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The ultimate destination for streaming music concerts

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Founder invested over $1.1 million to build a concert-streaming business that is a Force for Good
An ever-expanding concert catalog from the world's largest music company, Universal Music Group
Check out our myWay™️ multi-angle concert viewing technology:
mySongbird app will soon sit alongside Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu on Roku and Apple TV
Investment at 11¢/share gets you in on the ground floor of an innovative streaming music service
High-growth industry with proven VC interest: Square acquired Tidal for $297MM, March 2021
Features performances by U2, Fleetwood Mac, Springsteen, Ed Sheeran, the Stones, and Katy Perry
Ad-supported service will draw sponsors to cost-effective, hyper-targeted shows like Bob Marley, ZZ Top, IL Divo

Our Team

Mike Mountford is a proven executive and entrepreneur with nearly 40 years of experience operating, growing, and acquiring subscription-based television businesses in the United States.
This is an idea whose time has come. People spend basically the same amount of money to watch live sports as they do going to concerts. They watch sports on TV but not concerts. Why not. Technology! Streaming gives music fans a great new opportunity to see concerts they never could with great audio-video and choice.
Stephen Prendergast Executive Vice President
Stephen is an entrepreneurial leader who brings expertise in not only music but also media, sports, and digital content. Stephen has worked with Live Nation/Ticketmaster, Ninja Metrics, officialCOMMUNITY, and BMG/Sony/Arista Records.
Vice President and General Manager
Meghan brings her prior experience on both the creative and technical sides of the entertainment industry to help give mySongbird its voice. A WGA Award-nominated writer, she finds peace in nature and wants to return the favor.