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The ultimate destination for music performances on TV

Last Funded August 2021


raised from 175 investors
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Founder invested $1.1.MM nine years after successful exits in 2010.
"I believe mySongbird will have an incredible trajectory," Linda Johnson Pres. SD
The live-streaming market in 2019 was larger than the entire US recorded market in 2017: Forbes
The Global Music Market will hit 30B by 2030: Goldman Sachs
A realistic objective: capture 5% of the Global Music by 2025
Universal Music contracted with mySongbird to provide 500+ concerts
mySongbird introduced a new way to view concerts, interactively trademarked myWay
Music Streaming is Hot! We want to be a Fan-Owned Force for Good. We need your help.

Our Team

This is an idea whose time has come. People spend basically the same amount of money to watch live sports as they do going to concerts. They watch sports on TV but not concerts. Why not. Technology! Streaming gives music fans a great new opportunity to see concerts they never could with great audio-video and choice.



mySongbird is pioneering the next steps of the music industry by serving music fans in ways they’ve never been served before and by supporting artists in ways the fragmented music industry never has.

With the advent of Netflix, Hulu, and other massive streaming services, the music industry has never taken full advantage of technology available - the quality of video, the quality of audio, and the sheer litany of choices available, whether in live events or classic catalog. mySongbird is here to fill that market gap while giving music fans access to their favorite artists in new and exciting ways, all from the comfort of their own homes.

But more than all of that, mySongbird was founded on a vision of being a Force For Good, and doing so by making moves the music majors simply won’t do: combating climate change through green investment efforts, paying artists fairly in a world of fractional royalties, and giving YOU, the investor, a seat at the table.


With our exclusive myWay™ technology, we are bringing fans a new way to watch streamed events. The viewer is in complete and utter control of their experience as they watch the show, with the ability to access different angles at any time and to switch between members of the band, the crowd, and more to experience a show in ways even in-person attendance won’t provide.


On top of live tech, mySongbird is building the most expansive catalog in the industry. The platform launched with a licensing deal through Universal Music Group, giving our members access to over 500 classic concerts spanning nearly 70 years of concert films and featuring some of the largest names in music history, including Queen, The Rolling Stones, Katy Perry, U2, Frank Sinatra, Il Divo, Metallica, and more, and that’s only the start. With similar deals already in the works, mySongbird is set to become the premiere source for classic concerts, with our sights set on acquiring over 10,000 shows with content for every age.


The entirety of mySongbird’s catalog is available to watch anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re on your TV, computer, cell phone or tablet, all of our concerts are available for members to watch, and shortly will be even more easily accessible with the upcoming release of our apps. Soon, mySongbird will be available alongside streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO on Roku, Fire Stick, Apple TV+, and more, ensuring ANYONE can watch live music, whenever and wherever they want.


mySongbird was founded with the goal of making a difference in the world, and we want to keep that promise transparently and demonstrably. Climate change is very real and is already impacting the entire planet. That’s why we will be investing 20% of our EBITDA into green technologies and initiatives, helping solve the issues of today for our children tomorrow, and growing mySongbird in the process. Additionally, we plan to create the world’s first carbon-neutral record label, stopping excess packaging on physical music, unsustainable merchandise materials, and wasteful promotion practices, and countering the emissions from touring and recording travel by making carbon neutral investments.

This pandemic has proven that artists need more support than ever before: in an industry that pays fractional streaming royalties, and where artists make as much as 80% of their income from live events, we are here to give another income stream to artists and pay them fairly and transparently for their content. Whether through licensing, revenue shares, or ticketing agreements, mySongbird beats the fractional rates the streaming industry pays, and provides another stream of live show income for artists without even having to hit the road.


The pandemic lit a fire under the streaming industry, and the growth statistics are undeniable:

Though the pandemic may have prompted this change, it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the industry is continuing to grow and evolve, and it will last far beyond the current state of the pandemic. The industry has changed for good and mySongbird will be leading the way in capitalizing on these new opportunities.

This investor outreach presents huge potential to be in on the ground floor of the next big thing. Wished you had gotten in on Netflix in 2008? Oculus in 2012? Spotify in 2018? THIS is your opportunity to make that investment and be a part of the company that will be changing the face of the industry.


mySongbird has options for everyone, of every budget, to experience live concerts. Fans can now see top tier concerts, complete, uninterrupted, and in full HD for the first time ever for less than the price of Netflix each month. As we grow, the membership will be even more financially accessible, with the launch of a free ad-supported model later this year. This is not only amazing for the consumer, but it also serves as an incredible opportunity for advertisers to target down to individual concerts, a level of granularity and customer targeting rivaling that of Google and Facebook.


As a Wefunder investor, you will have the opportunity to act as a mySongbird ambassador or to apply to be on our Investor Advisory Board, which will give you a direct voice in the company’s decision making. By investing in mySongbird, you’re more than a stockholder - you have a seat at the table, a voice in company direction. We recognize the best way we can serve our audience is through the voices of those that believe most in our vision, not just those with the deepest wallets.


With our fundraising efforts, we simply aim to take the infrastructure we’ve built and turn it into the best possible version of itself. By investing in us, you’re helping us grow our catalog, put on more events, develop new groundbreaking tech in the streaming sphere, and continue to expand what mySongbird is and can be.


You, the investor, get a piece of the Pre-IPO pie, along with all our tiered bonus offerings; your investment grows along with us as our user base expands; as we sell tickets to one-of-a-kind, exclusive, live events; as we sign artists and push sustainable merchandising; as we attract major advertisers to our hyper-targeted platform; and as our belief in planet-saving technologies pay dividends. This is your chance to be a difference maker, a world changer. So what are you waiting for? Invest in mySongbird today!

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