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Invest in Moonpreneur Inc (DBA, Moonshot Junior)

Revolutionary STEM platform to create future innovators and entrepreneurs

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Revolutionary patent-pending experiential learning subscription program, 40% QoQ growth & 2-3yrs LTV
$100K+ in monthly revenues (MRR), with cash flow positive in Q1, 2023 ($3M+ ARR by the end of 2022)
Raised over $3.5M so far (via Wefunder & Angels). The current round is of $1M bridge to series 'A'
Our students have launched products on Kickstarter, amazon, app store, NFTs and became entrepreneurs
The founding team built multiple successful tech companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.
Guided by many entrepreneurs as investors/advisors who have themselves built/exited $100M+ companies
We've delivered our programs to over 2000 students in the last 18 months. Strong growth.
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Our Team

Our preliminary research showed that the current education system with its traditional approach to learning is not catering to the needs of the children for building their future. We care not only because we have a close association and experience in e-commerce and can see and predict the needs of the future but also as parents of school goers.

Revolutionary STEM platform to create future innovators and entrepreneurs

Moonpreneur, a Silicon Valley startup aims to disrupt education and EdTech in particular, via its patent-pending, outcome-focused program.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship is NOT taught in K12 education:

  • Future of work and requirements for college admissions are changing, however the current K12 education system is not keeping up
  • Students don’t realize their passion till university or even later. Over 80%
    educator agree that their key concern is how to ignite interest among
  • As per the University of Washington, more than 50% of graduating students with a bachelor’s degree are unemployed or underemployed, outside USA the numbers are worse in most part of the world.
  • Today's kids will have multiple jobs & careers in the future. Learning entrepreneurial skills will help them to chart out a career path for themselves

    The opportunities we are creating:

    • Revolutionary STEM platform to create future innovators and entrepreneurs 
      ( Early mover advantage)
    • We help the students in the early realization of their passion
    • Skill-building (technical, soft and entrepreneurial) in children through hands-on product creation
    • Introducing structured product innovation to K12 students
    • Provide hands-on experience of product building and launching to children

    Do you know that the Future Of Work Will Demand Several key Skills including Curiosity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Empathy, Resilience, Imagination & Creativity, Networking & Relationship.

    Though, we believe, each one of us is gifted, but still, the top 5 percentile students can really maneuver the systemic gaps. What happens to the remaining 95%? Well, unfortunately, the remaining 95%, especially at a younger age, struggle with challenges due to lack of access, interest and overall motivation.

    At Moonpreneur we are looking to change that!

    We believe that every child has the potential to innovate and leave an impact on the world. And we are on a mission to ignite the spark of innovation and entrepreneurship in every child so that they can reach their potential.

    Our platform encourages and motivates children and teaches them all of the key skills for the future of work in an outcome-focused and fun-filled learning environment.

    With our methodology & processes, every child undergoes experiential learning by building a prototype using design thinking and presenting their ideas to the world and finally launching the innovation in the market. Our hands-on programs combine a world-class pedagogy of teachers and methodologies, learning kits, curriculum, real-world applications and thus teaching our students product-building experience in a scalable way.

    Our platform offers two highly effective and very scalable programs called Innovator Program’ for 8-15yr olds and ‘Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development Program’ or ELDP for high school & university students:

    Innovator Program(IP) is for young children aged 8-15 and is delivered through four quarterly modules in a year-long live online instructor-led format, where students learn cutting edge technology like robotics, smart devices, game and app development, and soft skills, where each student able to gain technical knowledge & entrepreneurial skills and create a prototype, and take their ideas into a pitch and present it to a jury and participate in global competition Moonbattle ( Also, able to raise money via Moonpreneur crowdfunding platform, moonfunded ( and able to launch the product in the market

    Many of our students have launched their products on Amazon/eBay, mobile apps on IOS/Google play, video games on Unity, Roblox, artworks on NFT platforms and books on Amazon books among others. With our innovator program, children are learning necessary skills and are developing their own products which they are taking to market. Our Innovator Program is helping children develop an entrepreneurial mindset via STEAM thus making them ready for the future of work.

    ELDP is delivered through a series of boot camps & incubation modules in a live online instructor led format in collaboration with global world-class colleges and organizations. Here, students are able to learn ideation, design thinking, revenue & business model, go to market etc. and present their ideas to investors & industry leaders and are also able to raise money via Moonpreneur proprietary crowdfunding platform, moonfunded. In less than 2 years of our journey, several thousand students have graduated from this program in partnership with multiple colleges including IIM Kozhikode, IIT-Roorkee, University of Texas El Paso, IIM-Vishakhapatnam, IIT-Guwahati, TiE Dallas, RGUKT, SVU, PU & Isha foundation etc.


    Our SaaS-based monthly subscription and product-first approach is experiencing huge MoM growth rate, with over 2000 students in various of our programs in USA, UK, Canada, India, UAE etc. translating to $100K+ in revenue per month (MRR). There's also some very smart money coming in including investments by EdTech industry leaders. Also, we're observing one of the lowest student attrition rates across the EdTech industry. 

    What's more rewarding is that several of our investors are parents of our students who fell in love with what we do at Moonpreneur. Before you invest, we invite you to try (or refer families who could benefit from) our FREE, no commitment Trial Session ( As we’re confident you will not only fund our campaign but will also become our customer.


    •  Both Innovator program and ELDP are highly scalable products
    • With our unique cohort-based teaching methodology (with two teachers), we can scale from few hundreds to tens of thousands of students within a short span of time while ensuring that each student get complete end to end experience of learning, building a prototype and taking their ideas to the market
    • A healthy mix of synchronous & asynchronous modes ensuring optimum usage of resources with quick cycle time for delivery
    • Core focus on delivery via Classroom model while ensuring that each child gets individual attention from teachers
    • Onboarding channel partners at a fast pace. All these channel partners come with industry and geography experiences of multiple years in the intended market

    Go to market (Growth Hack)

    Both Innovator program and ELDP have started generating positive vibes in the industry which is also helping us to grow our business via multiple strategies:

    • Our pitch competition platform Moonbattle enables students of Innovator
      Program to develop their leadership skills and build a team (that includes non-Moonpreneurs) and ideate and pitch their product idea as a team to a panel of entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and industry leaders. This highly engaging platform brings together Moonpreneur Students, their parents and non-Moonpreneur students together to create a highly charged environment:

    • Our crowdfunding platform Moonfunded enables students of both Innovator program and ELDP to raise funds for their product or startup idea. This highly engaging platform brings together Moonpreneur Students, their parents, their friends and family and total outsiders together to create a highly charged environment, translating to a large number of leads and visibility.
    • ELDP is completely driven in a B2B2C model where we are partnering with the colleges, universities, institutions (for student acquisition) to deliver this program
    • We have also partnered with many schools to impart our courses at Schools which will also bring a steady flow of students for the Innovator program
    • We are receiving a lot of interest from our channel partners (globally).
    • Many HNIs and corporates have come forward to gift our courses to bright students. In future, this stream is bound to grow significantly

    Why Virtual Classrooms/Cohorts:

    Our focussed mode of delivery is via online classroom approach where children learn together with individual attention from teachers:

    • Kids learn better when they learn together with their peers
    • Children show higher engagement and motivation level when other children in the class start asking questions or start performing better.
    • Scalability is high with the classroom mode of delivery
    • With global audience in the same classroom, our children are getting exposure to multiple cultures
    • We ensure that children learn at the learning pace which is suitable to them
    • With the prevalence of school education globally and due to online delivery of classes due to corona, kids are already conditioned to learning in online classrooms settings
    • Hands on learning using physical products which is complemented by online tools like tinkercad, etc
    •  Post Corona, parents continue to prefer "add-on" classes (i.e. outside of regular school) that their children can attend from the comfort of the home. 

    Moonpreneur is generating revenue that places it firmly above and beyond the "proof of concept" phase; most other equity crowdfunding campaigns are pre-revenue at best. It is no small feat that in 2 years since the company’s inception, we have grown to a 80+ full-time employee team and over $100,000+ in MRR. Besides:

    • We’re adding several hundred customers each month 
    • We have generated revenues of $200,000 in 2020 and approx $464,000 in 2021 and we are on our way to $3M+ ARR by end of 2022
    • The Innovator Program is a multi-year, multi-tier program that has a high LTV since students can be retained for years with multiple projects at a low acquisition cost.
    • We have several B2B customers and have a strong pipeline
    • Every month we are tying up with a new IIT or IIM and other prestigious institutes


    We can draw data in multiple ways ($5.5B+ market in US alone.. And expanding to other territories we see at least another $6.5B market). Combined with our MoonCamps and ELDP offerings, we see a TAM of approx $12B market or more worldwide.

    Here is an example of one of our learning kit: 

    Moonpreneur evaluates students and offers data-based learning tracked through Moonscale (WIP). An AI software, Moonscale will assess students via 50+ data points. The AI will help in predicting knowledge assimilation, interest identification, suggesting educational forecasts, and enabling adaptive learning among other benefits. Currently, this process is carried out manually.

    Every new beginning is seeded deep within an inspiration! Kids of today are booming with inspiration and Moonpreneur is here to show these creative minds a way to turn ideas into success stories. From idea conceptualization to final release, we have a team of experienced mentors to take care of everything. We have assisted many students to pursue their passion and innovation in the past 1 year. Presenting some of the success stories from our journey:

    • Sania, built her computer kit and went on to complete a successful Kickstarter (raised over $8500). It is now selling on Amazon and eBay.
    • Samvi, designed a subscription toy box to engage children with autism which led her to speak at TEDx.
    • Shourya, Founder of MQBit and creator of the Tambola app available on The Google Play Store or the Apple App Store!
    • Shoham, created own game on Roblox and conducted game development session. Also built AquaShot game and sold over 250 quantity on Amazon.

    Moonpreneur already has a base platform/processes/curriculum and is now seeking investments to scale their growth and build a world-class EdTech company for K-12.

    The Moonpreneur founding team comprises several serial entrepreneurs. We have some of the biggest names on our advisory board including Ken Burke, Himanshu Aggarwal, Upen Varanasi and Ali Davoudi. Some have founded and exited $100 million+ companies. Moonpreneur is driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, creativity, and fun. We are a family of professionals working collectively to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in children at an early age.

    What's more rewarding is that several of our investors are parents of our students who fell in love with what we do at Moonpreneur. Before you invest, we invite you to try (or refer families who could benefit from) our FREE, no commitment Trial Session ( As we’re confident you will not only fund our campaign but will also become our customer.

    Goes without saying, the post-pandemic world has seen unprecedented growth in the eLearning industry including many new unicorns. If you believe in our mission and wish to help nurture innovative minds, we invite you to join us on our journey to change the future of Education and impact millions for good.

    Before we sign off, here is a quick summary of our key performance indicators for the prospective investors: