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Social Censorship: Should Social Media's Policy Be Free Speech?
October 29, 2020
How should social media deal with controversial subjects or false information? According to alternative social network CEO Bill Ottman, freedom is the best policy. And, he says, it's also the policy that results in the least harm. At election time, when fake news is a hot button topic on all sides of the political spectrum, that might be a controversial opinion.
This social media platform gives you the option to make your posts undeletable
October 28, 2020
Alternative social media platform Minds is now letting users permanently save their content on the Arweave platform, which ensures that nobody can ever delete it once published. Minds users can choose to publish their content on the "permaweb" with no payment or additional setup required.
This Social Network Just Took Another Step Toward Becoming Uncensorable - Decrypt
October 20, 2020
Crypto social network Minds aims to become fully decentralized. Image: Minds In brief Social network Minds has added the ability to save posts to Arweave's permaweb. The addition is billed as a further measure of censorship resistance for social posts. The Ethereum-based social network claims more than 3 million users.
"The Abandonment of Clean Algos is the Suicide of Mainstream Social Media" - Minds CEO Bill Ottman | Hacker Noon
September 7, 2020
Bill Ottman is the co-creator and CEO of Minds, a free and open source social network with crypto rewards. They continue to make waves as an alternative to the incumbent social network business model of surveillance capitalism. Bill has also been a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast.
Crypto Social Network 'Minds' Sees Users Flock From Twitter and Facebook Over Privacy Concerns | Bitcoin News
July 19, 2020
Crypto social media platform Minds has been garnering users who are concerned about their privacy, according to the company's CEO. The open-source platform, seen as an alternative to Facebook or Twitter, awards users with cryptocurrency for engagement.
Minds, an open-source social media platform wants to fill the void caused by the ban on Chinese apps
July 15, 2020
As millions of Indian users scout for new social media platforms in the wake of the ban on 59 Chinese apps and growing privacy and security concerns on the US ones, an open-source and decentralised platform Minds which is often touted as an antithesis to Facebook and Twitter, is now aiming big to fill the void in the country.
Is Minds the social networking site we've been waiting for?
July 15, 2020
Jack Wallen interviews Minds CEO Bill Ottman about what sets the open source social media platform apart from competitors. After I wrote Why it's time for a new social networking platform and how to make it successful, I was contacted on Twitter by an account I'd never heard of.
Alternate social media site rolls out new technique to squash extremist content without violating First Amendment
July 10, 2020
As prominent social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube wrestle with how to stop jihadists, neo-Nazis and other extremists from disseminating their dangerous content online - without infringing on one's constitutional rights - a somewhat less-known but slowly growing platform has just rolled out a new system that they believe strikes the ever-challenging balance.
Do People Want an Open Source Privacy First Crypto Based Social Network?
July 9, 2020
"It's much easier to grow when you spy on people. Our growth has been slower because we don't spy on people. It's much easier to provide recommendations when you're following people around and watching everything they do," says Bill Ottman, CEO and co-founder of Minds, an open source, decentralised social network that uses cryptocurrency to reward users for engagement.
Donald Trump Is Creating Twitter And Facebook's Worst Nightmare
June 8, 2020
Donald Trump went to war with social media platforms last week, threatening to "shut down" the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Trump signed an executive order targeting social media companies just days after Twitter tagged two of his tweets with fact-check warnings.
The Thai government tries new ways to curb online critics
June 4, 2020
R UNNING A COUNTRY is much easier if you can silence naysayers. Just ask Thailand's prime minister, Prayuth Chan-ocha. Having seized the job after leading a coup in 2014, he clung to it through an unfair election last year.
Thais Ditch Twitter for Blockchain-Based Social Network Minds
May 27, 2020
Thais are deserting Twitter in favor of the blockchain-based social networking tool Minds. Minds is a free and open source distributed social networking service that gives users ERC20 tokens that can be used to promote content or crowdfund other users.
Vitalik Buterin: Trump Twitter clash 'shows why we need an alternative' - Decrypt
May 27, 2020
In brief President Trump was fact-checked by Twitter after claiming mail-in voting methods will be fraudulent. The President then tweeted that Twitter was "interfering" in the 2020 election and "stifling" free speech. Vitalik Buterin wrote on Twitter that clashes like these between politicians and big tech are exactly why we need alternatives.
People in Thailand distrustful of Twitter are flocking to a crypto social network instead
May 27, 2020
Sarinee Achavanuntakul's final tweet was short: "Say goodbye to Twitter and meet at Minds," she wrote last Thursday (May 21). Like many other Thais, the prominent writer and social critic had grown wary and distrustful of Twitter over a recent string of developments on the platform that sparked privacy concerns.
How Daryl Davis Inspired More Than 200 White Supremacists To Change And How His New Platform Will Help Spark Meaningful Dialogue
May 13, 2020
One of the most challenging parts of diversity and inclusion efforts is discussions on race and racism and how they manifest in the workplace and influence our decision-making. We all like to think of ourselves as moral and virtuous, therefore the 'racist' label doesn't sit well with most people and causes cognitive dissonance.
Social media network CEO: How Google censors my company
February 20, 2020
Bill Ottman, co-creator of, talks to Tucker in latest example of how Big Tech has become a bigger threat to civil liberties than even the federal government. #Tucker
Debate Over Policing Free Speech Intensifies As 8chan Struggles To Stay Online
February 20, 2020
ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: Who gets to decide the limits of speech on the Internet? The shooting in El Paso, Texas, has brought new urgency to that question. The suspect is thought to have posted a screed against Hispanic immigrants on 8chan, an online message board.
Minds, the blockchain-based social network, grabs a $6M Series A
February 20, 2020
Minds, a decentralized social network, has raised $6 million in Series A funding from Medici Ventures,'s venture arm. Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne will join the Minds Board of Directors. What is a decentralized social network? The creators, who originally crowdfunded their produc...
Joe Rogan Experience #1419 - Daryl Davis
January 30, 2020
Daryl Davis is an R&B and blues musician, activist, author, actor and bandleader. He also is the author of "Klan-destine Relationships: A Black Man's Odyssey in the Ku Klux Klan".
Why decentralization is the future for social media - Decrypt
January 18, 2020
Social networks, once a fun and novel way to connect with friends and interests online, have taken on a much more frustrating and dispiriting tone for many users in recent years. It's an albatross that many of us can't seem to shake.
Social Media Platforms That Thrived (or Died) in the Decade Past
December 20, 2019
While some social media platforms succumbed under pressure, TikTok, Instagram, and WhatsApp have gained unimaginable heights. We list big social media networking platforms that have launched and reigned in the last decade, and a list of platforms that succumbed under pressure.
Twitter and Facebook Want to Shift Power to Users. Or Do They?
December 18, 2019
A decentralized internet was hailed as a way to dethrone Twitter and Facebook. But to the tech giants, the idea could unload some of their burdens. SAN FRANCISCO - Not so long ago, the technology behind Bitcoin was seen in Silicon Valley as the best hope for challenging the enormous, centralized power of companies like Twitter and Facebook.
The Power Of Minds. | Human Events
September 5, 2019
Minds IRL proved to be a wild success. The year was 1983. In a lounge of all white patrons, a country band was finishing up their gig. After the set, the only black man in the venue, a piano player named Daryl Davis, was approached by a member of the audience.
Social media and censorship: Is Minds the answer? - The Post Millennial
July 24, 2019
There is no question that social media has become one of the main sources of polarization in our society. Not least because censorship motivated by political bias happens so often we almost have to force ourselves to summon feelings of shock and surprise. Making this worse is the lack of transparency.
Top 5 decentralized social networks
March 21, 2019
Facebook and Twitter are undeniably popular, but they're not the only social media platforms to consider. Tom Merritt discusses five alternative social media networks that focus on user freedom. Lots of people talk about quitting Facebook, but few people actually do. Lots of people wish Twitter was a friendlier place, but what's the alternative?
Minds CEO Challenges Twitter's Jack Dorsey to Walk the Walk on Bitcoin
March 2, 2019 CEO Bill Ottman recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, where he talked about the importance of open source and decentralization. While these are subjects near and dear to his heart, they are more a vehicle for his true passion - building a social infrastructure that respects people's rights.
Joe Rogan Experience #1248 - Bill Ottman
February 20, 2019
Bill Ottman is an Internet entrepreneur and freedom of information activist based, and is also the CEO and co-founder of Minds.
How Radical Transparency Cures Web Censorship and Surveillance - Quillette
February 8, 2019
The article that follows is the third instalment of "Who Controls the Platform?"-a multi-part Quillette series authored by social-media insiders. Our editors invite submissions to this series, which may be directed to The internet is set for a renaissance-level transformation that will see users migrate to more open networks and corporate models.
Facebook on Notice as Vietnam Tightens Grip on Social Media
January 9, 2019
Just days after Vietnam launched its latest campaign against social media with a new cybersecurity law, the communist regime accused Facebook of not taking down antigovernment comments. The country's Ministry of Information and Communications has complained to Facebook about pages that were critical of the communist state, the state-run Vietnam News Agency said Wednesday, adding the company hadn't responded.
The 10 best Facebook alternatives for Android and iOS
December 11, 2018
Facebook hasn't been very fun for the last few years. From political fighting to fake news to privacy concerns, many users are logging on less and others are deleting their accounts altogether. For those who primarily use Facebook today but are looking for alternatives, we've put together a list of the best options-from the most popular challengers to a few of the latest upstarts.
The 10 best Facebook alternatives for Android and iOS
December 11, 2018
Facebook hasn't been very fun for the last few years. From political fighting to fake news to privacy concerns, many users are logging on less and others are deleting their accounts altogether. For those who primarily use Facebook today but are looking for alternatives, we've put together a list of the best options-from the most popular challengers to a few of the latest upstarts.
A Stablecoin Pegged to Social Media Advertising-Minds Gets Creative
November 20, 2018
Minds has created a stablecoin pegged to social media advertising. Stablecoins are usually pegged to a fiat currency (mainly USD), with a handful pegged to gold or commodities like barrels of crude oil. Minds, Inc., the company behind leading crypto-social network,, has taken a novel approach--in recognition of the value of social media advertising.
Ready to Get Off Facebook? Reason Reviews 5 Alternative Social Networks.
October 29, 2018
Facebook can't seem to do anything right. The social media giant has been the subject of countless negative headlines since the 2016 presidential election and the proliferation of "fake news." With November's midterms rapidly approaching, Facebook has taken steps to course-correct.
Overstock's Medici Ventures Invests in Decentralized Social Network
October 22, 2018
Overstock's Medici Ventures has invested in a blockchain-powered social networking platform Minds, Inc.
The Facebook alternative that lets you make cash off your data
August 31, 2018
Mark Harding was supposed to be playing the French horn in an orchestra at this stage in his life. Instead he's coding an alternative to Facebook called Minds that is rapidly gaining traction in countries where social networks are being manipulated by dictatorial governments.
Minds - Wikipedia
August 23, 2018
Minds is an open source and distributed social networking service, integrating the blockchain to reward the community with ERC-20 tokens for various contributions to the network. Users can use their tokens to promote their content or to crowdfund and tip other users by subscribing to them monthly in exchange for exclusive content and services.
CEO Bill Ottman nói gì về
August 21, 2018
Cuộc "di cư" của giới blogger Việt từ Facebook qua đã bùng nổ nhiều tranh cãi giữa những lời khen cũng như nghi vấn và soi xét kỹ lưỡng về phương tiện truyền thông xã hội tự quảng cáo là ''ủng hộ tự do phát biểu", và "bảo vệ quyền riêng tư" của người dùng này.
Paul Jacob - Freedom's Essential Hierarchy
August 21, 2018
Have Americans forgotten that freedom makes getting along easier? We do not all have to like each other. We do not even all have to be nice to each other. We just don't have license to hit or hornswoggle our fellows.
Don't want to give Google your data? Time to co-operate
August 21, 2018
Members of the trade union Unite wanted to share documents online while complying with the European Union's general data protection regulation but giving every member a Google Drive account would be too expensive. Harry Robbins, a member of its ICT branch and co-founder of Outlandish, a tech co-ope
David Versus Goliath: This Alternative To Facebook And Twitter Aims To Challenge Their Duopoly
August 21, 2018
Facebook, Google, and Twitter have come under fire for censoring conservative voices Lawmakers are struggling to decide how best to end the practice, if at all is a fast growing free speech alternative that emphasizes transparency and privacy Few platforms have challenged the virtual monopolies of Facebook, Google and Twitter, and they have crushed nearly all competitors.
Is Minds A Facebook Killer?
August 17, 2018
As the cryptocurrency market reels from a further sell-off, Minds, a rewards-based competitor to Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has gone live in what may become a serious disruptor to the Silicon Valley tech firm. The cryptocurrency market has seen some heavy selling this week with Ethereum ( ETH-USD), the second-largest coin being one of the worst performers, falling to a nine-month low under $300.'s Bill Ottman: People are Abandoning Big Tech
August 16, 2018
The backlash accelerates CEO Ottman lays out solutions to the Big Tech censorship purge. Infowars has been banned by Facebook. Please help us by sharing this article on your own Facebook page. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow on Twitter: Follow @PrisonPlanet Facebook: ********************* Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison
Minds Token Launch: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
August 13, 2018
Minds, a blockchain based, open-source Facebook alternative, has just launched its own token to reward users for participating on the website.The network migrated to Ethereum for the launch, after spending four-and-a-half months on the Rinkeby test network, CoinDesk reported. So far, things are going smoothly, which just a few minor issues such as OnChain token balances currently reading as 0.
Blockchain Social Network Minds Is Migrating to Ethereum for Launch - CoinDesk
August 13, 2018
Blockchain-based social network Minds is migrating its platform to the ethereum network, the startup announced Monday. After roughly four-and-a-half months on its Rinkeby test network, the startup will be moving to ethereum for its full live launch. The firm claims to provide a censorship-resistant, accessible social network for users, especially those in potentially authoritarian nations, according to a press release.
Facebook seems to be pushing ahead with blockchain
August 10, 2018
Facebook Inc. executive David Marcus resigned from Coinbase Inc.'s board, a sign the social network giant is pushing ahead with its own blockchain work. Marcus quit Friday, citing a new group he oversees at Facebook that is exploring potential blockchain uses. "I've decided it was appropriate for me to resign from the Coinbase board," he said in a statement.
1M Users: Minds Launches Largest Ethereum dApp | Crypto Briefing
August 2, 2018
A crypto social network has announced plans to migrate its tokens onto the Ethereum mainnet, potentially creating the largest Ethereum dApp on the network. Minds announced on Thursday that its native $MINDS tokens would transition onto Ethereum sometime in August. The network's team believes its high transaction volume will help to 'reinvigorate' the platform.
U.S. lawmakers urge Google, Facebook to resist Vietnam...
July 17, 2018
HANOI (Reuters) - Seventeen U.S. lawmakers have urged the CEOs of Facebook and Google to resist changes stipulated by a new cybersecurity law in Vietnam, which critics say gives the Communist-ruled state more power to crackdown on dissent. The law, which was approved by Vietnamese legislators last month and takes effect on Jan.
Vietnam activists flock to 'safe' social media after cyber crackdown - Tech News | The Star Online
July 6, 2018
HANOI: Tens of thousands of Vietnamese social media users are flocking to a self-professed free speech platform to avoid tough Internet controls in a new cybersecurity law, activists said. The draconian law requires Internet companies to scrub critical content and hand over user data if Vietnam's Communist government demands it.
Research: Restricting free speech isn't the solution to violence and hate speech
June 10, 2018
The fight to protect freedom of speech is ancient and can be traced through history from Socrates, Milton, and Voltaire to Hypatia and Goldman. The issue is currently undergoing a resurgence with figures like Jordan Peterson, Christina Hoff Sommers, Count Dankula, Sarah Silverman, Laci Green, Amy Schumer, and so on.
Facebook competitor promises blockchain currency for social content creators | ZDNet
June 5, 2018
Amidst concerns surrounding secret algorithms and the ever-decreasing organic reach of content on networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, content creators and growing brands are moving to alternative platforms for social engagement. As Facebook and Instagram become more difficult for content creators to monetize, a new blockchain-based social media platform promises freedom of content with direct-from-platform monetization.
Social media network CEO: How Google censors my company
May 23, 2018
Bill Ottman, co-creator of, talks to Tucker in latest example of how Big Tech has become a bigger threat to civil liberties than even the federal government. #Tucker
Minds Wants to Offer a Blockchain-Based Alternative to Facebook
May 23, 2018
The decentralized social media platform Minds is making moves to implement the Ethereum blockchain into its core features. After launching in 2015, has quickly grown to one million registered accounts and over 73 million unique page views. Now, the project is taking decentralization even further with the launch of the Minds Crypto Social Network.
Minds Is the Anti-Facebook That Pays You for Your Time
May 23, 2018
During Mark Zuckerberg's over 10 hours of Congressional testimony last week, lawmakers repeatedly asked how Facebook makes money. The simple answer, which Zuckerberg dodged, is the contributions and online activities of its over two billion users, which allow marketers to target ads with razor precision.
3 Obstacles to Moving Social Media Platforms to a Blockchain
May 23, 2018
On average, there about 10 million active sessions a day on Taiwan's version of reddit, a 25-or-so-year-old bulletin board system called PTT. That's a respectable number considering Taiwan's total population is 24 million. But lately the platform has been hit with many of the same problems that have muddied other social media sites-and now, its leaders are taking extreme measures to wipe it clean.
Guide to The Social Media Site That Pays You in Crypto
May 21, 2018, a new social media site recently launched its own cryptocurrency on the Ethereum test net. Members of the website can earn tokens in exchange for interacting with the site and creating content.
10 Alternative Social Media Sites To Facebook & Others - Eluxe Magazine
May 3, 2018
Sick to death of the lack of privacy from Facebook (and Insta, and Whatsapp, which it owns) Try these alternative social media sites instead! By Jody McCutcheon Recently, many people have been searching for alternative social media sites after feeling seriously betrayed by social media giants.
Facebook says you are NOT the product - but its explanation confounds privacy experts
April 25, 2018
By If you aren't paying for a service, the old adage goes, then chances are that you are the product. But Facebook asserted otherwise in a blog post on Monday explaining its advertising policies, saying that its product is social media, not the users themselves.
In the future, social media will pay you for your data
April 23, 2018
As Facebook adds users around the globe, a number back home in the U.S. are quitting. For users tired of the sketchy policies and abuse of trust, the Cambridge Analytica scandal seems to have been the last straw. But now the question: what will take its place?
Minds, la red social que te paga por pasar tiempo en ella
April 20, 2018
2018 es el año en el que todo el mundo se ha dado cuenta de cuál es el verdadero negocio de Facebook. El escándalo de Cambridge Analytica y la comparecencia de Mark Zuckeberg ante una comisión especial de Congreso de los Estados Unidos ha dejado meridianamente claro que la red social obtiene gran cantidad de datos de sus usuarios y luego utiliza esa información para que los afinar de forma increíble los anuncios que luego muestra.
Can Internet Freedom Really Exist?
April 18, 2018
We're all tired of hearing about Cambridge Analytica by now. And we're basically used to the fact that whatever we do online, we're leaving a digital footprint. Even the famed anonymity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has crumbled in the light of day.
Minds aims to decentralize the social network
April 17, 2018
Decentralization is the buzzword du jour. Everything - from our currencies to our databases - are supposed to exist, immutably, in this strange new world. And Bill Ottman wants to add our social media to the mix.
Keiser Report: Surveillance capitalism, cyberbullying & data brokers (E1213)
April 12, 2018
Check Keiser Report website for more: In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss surveillance capitalism, cyberbullying and data brokers.
Record-Breaking Facebook Competitor, Minds Launches Crypto Social Network - Blockchain News
April 3, 2018
Share with: A decentralized social networking app, Minds announced on Friday the official launch of its Crypto Social Network. With user rights at the core of its every business decision, Minds claims its blockchain-based network provides transparency and autonomy and allows control of user data as well as HD video and image hosting, live group conversations, ...
After #deletefacebook Here's Minds' Decentralized Social Network | BTCMANAGER
April 1, 2018, a decentralized social media platform, is hoping to implement the Ethereum blockchain into its core technology, post recent accusations against social media giant Facebook. Launched in 2015, Minds has a registered global audience of one million users, and reports having upward of 70 million unique page
Facebook alternatives: Social apps you need to try 8 - Page 8 | ZDNet
March 22, 2018
Like Mastodon, Diaspora is a distributed social network that exists on independently run servers called "pods" all over the world. You choose which pod to register your user details and then connect with the rest of the community
Facebook Haters Going to Hate - but What Will Investors Do?
February 12, 2018
The favorite Big Tech target of late, Facebook, may have thought it would get some respite from criticism after billionaires Marc Benioff and George Soros took turns bashing the company at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last month. But Facebook's critics were just warming up.
EXCLUSIVE: 'Minds' Social Network Founder Discusses the Decline of Big Tech
October 17, 2017
Charlie Nash Charlie Nash: What differentiates Minds from more authoritarian social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter? Breitbart Tech recently had the opportunity to speak to open source social network Minds ' founder Bill Ottman, who explained the differences between Minds and free-speech centric social media site Gab and discussed why Big Tech is failing.
Done with Facebook, Twitter? User-owned social networks hear you
June 17, 2017
Maybe it was the algorithms that did it - software that turned social media timelines from a chronological, serendipitous flow of ideas to a smattering of posts filtered by bots to show you what computers think you want to see. Or the role many believe social media played in the 2016 presidential election.
Meet Facebook's New Open-Sourced, Encrypted Competitor, Minds
May 12, 2017
Some of the most prevalent criticisms toward Facebook have revolved around the inherent censorship of its algorithms and lack of security protections for users. Since the 2016 presidential election, Facebook has announced endeavors to "fact-check" news stories and flag "disputed content" to combat fake news stories, provoking fears of Facebook holding authoritarian power over what news constitutes news as "real" or "fake." and the State of Online Discourse
September 7, 2016
Censorship and echo chambers are limiting the potential of the internet. Can create a place for sustained engagement online? Twitter and Facebook have problems as outlets for complex thoughts. On Twitter and Facebook, those who make executive decisions on trending searches and hashtags are sculpting public opinion, the shadowy modern incarnation of the daily news.
Anonymous is supporting a new privacy-focused social network that takes aim at Facebook's shady practices
December 6, 2015
As if there weren't enough social networks out there, here's another new social network. But this one hopes to attract the likes of online freedom activists, and it even wrangled the attention of Anonymous. is a social network like most others: It lets users share links as well as their thoughts with their followers via the usual status updates.
Social Media Network Wants Privacy in User's Hands
July 6, 2015
In ways both obvious and subtle, Facebook may be the best proof of the old adage "there's no such thing as a free lunch." The social network is free for anyone to join but in exchange it's constantly vacuuming up public and private data about its members.
The Man Behind An Encrypted Network That Will Take Down Facebook
June 20, 2015
In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to the CEO and one of many people behind a new opensource encyrpted social network that many are saying will destroy facebook. The new social network took off and gained popularity when anonymous groups started to endorse it and not many people are signing up.
Minds Launches Virtual Currency-Powered Social Networking App
June 19, 2015
Minds announced the beta launch of its open-source social networking platform for iOS, Android and the Web. The app was designed in part to help users expand their viral reach, and it offers a points system, giving users control of their content sharing potential.
Anonymous backs new encrypted social network site
June 18, 2015
A new social network, backed by the Anonymous group, aims to take on major sites like Twitter and Facebook with a commitment to privacy and transparency. The site,, has the same basic set-up as other social networks. Users post updates to followers, who can comment or share content.
Encrypted Social Network 'Minds' Will Protect User Data From Government and Corporate Snoops
June 17, 2015
"Regain control of your social world," advertises the homepage of new, privacy-oriented social-media platform Minds excels where other popular social networks, particularly Facebook, fail: protecting user privacy and not using or selling your personal information.
Anonymous is building a site to kill Facebook
June 17, 2015
A new social network, backed by members of Anonymous, hopes to take on Facebook and the other social media giants with a commitment to privacy, security and transparency about how posts are promoted. The site,, has the same basic options as any other social network: users send updates to their followers, who can comment or promote posts that they read.
​Anonymous launch snooper-proof social network
June 17, 2015
The international hactivists are promoting an encrypted Facebook alternative that cannot be read by corporations and governments.
Anonymous backs encrypted social network 'Minds'
June 16, 2015
A new privacy-focused social network has seemingly won the support of hacker collective Anonymous. has just launched on web and mobile and is not only a social network in its own right, but operates as a free and open-source platforms for others to build on and share things with one another.
Facebook's Latest Challenger: Social Network 'Minds' Pushes Privacy And Transparency
June 15, 2015
Bill Ottman has spent the past decade pushing for paradigm shifts in the consumption of news and conversations around media. His latest target: Facebook. In the age of social networks and several loud Facebook competitors, Ottman launched as the first open-source and encrypted network.
Non-creepy social networks make it to your smartphone
June 15, 2015
In response to fears over privacy, small social networks offer encryption and refrain from selling user data. Now their services are coming to mobile devices.
Struggling With Facebook Organic Reach Decline? Try This New Open Source Social Networking App
June 15, 2015
If you have been burnt by the decline of the organic reach of your Facebook pages, you may consider trying something different, although of course it's hard to replace a website that has become such an integral part of our lives. founder and CEO, Bill Ottman, believes nonetheless there's room [...]
A social network called Minds has an answer to Facebook's strangling of organic posts
June 15, 2015
Facebook has aggravated the hell out of marketers by tightening its News Feed algorithm so much that posts get through to relatively few of your fans - unless you pay for boosts. A new social network called Minds wants to change that by letting users earn points and then trade those points to boost their posts.
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