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Official NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, and PGA Tour branded backpacks and luggage

Last Funded July 2021


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We sell NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, Team USA Olympics, and PGA Tour branded backpacks and luggage.
We tap into two multi-billion $ industries: licensed sports merchandise and travel goods.
Our competitive landscape has high barriers to entry and virtually no competition.
Current distribution - Fanatics, Amazon, Target, Bed Bath, Home Goods, Home Depot, team stores

Our Team

What better way to support your favorite team than by using a team branded bag! A team branded bag also makes it easier to identify your bag at the airport, shows where you are from, and serves as a great conversation starter.

Go to School with Your Team. Go to Work with Your Team. Go on Vacation with Your Team. BE A PART OF YOUR TEAM!

I’m a big sports fan and I love to travel. So I thought, “What better way to support my favorite team than by using a 49ers carry-on?” It would also make it easy to identify my bags at the airport.

I leveraged the relationships I built during my first company to secure licensing rights from all the major professional sports leagues. MOJO is the official licensee for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA (top 150 schools), Team USA Olympics, and PGA Tour branded backpacks and luggage. It is very difficult and expensive to obtain a full spectrum of sports licenses. In fact, we are the only company with licenses from ALL the major professional sports leagues for all bags and luggages. However, having an all-inclusive menu makes MOJO a one stop shop. Since inception in 2017, we have built out our sports licensing offerings, product line, personnel, Southern California warehouse operations, and third-party retail distribution channels.

We currently sell our products through Fanatics, Amazon, Dicks, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, and team stores. MOJO has grown sales every year; except during the pandemic when most sporting events and leisure travel were paused.

Where We Are Headed…

We have the biggest sports licenses. We have the products that people want. We are in all the major retailers. Now we need to add fuel to the fire by making a big investment in marketing. Up until this point, MOJO has only marketed its products through discount programs with third party retailers. However, a strategic digital marketing plan will generate consumer interest, as well as drive direct to consumer sales. Most sports fans don’t even know that they can buy an overnighter with their favorite team on it. In addition, we hope that direct to consumer sales will expand our market reach, and more importantly, yield double the profit margins (not guaranteed).

Five years from now, we want to be known as THE one stop shop for all sports bags. When someone wants to buy a Raiders backpack, we want them to immediately think of MOJO and go to

Join Our Team

Once the pandemic is under control, and sporting events and travel behavior resume, MOJO will be able to harness its licensing assets and launch sales. People are tired of the endless cycle of mundane weekends and video happy hours. People are tired of spending money on home improvement and groceries. People are eager to resume their former lifestyles, where vacations and sports were favorite pastimes. A targeted marketing campaign on Facebook and Instagram will create excitement and sales from people who are eager to go back to the office, travel, and school. 

The hardest part of building this business has been done. We have assembled all of the biggest sports licenses: the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA (top 150 schools), Team USA Olympics, and PGA Tour. We compete in the $31 billion dollar travel industry and $15 billion dollar sports merchandise industry with no direct competition. We are in stock in over 7,000 different styles 100% of the time, for all teams and products, without having to maintain inventory in all styles because our products are finished in-house. We are set up to do 10x the current sales volume without a material increase in expenses due to our automated systems and electronic integration with retailers.

We love the company we have built. We are proud of how far we have come in a short timeframe. We are now at an inflection point in our business, ready for explosive growth with a laser focus on marketing. By generating awareness and interest, as well as driving direct to consumer sales, we believe we can increase sales by many multiples over the next few years. We hope you will invest in our growth at this exciting time and join the MOJO team!