Delivering a modern cookie for the next generation. Classic taste with real health benefits.

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Proven traction with over 1.3 million cookies sold and ~$1M in sales since inception
Launching into 1k+ doors nationwide including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Hungryroot, Costco and many more
Infrastructure in place to reach 45% in gross margin by Q3 with $5.5M in contracted future sales
Functional differentiation: Cherished cookie taste with 40% less sugar (fruit), 3x protein & fiber

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Help us bring an incredibly delicious cookie brand that’s actually good-for-you to the masses!

TLDR; FAQs Before You Read On

Who is Mmmly?

Mmmly is a nostalgic, good-for-you cookie brand developed by former pastry chef Nicholas Naclerio. Our New York-based brand aims to make it easy for people to be healthy by offering cherished classic cookies in recipes with great nutritional value.

What does the future of Mmmly look like?

Our vision for Mmmly is to become a key player in the cookie category ($12B), with intention to expand beyond cookies and into other snack lines ($50B industry). As we focus on bold and impactful decision-making, we are continuing to build a strong internal team and investor network for the future that believes in:

1. Profitable and Steady Growth 

2. Challenging the notion that health and indulgence cannot coexist 

3. Being a leader in cookies and snacks while creating a positive impact

Why are we opening up this investment opportunity?

It’s simple: to accelerate our growth as a company, and to share the upside of our success with our supporters by giving them the opportunity to invest and reap the benefits with us! We’re even turning our consumer feedback into tangible action by making product changes that will benefit our audience like developing nut-free, top 9 allergen friendly flavors for the first time.

What will my investment be used for?

Your investment will be allocated towards increasing growth and efficiency, ultimately driving us towards profitability (projected in 2026). We are planning to use our funding to support: working capital (sales expenses + production), labor, marketing, and more. Please continue on for additional information.

Why should you invest?

As a shareholder in Mmmly, your future share is anticipated to:

1. Continue growing in value! In 3 years, we see the opportunity to 10x the business and generate $18.5M in revenue, which will hyper-charge our valuation.

2. In the event of an acquisition, an investor would receive a healthy return.

3. You become a part of the Mmmly team!

In simple terms; as our company grows, so will the profits, distributions and value of your individual shares!

Keep reading to learn more about our story, products, tremendous growth and investment opportunities!

Mmmly: Where Health Meets Happiness

Mmmly is a nostalgic, good-for-you cookie brand...

We're making it easy to eat what you love by offering cherished classic cookie taste with good-for-you benefits. Our original line of soft-baked cookies combine the perfect balance of protein, healthy fats, fiber, and real fruit sugar with craveworthy classic flavors.

Mmmly’s vision is to be the enduring brand of choice, focused on redefining the standard for health-conscious staples to align with shifting consumer demand for snacks with no sacrifice on taste and health.

Invest in Mmmly

Our Mmmission: To create food with purpose and to inspire individuals to live strong and healthy lives, connecting people to food that contributes to their health, joy, and the planet.

Founder Nick Naclerio's Story

Nicholas meticulously formulated Mmmly so that cookie lovers like himself can continue enjoying delicious cookies while reaping the health benefits. The Big Picture: We love cookies. Always have and always will. Unfortunately, cookies have historically been a driver of obesity and diabetes, commonly filled with added sugar and saturated fat. With Mmmly, we're changing that narrative.

From a Bakery in Italy to a Cookie in Your Local Supermarket

Nicholas worked with experts and leaned on his pastry experience to craft a modern day cookie that incorporates beloved American flavors, hints of European ingredients inside, and all of the health benefits you deserve.

“La famiglia e tutto" as we say in Italy: “family is everything.” Our business is fortunate to not only be rooted in a delicious heritage of baking, but to have the strong backing of family through investment, advisory, and even the occasional in-store sampling support.

With our crowdfunding campaign, we open our arms and invite you to become a part of our family and the sweet beginnings of our story.

A Massive Category and a Clear White Space

The Market: Cookies are a $12B category that's projected to grow ~4% annually.

A strong share of consumers would like to indulge more permissibly, with 64% of cookie consumers agreeing that they wish there were healthier options. 33% of US adults would be willing to try a new cookie if it were made with natural sweeteners (Mintel Better-For-You Eating Trends US, 2021).

Legacy brands are indulgent but horrible for you: filled with sugar, artificial ingredients and additives, and saturated fat. 

"Better-For-You" brands often miss the mark on taste and lack the macronutrient profile for everyday consumption.

Mmmly stands out by successfully marrying beloved, familiar flavors with exceptional nutritional value. 1% market share capture equates to a $100M business…

... and we're just getting started. Mmmly cookies are designed to cater to a wide audience with the intention to land and expand into other categories. We’re starting with the $12B cookie market, using our initial cookie offering as a wedge into the $50B snacking market. We envision turning Mmmly products into essential pantry snacks!

Good-For-You is Making its Way Across Categories

Good-for-you has paved the way in many categories, and Mmmly is taking the reins in cookies. Consumers are looking for delicious products that offer holistic, functional benefits like digestive and gut health support. Upon Mmmly’s entrance into the market, prebiotics grew the cookie & snack bar categories 13%+ in dollar growth (SPINS Natural Enhanced Channel & Conventional Multi-Outlet (powered by Circana); 52 Weeks Ending 06.18.23).

Consumers want health and indulgence, and they aren’t willing to compromise. That’s why at Mmmly, we say:

"Have Your Cookies and Eat Them Too"

Mmmly delivers a home run nutritional profile - purposeful ingredients that delight on taste with amazing health benefits... 

(1) 6-7g of Plant Protein (2x the protein)

(2) 4-5g of Apple Sugar (40% less sugar)

(3) 7g of prebiotic fiber for gut health

(4) Good fats

(5) Balanced macros

(6) Satisfies hunger

…in 4 delicious flavors: Dark Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Banana Chocolate Chip, and our Chocolate Hazelnut flavor currently being developed in partnership with celebrity-owned TBH.

Mmmly is a Grade Above the Competition

In a crowded category, Mmmly stands out with superior differentiated benefits for consumers, right at the intersection of health and indulgence. It’s why our customers have chosen Mmmly time and time again, landing us…

Over 1.3 Million Cookies Sold Since Launch

Our focus since inception has been driving our rate of sale banner by banner. As a result, Mmmly has consistently achieved strong velocity performance and a sky-high reorder rate. We are on the verge of eclipsing $1M in revenue since inception with nearly 1,500 points of distribution, and counting!

Thousands of New Doors in the Pipeline

With your partnership, Mmmly can expand rapidly in existing and key new retailers and foodservice partners such as Sprouts, Whole Foods, Wegmans, CIBO, Thrive Market, Sweetgreen, CVS, United Airlines, and more!

We are ready to execute on $2M in contracted annualized sales in 2024 with a robust future pipeline of opportunities representing $3.8M in additional long term sales. We aim to reach $4M in annualized sales by year end 2025 with 5,300 points of total distribution and a revamped e-commerce presence via Amazon.

A Pathway to $30 Million

Our dream is to achieve > $30 million in revenue in 5 years. We have a strong plan in place to continue improving gross margins with a focus on expanding our co-manufacturing network, optimizing ingredients, and simplifying packaging.

The Right Founding Team

Team is EVERYTHING. Our founding team brings a diverse blend of expertise in product development, general management, sales, marketing, finance, and supply chain. Our strategic mix allows us to do big things as a small team. The perfect recipe for success, to divide and conquer (with cookies!).

A History of Significant Enterprise Value Creation

Our dream is to delight as many consumers as possible with the opportunity to indulge in a product they love while absorbing health benefits.

Our current focus is on nailing priority objectives that empower us to scale profitably. In doing so, we expect to emerge as an attractive acquisition target for strategics who can take Mmmly to the next level when the time is right through the right infrastructure, economies of scale, etc.

Demand for good-for-you indulgence products will continue to grow and is predicted to remain a growth priority for multinationals such as Mondelez, Pepperidge Farms, PepsiCo, and others.

World Class Advisors and Investors

Mmmly has spent time building a world class investor/advisory board, including executives with former experiences at Oatly, Super Coffee, Siggi's, Quest Nutrition, AB InBev, Johnson and Johnson, Dream Pops, and more.

We've had the privilege of relying on this incredible group for advice on key commercial decisions and will continue to opportunistically add to the team.


Our vision is to make a lasting impact on the cookie sector and beyond! Investing in the early days at a ~$4M valuation provides an incredible opportunity to achieve a great return on invested capital.

Use of Funds: capital raised will empower us to:

1) support upcoming retail launches (inventory production, promotional spend)

2) invest in product innovation and marketing

3) build our dream team

With your help, Mmmly will be well positioned to conquer 2024 and far beyond!



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