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A master tailor in your phone

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With A Mobile App, MTailor Offers Custom-Fit Tailored Shirts For Just $69
May 27, 2015
MTailor is a new kind of fashion company that enables customers to design and purchase premium, tailored shirts for just $69 each. That’s well below what one might expect if they went to a tailor to have a shirt fitted, and even less than some people will pay if they were to buy a dress shirt off the rack from a department store.
How To Make A Custom Shirt With Your Tablet
February 23, 2015
The shirt arrives three weeks after you've submitted your info, and as it turns out, the fit is uncannily accurate. If however there's a glitch, MTailor offers to remake your shirt right away, for free.
This App Scanned My Body And Made A Shirt That Fit Great
October 23, 2014
In about three weeks after doing the scan — which involves the kind of awkward procedure of wearing tight-fitting clothing and holding your arms up while spinning slowly in front of a camera — I received my first shirt. It was awesome.
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