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Future Equity
 $16.667M  $15M valuation cap
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Technology ready to overhaul the US Wind Power market starting 2025! No years of expensive R&D
The only US origin Wind Turbine brand other than GE
Low monthly burn rate – 1$/month C-suite/founding team
Aiming for a blockbuster IPO in 2027! Investors may cash out their investments

Our Team

Over the past 5 years, MultiTurbine has engineered advanced scalable wind energy technology.

In 2022, we decided to add the resources and skills of Universal Engineering Services to the team and create Multiturbine Inc., to efficiently develop and exploit our technology.

We have 6+ inventions disclosure in process to protect the IP of all the aspects of our technology.

We believe MultiTurbine will disrupt the $100B wind energy industry in the same way SpaceX or Tesla disrupted their domain.

Large wind turbines are more and more difficult to manufacture and transport, investments increase exponentially.

Our Team of experienced wind energy and industry experts, in partnership with UES and other industry leaders, is well-posed to leverage the strong rise of the wind energy market.


With their very long and heavy parts, up to 120m blades and 800T nacelles, conventional large wind turbines are prohibitively costly to manufacture, test, transport and maintain.

They require expensive factories built at the quay to allow transport by sea, on specific boats, and struggle with high supply chain inflation.

They also present a lot of challenges for transport, installation and maintenance, due to the fact that they require expensive and scarce dedicated vessels or cranes for operations (source).

This results in drastically easier and cheaper transport anywhere in the world via standard 40 feet containers.

**Computer rendering. Product is still currently under development. Patent pending.

One huge advantage of this unique feature is that our technology is by design compliant with the US Jones Act and does not require the very scarce and expensive giant vessels or cranes.

Utilizing an array of turbines, which can be scaled to any size and self-align with wind (offshore version), MultiTurbine technology requires much less investments than single rotor equivalent turbines (source).

Our modular technology uses the same Ø15m - 65kW individual turbine from 0.5MW up to 25MW systems. This drastically reduces the investment and time required to move from one MultiTurbine model to another.

Unlike conventional turbine, MultiTurbine is resilient by design, it continues to produce energy even with several turbines down, resulting in flexible maintenance planning and higher revenues.

We solve a conceptual problem that hinders the development of Wind Power

MultiTurbine breaks the trend of conventional Wind Industry with notably:

  • +200% ROI / +50% profits
  • 15x smaller, 2000x lighter, 90% cheaper components
  • 90% reduction of qty of material and environmental footprint
  • 95% reduction of sourcing problems
  • 95% reduction of investments
  • 90% reduction of maintenance costs

*LCoE = Levelized Cost Of Energy CapEx = Capital Expenditure OpEx = Operational Expenditure


In recent years the roughly $80 billion global wind market has been growing steadily, particularly in the United States where expansion of the market is further supported by new clean energy legislation and by the Inflation Reduction Act.

Trend reports indicate an increasing demand, particularly for offshore wind farms in order to access deep-sea sites where high wind conditions are especially favorable (source).

MultiTurbine has focused on executing a strategic roadmap, starting with research, development, design & laboratory tests.

Following the completion of 2 campaigns of basin tests of a scale model of 6MW floating platform (video):

MultiTurbine is now ready to build its first commercial unit and test it in the US territory.

We have 6+ inventions disclosure in process to protect the IP of all the aspects of our technology.


With your investment we aim to build our first commercial unit, to demonstrate performances and start generating revenues by end of 2024 (not guaranteed). We need to raise a total of $4M to be able to construct the first commercial unit.

During this period we will expand patents and engineering, build industrial and commercial partnerships, expand the company, promote our technology and prepare next fundraising round. Next steps we will develop and commercialize bigger onshore and offshore machines, all of them using the same wind turbine developed initially.

MultiTurbine requires 50 times less up-front investments than conventional wind industry, and a main part of our plan is to build or expand specific manufacturing facilities in the US.

This strategy is strongly supported by the Inflation Reduction Act, as well as by production loans and incentives from the Department Of Energy (IRA - DOE).


Your Investment helps to mitigate climate change !

Because the climate and energy crisis are the main driving forces in the energy transition, the demand for clean energy has never been greater.

This is a giant opportunity, especially with the urgency to limit global warming to 1.5C°.

And climate changes not only threatens life essential but also has a direct monitory laws, as illustrate graphically below

Wind power plays major role in the energy transition and the move towards a decarbonized society, for which Wood Mackenzie projects a global annual investment of $2.7 trillion through 2050 (source).

MultiTurbine is a perfect match to benefit of these coming investments and of new clean energy incentives in the United States and in European Union.

Capitalizing on 5 years of engineering and tests, with our decades-long experience, we do believe that our disruptive technology coupled with the increasing demand for clean energy is going to drive healthy growth and revenues.

Our conservative aim is to capture 8% of the US market and 5% of the +$100 billion world market.

Thanks for studying MultiTurbine's value proposition.

If you have reached this point, you might be seriously considering an investment. Investing in a startup like MultiTurbine is high-risk/high-reward.

In order to succeed, MultiTurbine must become a large and successful enterprise, so if you are ready to take the risk, no matter how small your investment, it will enable MultiTurbine's mission to build a cleaner and safer future for our planet. Buckle-up and join the ride !

Join us today to build a brighter and cleaner future !