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Building "the Xbox of biology"!

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It's a scientific instrument, but it's ALSO a gaming console!
This is the future of biotech—vast distributed coordination of experiments, accessible by everyone.
This is the path to solving biology in our time—saving countless lives and saving the planet!
Raised $1.2M from leading angels and institutions, including YC, the world's #1 startup accelerator.

Our Team

Chose our approach after more than a decade of rigorous work developing approaches to molecular sensing.  Founder became a scientist with the goal of curing diseases, and realized early on in his career that much better tools were needed.

Molecular Reality Corporation™

Imagine that a scientific instrument and a gaming console fell in love and made a baby. 

That baby is the demonpore 64™.  Think of it as "the Xbox of biology”.  

It contains advanced molecular sensors called "nanopores", a powerful emerging technology that was pioneered by a member of our team (our SAB member Prof. George Church of Harvard Medical School) 

You can start doing experiments with REAL cells and molecules from all around you right away—you pour liquids in, and the game begins!

Now imagine people all over the world playing together, combining data with vast, carefully planned experiments at a global scale.  The combined power of that network will help SOLVE BIOLOGY in the coming decade!

What is a “molecular gaming console”? 

It’s an advanced scientific instrument, powered by nanopores, that turns raw signals from REAL cells and molecules into gaming experiences. By playing the games, you’ll contribute real-world molecular and cellular data to vast, coordinated experiments.

The scale of these experiments will satisfy the wildest dreams of the most ambitious scientists working in biotechnology—we will MAKE HISTORY! 

Our team includes some of the most accomplished and brilliant scientists on the planet!

And people can't wait to buy one! 

Here are just a few of our favorite comments from hundreds of people who've answered the question "What excites you most about the demonpore 64™?"

This is literally the coolest citizen science idea I have ever heard of and I want to take part so badly!
I think the demonpore 64 is the coolest thing this century.  It's going to allow regular people to help push science forward faster.
Science at scale, in the home, and gamified—what's not to love?
This is the coolest freaking thing I have ever seen.
This is no see before.
Is it possible not to be excited about exploring Molecular Reality?

What games can it play?

Players will choose games from a variety of fields in molecular science—picking the missions that inspire them the most!

  • Virology: 2021: A SARS Odyssey™    At first, you simply shoot alien invaders that are generated by signals within the console.  You generate data using safe, non-toxic, non-infectious particles that mimic the tiny structural differences between real viruses, helping scientists develop methods to prevent future pandemics!
  • Veterinary Science:  DogeBio™    In the beginning, it's just you and Doge, and the game is to take him for a walk while dodging obstacles.  The obstacles are procedurally generated based on combinations of reagents you put into the console, and the data will help develop biomarker assays for your best friend's health.
  • Environment: Raindrop Planet™   Discover new microorganisms in your own backyard, new methods to identify industrial pollutants in the air, water, and ground, and collaborate with players from around the world to develop the most useful molecular sensing tools to help save the planet!
  • Ending Aging: Dragon Tyrant Must Die!™   Inspired by the classic Nick Bostrom story, this epic multi-year game will eventually allow population-scale, longitudinal development of new aging biomarkers and intervention strategies.  In the first campaign starting this year, we will develop methods to track AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products) forming in collagen.
  • GenomicsGenomic Ranger™    In this western-themed game, you ride across the vast landscape of the genome, developing methods to tease apart the complex structures of DNA and its epigenetic regulation.
  • MicrobiomePoop of the Gods™   In the cold dark void beyond Uranus, ancient alien space gods are dumping mysterious moon-sized waste products—and you must stop them!  In real life, you're helping scientists understand the complexities of the gut microbiome... and yes, you will eventually get to "explore the sacred stinky" from your own provided samples!
  • Astrobiology: Molecules of Mars™   In the game, you're a brave early Martian explorer, trying to grow your own food on the red planet.  But in real life, you're back here on Earth, doing experiments with actual Martian regolith simulants—helping develop methods to feed future Martian colonists, possibly including yourself some day!
  • Food Science: Gastromancy™  You play a student at a magical culinary arts school, learning to cast spells in the form of delicious meals. In the real world, you're following recipes from world-class chefs and taking extracts from the food you prepare to study the molecular mysteries of scrumptiousness.

You're not just investing—you're voting for the future of biotech!

An investment for the decades

The age of personal biotech is just starting. We're building an inexpensive but powerful scientific instrument that's literally as easy to use as a toy, something millions of people will have fun playing with while radically accelerating the pace of biotech.  

That's our path to devouring a big chunk of the global TRILLION DOLLAR biotech services industry.  It's exactly the kind of thing that won't be obvious to everyone until it's too late to get in early.

Imagine it’s the 1970s and you’ve just met some geeks in a garage who’ve built a “personal computer,” and they want you to invest.  In other words, imagine the chance to invest in Apple in the 1970s!  

Now, change the decade to the 2020s, and insert “molecular gaming console” for “personal computer”.  Your investment in Molecular Reality, Inc.™ has equally great potential—led by visionaries who understand how central to our lives molecular sensing will be, just as Steve Jobs foresaw how important personal computers would be.

INVEST TODAY to guarantee a free console and early bird terms!

If you're reading this, we still offer a free console (at the launch of the full product in Q4 2022) to everyone who invests at least the minimal $100.  Hurry, since this offer will not last after we have passed the early bird phase of our campaign!

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