities are based on feasibility studies and evaluation of first-mover advantages. Of course, market conditions, access to technology and content as well as financial resources will re-prioritize our technology along the way.

We will keep you as informed as we possibly can, without violating our Non-Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality and Security of our Trade Secrets of your investment as various opportunities evolve.

Join the Advisory Council for Early Access to Information: As our MyStreme community grows and provides feedback, we’ll release software updates with improvements throughout the lifespan of each version (for example, V1.2, V1.3, etc.).


Our long-term mission is to "Unite a global fan-owned movement for good," but we have to start somewhere. The first five years have been strategically planned to build a fan base of supporters for MyStreme’s initial market penetration. Even low penetration will win content access from mid and smaller services that will embrace MyStreme to expand their reach. Though expensive, MyStreme may need to buy its way into leading streamers’ content by literally becoming each subscriber’s representative of their subscriptions. As MyStreme’s reach expands, and as data gradually proves content providers earn more from their share of MyStreme’s revenue than their own subscriptions, and viewers’ satisfaction soars, content relationships will move to wholesale cost. We embrace the maxim that making friends and partners is our best short and long-term success path.

MyStreme’s user loyalty will come from an ever-expanding suite of extras that includes access to each viewer’s preferred personal sports, faith, education, hobbies, and profession; the ability for each viewer to easily dial-in their unique preferred levels of violence, expletives, drug use, nudity, and sex; and for the first time the opportunity to be paid to screen ads from their favorite brands.

This initial WeFunder offering will enable the preparation of a follow-up Regulation A $75 million offering, followed in turn by a Regulation S international offering, all leading to an IPO in our future plans.


The MyStreme model provides its fan-owners convenient access to all major programming, as well as even each viewer’s pet fringe programming, from a single source. Though we cannot provide all the information as to how this is possible, we are pleased to assure you we comply with all legally enforceable terms and conditions, much like a search engine does. In fact, deep links became legal in 2019*, so unlimited access to content in our model is fairly new. Though our lawyers keep us compliant, our business character and plans are designed to make contented friends of all content providers. As marketers of their content to a new audience, we are a friendly service. Of course, it is not possible for MyStreme to provide all global content when we launch, but our vision is to provide all the most obvious favorites of "everything good you love" by our launch, and we will continually be eagerly adding and improving each fan-owner’s content preferences. How will we eventually get access to everything? We plan to use the same model that we will use for creating personalized versions of films from Clearplay and for language translation.

What is the Clearplay model? As mentioned in our offering above, we've received many questions from our fans about the legal and copyright aspects of our technology, so we asked Matt Jarman from Clearplay to explain how we will stay compliant with studio content. Learn more in the following video:


The boundaries we each have for viewing entertainment are as diverse as our global cultures, each family and individual. What’s universal is how many of us have boundaries. MyStreme "Boundaries" technology, backed by our partnership with Clearplay will provide its fan-owners easy to use tools to dial in the preferences they may have. Each viewer will originate their unique preferences and they will remain confidential and private with them. Just like you have control over the mute and fast forward controls in your own home, you will have much more advanced tools at your fingertips for certain content. Because these edits will take place in your home and no copy is made from the original content, our process has no known legal challenges. In fact, our model has been endorsed and tested on studio content under the Digital Parental Controls Interface Patent No. US 10,231,019 B2, we recently acquired. As we advance this technology, our commitment is to continue to apply the extraordinary, ever-advancing Ai tools that will assure the viewing experience is as seamless and uninterrupted as technology can enable them.


All streaming companies  provide viewer recommendations and search. Each search algorithm is unique to their particular service. It is natural for these services to train their Ai to favor and recommend the content they own. MyStreme’s is completely viewer indulgent.  MyStreme’s users will create fan-generated recommendations and Ai TV search bots will scour the digital universe for all of the good content you love, based on your personal choice profile and preferences.  Its Ai’s sole agenda is feeding each user their favorite content just how and when they prefer. Further, every user will have the opportunity to submit content to the worldwide library, from most any source.


Investors who join the movement early with at least a minimum investment will be given an opportunity to join the WeGo.One Forum. These early advocates and influencers will share their preferences and ideas, which will be shared, scored and evaluated. The strongest of these will be placed into our roadmap for funding and implementation. Yes, our participating investors will be inventors.

There are four ways our investors will have a voice to co-create MyStreme with us:

  • 1) SURVEY DATA: We are currently building our development priorities roadmap based on our investor's expressed interest in specific features or benefits such as "Values," "Price," "Ai TV," "Co-Creation" and "Sports" with an All-in-One streaming service.
  • 2) SOCIAL MEDIA: Join our WeGo.One Discord community for the latest progress and ideation. This is where we can track and align our priorities to our supporters. Learn more at WeGo.One, by clicking on the Co-Create button.
  • 3) INVESTMENT: With the integration of each new feature, we will reach out to fund the next round of requirements. We plan to offer naming rights to incremental versions funded by a single investor or small group. Reach out to us at [email protected] if you would like to discuss funding a version, feature or channel that particularly interests you.
  • 4) FAN CHANNELS: Like, follow and share content with others, creating curation communities in your own TV network managed by friends and family. "Hype" the content you like.

MyStreme Advisory Council: This is a small community of early investors who can apply to have access via recorded conversations as representatives for our investors. One recent idea arose from our team discussions is the trend toward Social TV. We are currently exploring "FanChannels" that curate libraries of content from sources you trust. What if you could follow the watchlists and favorite movies of your friends, family or even your community influencers or church, for example? This idea came from a member of our Advisory Council.

We have the legal compliance team, we have the technology roadmap, we are building the streaming TV app of the future. Crowdfunded and powered by artificial intelligence, we become part of a DeFi revolution emerging from technology that finally democratizes TV and movie distribution, creating “the people’s intelligent streaming TV service.” We will drive for access to all content on your behalf, abiding under the initial values established by our founding investors:


Fan obsessed: That means you are the boss of us. We take our fans and investors very seriously, involving them at each step of the process, including the creation of the service itself. Ask how you can join the WeGo.One Advisory Council by emailing us at

Disrupt the “No”: We accept no  as a beginning answer. Yet we also believe in asking more questions to find our way to the “yes.” MyStreme’s objectives are neither easy, nor for the faint of heart. Yet they are for the focused of purpose. We know MyStreme is disruptive to current convention. Yet planting good seed begins with tilling the soil and our eye is single to an abundant harvest for everyone’s benefit.  Few things are more pleasant than abundantly pleased customers..

Everyone has boundaries: We believe we all deserve the freedom to act and not to be acted upon, including enabling  parents to parent. Having access to everything good you love should include all viewers, whether watching alone, or with family and friends, knowing that all they see and hear will be within the bounds which they have set.  

Co-creation owns it: Our investor-partners are co-creators, therefore they are advocates for the cause. We believe everyone is created to be a creator, so we dignify our partners, with an offer to join with us in the development of our various properties.

Love is here to serve: Love isn’t love if it’s self serving and oblivious to the needs of others. Love is a value we show by way of service to our customers, fans, partners and investors.

Unity is our superpower: There is power in numbers, especially if those who join us are aligned in the mission, vision and values outlined above. Unity will be our unstoppable force.


You want to raise your own kids, and not leave that to the TV. So, of course, you'll have the option to create "kids" boundaries for time and content restrictions for each member of the family. Your MyStreme TV Bot will be built to sustain your standards on your various screens, giving you peace of heart and mind. Each member of the family will experience their content with edited versions of the shows, creating a potentially different experience for every viewer.

Want to choose where you stream your content from? MyStreme will allow you to prioritize the source of your content, supporting the brands you trust for your media viewing.


For additional answers to common questions, please CLICK HERE or navigate to "Ask a Question," and click on the button labeled, "COMPANY FAQ."