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We are revolutionizing Digital Decentralized IDs (DIDs) for finance.
myIDFi resolves cumbersome and costly financial consumer application processes.
Blockchain-based anonymous open marketplace for the exchange of persona data for a service via NFTs.
Benefits: Data security, lower costs, ease of use, and one-to-one sharing of personal information.

Our Team

Invest in the Future of Financial Services: Join myIDFi's Blockchain Revolution!

Unlocking the $2.3 Trillion Opportunity

Are you ready to be part of a $53 billion opportunity in a $2.3 trillion market? myIDFi is at the forefront of digital decentralized IDs (DIDs) for finance. Our blockchain-based platform resolves the cumbersome and costly financial application processes that have plagued the industry for years.

Consumers Hate Getting a Mortgage

Consumers Hate Getting a Mortgage: Why is it so Hard?

It is an open secret that consumers hate getting a mortgage. Why? It is a long, repetitive, and tedious process. Shopping multiple lenders, providing personal information that may be subject to abuse, transactional regret ‘Did I get the best deal?’ and why do I get mass marketed by so many lenders?

Industry Marketing is Intrusive

Realtors: Nobody Talks to Me!

Realtors complain of a lack of transparency in the process. ‘I never know when my clients has applied for a mortgage or even when they are pre-approved.’  With the pressure of commission-based class action lawsuits, Realtors need to find ways to increase their value to the home buying public.

The Solution: myIDFi The True Game Changer

Now, enter myIDFi—an innovative solution that puts the power back into the hands of consumers and lenders. With myIDFi, consumers curate their reusable financial profiles, and mortgage providers bid on anonymous mortgage scenarios in a live open marketplace.

Millennials and Gen Z Are Our Target Users

Innovative Technology

Our cutting-edge technology stack includes web, blockchain (Ethereum and Polygon), smart contracts/NFTs (Solidity), crypto wallets (MetaMask), and DID (myIDFi). We leverage the latest tools and infrastructure to provide a seamless experience.

myIDFi is a blockchain-based anonymous open marketplace, where consumers may easily compare competitive mortgage offers without sharing their personal information or being inundated with mass marketing from multiple lenders.

Utility Non-Fungible Tokens for Finance

Lenders: Lower Costs

For lenders, quality borrower prospects builds strong companies. The fewer prospects they touch, the lower the costs, with the savings passed on to their borrowers.

Realtors: Value Add through Transparency

For Realtors, with myIDFi, they can see when a consumer creates their profile, when they receive bids and provide professional guidance and insights to their clients.

It's a win-win-win. 

Simple Bid Process Where realtors May Advise Their Clients

The Mortgage Market Opportunity 

Our initial focus is on the US residential mortgage market, a sector that spends $53 billion on fulfillment and $5 billion on lead generation annually. With an average of 7 million new mortgages consummated each year and the US mortgage debt at $19.33 trillion, the potential impact of myIDFi is staggering.

Average Annual Market Values

Millennials and Mortgages

Forward-Thinking Millennials: Millennials who fit the above criteria may also be particularly interested, given their familiarity with digital technologies and desire for innovative financial services. They are rapidly becoming the largest home-buying demographic.

Tech-Savvy Individuals: MyIDFi's blockchain-based platform will be adopted by people who are comfortable with and intensely interested in technology and digital innovations.

Age of Homebuyers

myIDFi is Pursuing Four AI Initiatives

Mortgage AI Chatbot. Our chatbot will be a resource for instantly accessing information and answering questions about the mortgage ecosystem. Products, programs, and profiles.

Mortgage Pricing AI. Most pricing engines are biased and based on human sourcing from single sources. Our pricing engine is based on historical mortgage rate data, which are constantly amended as the data source appends their rates.

Mortgage Document AI. The ability to parse data from the documents requested for a mortgage application allows us to verify data and populate mortgage requests with nominal user input.

Mortgage Compare AI. Intelligent review of all mortgage offers to select the best transaction to fit a consumer's needs.

All of these are currently being designed and developed by our team for adoption.

Why myIDFi?

Personal Data Control: Consumers have complete control over their data, ensuring privacy and security.

Anonymous One-Stop Shopping: Say goodbye to marketing messages bombardment; shop for financial services anonymously.

Transparent Open Bidding: Providers compete openly, reducing costs and giving consumers the best options.

Compare Best Offers: Easily find the most competitive offers with just a few clicks.

Consumer Dashboard

Setting Us Apart

Unlike our competitors in traditional mortgage lead generation and data lockers, myIDFi puts the consumer in control. With our platform, consumers curate their secure, password-protected, reusable financial profiles while mortgage providers bid on anonymous mortgage scenarios in a live, open marketplace. There is no sharing of personal data or annoying mass marketing—you only interact with the winning mortgage provider! 

myIDFi is Unique in the Market

Revenue Model

We connect 4,100 mortgage lenders and 354,000 mortgage loan originators. Our revenue model includes onboarding, monthly subscriptions, and per-transaction fees, which is a win-win for all parties involved.

Revenue Modeling

The myIDFi Journey

Founded on 8/31/2022, we initiated development on 9/1/2022, and our MVP launched on 2/1/2023. We're currently in beta, onboarding our first adopters. As a self-funded company, we are ready for rapid growth and expansion.

What's Next?

The Journey has just begun and this is a ground floor opportunity and pre-revenue. We have exciting plans for new features, additional use cases, automation, open banking, embedded finance, and improved UI/UX. Join us today and be a part of the future of financial services with myIDFi!

Take this opportunity to invest in a revolutionary blockchain-based solution that empowers consumers, protects data, and saves money. Join us on this incredible Journey to reshape the financial services landscape. Invest in myIDFi now, and let's change the game together!

ASK - Use of Funds

We are in a highly regulated industry that requires state-by-state licensing. Our first 18 months will involve the expansion across the major markets in the US. We will strategically allocate capital to achieve the milestone of building our user base and generating a forecasted $2.1 million in annual revenues within 18 months. Our financial prudence and targeted investments will enable us to scale our operations, acquire new users, and set the stage for substantial future revenue growth. This achievement validates our business model and ensures a healthy runway for further expansion and innovation, reinforcing our commitment to long-term success and sustainability.

Projected Use of Funds After Paying WeFunder Fees

Attracting a New Generation of Investors

 We're excited to welcome a fresh wave of forward-thinking investors to myIDFi. Here's why you should consider being part of our Journey:

Digital Pioneers: If you've grown up in the digital age, you understand the importance of data security, user-friendly experiences, and cost-effectiveness. myIDFi embodies these principles, offering a platform that empowers consumers while safeguarding their data.

Tech-Driven Innovation: We're driven by cutting-edge technology like blockchain and artificial intelligence, reshaping how financial services are delivered. If you appreciate tech-savvy solutions and visionary thinking, myIDFi aligns with your values.

Invest in Tomorrow: By investing in myIDFi, you support a forward-thinking solution and potentially benefit from its growth and success. It's an investment in both innovation and your financial future.  

Safe and Secure: Our platform guarantees the protection of sensitive personal data.