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We enable users to utilize all their cards and currencies, including crypto all in place
Card payments represent a $10 Trillion market opportunity
Highly experienced FinTech team
Card Blanch is a Serial RedDot award winner and backed by experts in fintech banking
Featured on Yahoo, International Business Times, TechStartups, and more
Successfully raised $950K of angel and crowdfunding investment, and

Our Team

For the last five years, our team has had a chance to work with multiple banks and conduct in-depth reviews with their clients. We found that people are not seeking better banks or merchants. They are seeking better experiences. Card Blanch is a solution that creates a seamless shopping experience with no change to existing banks and rewards.


Card Blanch - The Real all-in-one Card.

At Card Blanch, we’re here to enable users to use only one card for purchasing, identification, applying discounts + rewards, and automatically choosing the best card or currency for a particular transaction. Our team and advisors have a proven track record in both fintech and banking. So it makes sense that in addition to raising $1 Million in crowdfunding and angel investments, we’ve won Reddot award for exceptional quality of design

Card Blanch unites all your credit and debit cards, loyalty program profiles, and crypto assets into one succinct space - adding AI-powered services like spending insights and discount opportunities while we’re at it.

Using the power of one singular card, users now have the opportunity to be in more control of managing finances wherever they are in the world. Entering a future where cryptocurrency becomes more of the norm, we believe we are about to change the way people shop.



People typically have up to 4 bank cards that they use for different purposes (source) - and we think this makes it challenging to remember all pins, which card to use, and where to use it. We’ve found the same issue applies to rewards programs.

We unite all your financial strength in one place, combining all your bank cards, loyalty programs, and crypto assets.


With our smart SplitPay © technology, users can better utilize available funds, e.g., make bigger purchases by Card Blanch, covering it with multiple cards. You will still enjoy your cashback and other benefits programs from connected cards while paying for different categories like gas, utilities, groceries, and beyond.

Using algorithms, we can automatically apply the best card and currency for a particular transaction, as well as apply rewards and discount opportunities. Card Blanch then adapts all your financial acts to the credit score optimization plan raising your creditworthiness to the highest limits.


With Fintech and Crypto on the rise, we believe to have a $10T market opportunity. (source)

In the next 3-5 years, we anticipate seeing a huge demand for fintech products that manage both fiat and cryptocurrencies. With that, our US target market is 177 Million cardholders, with $144 Billion in purchase transactions projected by 2025 (source).

When it comes to our competition, we believe other solutions not only don’t streamline banks and rewards into one card, but they don’t offer discounts, management, nor an easy-to-use platform in our view.

Having already established partnerships with over 20 top European and international banks - we understood that people are not seeking new banks. They are seeking better use of their current ones. This is how we came up with the idea of Card Blanch, and we believe we are on track to address these needs in the US market. Here’s more on our roadmap:

When it comes to our business model, we utilize user subscriptions, merchant cash- back and up-sale merchant rewards, as well as interchange fees.

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